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What are the priorities for food packaging design in Japan?

How far are we from Japan? Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation” (ID : FoodInnovation), author Yanyan (Freya), edit Bobo . “In your eyes, how many points can our Chinese designers score?” “Do you want to say this on TV?” Yoshiji Yamamoto, a famous Japanese designer, responded in an interview. Compared to China, which is often “ridiculed by the crowd,” next door,.. Read More

“Black Friday” to survive, Macy’s cool

At the end of the year, the company’s annual sales had reached approximately $ 85,000. Source | China Merchants Securities Cartography | Commercial Real Estate Headlines In 1902, the RH Macy & Co. grocery store was relocated to Herald Square in New York and renamed “Macy’s”. After the completion of Seventh Avenue in New York in 1924, the store was hailed as the “world’s largest” physical super department store. Image.. Read More

Frontline | Minimum wages increased in many places, Shanghai ’s monthly minimum wage of 2480 yuan leads the country

The rate of increase of the minimum wage is in line with the trend of slowing macroeconomic growth. The adjustment of the minimum wage has always been closely linked to the income of most workers such as the unemployed, paid vacation leave, and medical workers. As the year approaches, the provinces that have raised the minimum wage are also increasing. Judging from the updated minimum wage standards by the Ministry.. Read More

Mobile phone number to fully open face comparison, starting from December 1, the three major operators implement new regulations

This article is from the WeChat public account: machine power (almosthuman2017) , author: extra baggage, Yan Qing, from the title figure: vision China In the heart of the machine, according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, starting from December 1, 2019, telecommunication companies need to implement full-scale portrait comparison technology measures in physical channels. The Notice puts forward 11 specific measures to strengthen management.. Read More

Observation + | The C-end moves the B-end, and the Youth League relies on Ali to create a “spiritual ecology”

Using AI to combat “go to work and touch the fish”, it is better to use “flexible labor” to cure the root cause. When you receive a cup of coffee on Costa or Starbucks, you may not think that the creator of this cup of coffee may be a freshman in a college. You can quickly find a part-time job in such a multinational company that will provide them with.. Read More

From Android 10’s privacy protection, let’s talk about privacy and security

After upgrading my phone’s operating system to Android 10, I noticed some apps’ “rogue” behavior. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ InfoQ ” (ID: infoqchina) , Author Wan Jia. Recently, after upgrading my phone ’s operating system to Android 10, I ’ve noticed some apps ’“ rogue ”behavior. One is Google. I love to go to Google Play to collect fun games. However, before downloading the.. Read More

What does the cat listen to?

This article is from WeChat public account: Kexuedayuan , author: Su Chengyu, title figure from: NPR In life, cats show indifference and lofty attitudes to many things. So much so that when it comes to whether cats listen to music, everyone ’s reaction is: should cats not like listening to music? Image source: AMY LOMBARD FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES Not only is the public’s impression of cats listening to.. Read More

Just now, Apple has selected the 9 best apps for 2019

I never attended a “launch conference” that had to shout and talk to the other party. However, rather than a launch event, Apple ’s celebration of annual apps and games is more like a party. Developers around the world always influence and change our culture and life through various innovative apps, which bring us endless inspiration, and this year is no exception. The award-winning entries for the 2019 App Store’s.. Read More

Why do Shandong people grow so high? The reason is found!

This article is from the WeChat public account: biyeahboy , author: Lin Bili, from the title figure: vision China The mountains are closely connected A multitude of white clouds around the mountains Patch of green terraced fields Songs of songs circulate in the wind Hey, who would n’t say that my hometown is good? This is the lyrics of the song “Who Doesn’t Say 俺 家乡 好”. You can see.. Read More

The founding partner of Yingdong Capital, Elephant: Innovation is a series of miracles in the heart of the market

100 trial-and-errors is more important than 10,000 hours of practice. In the mainstream context of China, innovation is often considered to be an optimization and update under external pressure. But in fact, it originates from the “innovation” of modern western Corresponds to a future-oriented linear view of time, which emphasizes the inadvertent changes made in small details to break the existing framework. In early November, Elephant delivered a speech at.. Read More