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Operating 1w+ WeChat Group, “School Fighting Insurance” provides insurance consulting and diagnostic services for middle-class families

Insurance protection is the foundation for the family to establish a pyramid of asset allocation. Since last year, the financial industry has been bleak, and de-leveraging has led to asset blasting. The game of funds and drums can not continue. In contrast, the development of the insurance industry seems to be unique. On the one hand, the people’s awareness of risk aversion has indeed improved, and the perception of “insurance.. Read More

Alipay receives 2 yuan living contribution red envelope Beiyin activity scan code 2 yuan payment red envelope

Alipay scan code directly to receive 2 yuan living payment red envelope Red envelope in the card package – card coupons to view the use, the actual measurement can be 0 yuan paid 2 yuan electricity bill. Only Alipay real-name users participate in the event until the end of 2011.18.18 Event address: Alipay scan code                                  

People in the workplace, to deal with the risk of “fired squid”

The key to being fired is not terrible. The key is to learn from it. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: People in the workplace, whether objective or subjective, may end up being dismissed. After unemployment, some people choose to fall, some choose to be discouraged, others.. Read More

Someone used a supercomputer to simulate 8 million virtual universes

The existence of a parallel universe, We are still not sure, but humans have begun to simulate the universe themselves, and there are 8 million . Assistant Professor of the University of Arizona Peter Behroozi took the team and used computers to model 8 million virtual universes, including 12 million galaxies. In general, scientists can only infer the laws of the evolution of the universe through data such as existing.. Read More

What is the status quo of the “Kochi Net Red” that was predicted to be the new trend of 2019?

The e-commerce live broadcast + sinking market interrupted the development trend of Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Cath Data” (ID: caasdata6) , author Tingting. To say the most popular types of reds, “selling goods”, “dragons”, “understanding products” and other attributes must remain high. After the live e-commerce was identified as the main commercialization of MCN this year, the red-selling people became the scarce talents of.. Read More

Super casual game life cycle is short? Here are 7 knowledge points for overseas growth practice.

Super casual games, how to grow? Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Jobs” (ID: zhirent), the author of the sauce. Generally speaking, the characteristics of super casual games are shorter life cycle and lower CPI, but now super casual games are also It can be a long life cycle and gradually change to Midcore. Why should we pay attention to its CPI and LTV for a.. Read More

Venture Capital Watch | Medical Health Market Structure Change and Industrial Investment Opportunities

Changes brought about by factors such as population growth, rising household income, and aging. This article is The 191th article of the venture capital observation series Sharers: Zhong Kang Information General Manager of Industrial Capital Center Guo Xiaoyun Affected by factors such as population growth, household income increase, and aging, domestic medical health needs are growing, and the medical and health market has undergone earth-shaking changes. Business model innovation and.. Read More

Fresh meat needs tolerance, Chinese movies don’t need

Fans love the beans is free, what is the significance of calling on the audience? We spent the weekend killing time, and chose the latter in the upcoming “Where is the devil’s coming to the world” and “Shanghai Fortress”. I have not thought of being blinded, and the aesthetic ability of the outer band has been despised. In recent years, China’s film has made breakthroughs. In addition to the military.. Read More

The “Three Nos”ism of Luxury Marketing in China

Many luxury goods have yet to find a digital marketing method in the Chinese market. This article is from WeChat public account (ID:SocialTouchCRM) Victoria, Coach, Givenchy and other luxury goods have set off a storm in China’s online public opinion, once again becoming a negative center. Luxury brands have a very high brand premium compared to the cost of the product itself, which means they are the leaders and winners.. Read More

Three squirrels to do new animation, 26 sets total 10 million yuan

The first and second seasons of the “Three Squirrels” have an investment of 15 million yuan each. The newly released animated film “Three Squirrel Squirrel Town 2” has a production cost of 10 million yuan, totaling 26 episodes, each episode lasting 13 minutes. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Sanwen Entertainment” (ID:hi3wyu), the author of three entertainment. On August 13, three squirrels (300783.SZ) signed a “Cartoon Entrusted.. Read More