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Nike launches a subscription service for children’s shoes. Would you try to buy shoes for the month?

The subscription service of the monthly subscription is believed to be no stranger to you. From the video website, shared bicycles to e-commerce, all the big members can be booked in a monthly subscription. Generally, you can enjoy more favorable prices and more services. . Nike has joined the ranks and officially launched a child named Nike Adventure Club Shoe subscription service for children between the ages of 2 and.. Read More

From independent radio stations to new cultural labels, the sound economic methodology of “Da Nei Tan Tan”

The premise that the “label” goal can be established is that the team has accumulated its influence and resource integration ability through the podcast content. “Sound economy” is no stranger to everyone, but for most people, it is born out of English PodCast The content form known as “podcast” in China may still be a strange word. Although it sounds “too small”, in fact, the domestic independent podcasts are not.. Read More

Focus Analysis | After Chang’an Twelve Hours, Youku needs more thirst-quenching water

Youku’s mission is not just to rely on content to achieve membership growth, it also needs to play a role in assisting other Ali economies. 文|高海博 On August 12th, “Chang’an Twelve Hours” (hereinafter referred to as “Twelve Hours”) completed all updates, and the longest twelve o’clock was finally over. “Benchmark”, “Leading Big Brother”, this is the evaluation of “Twelve Hours” by Alibaba Group Vice President, Alibaba CTO and Youku COO.. Read More

I am doing the “black operation” approach to SaaS products.

5400 words of SaaS products real operation case, I have done “black operation” Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public number “Ancient Wet” (ID: gulaoshi_ops), author Gu Xi, authorized to reprint. I.Introduction The Internet is a dark ocean. The pirates with their swords and gallops are galloping in this open water, or they can make a battle or die. I like to write articles about Internet operations and Python.. Read More

More and more platform-based apps, “redundancy problems”?

Gao De, the first map navigation tool, is the travel eco-platform! 文丨陈选滨 Source | Intelligent Theory of Relativity (aixdlun) Recently, Gaode Map released a new v10.0 version, which is a comprehensive upgrade of UI design and business, aiming to complete the transformation of Gaode map from map navigation tool to national travel platform. From the tool to the platform, the high-tech map has begun to focus on the connection with.. Read More

After the explosion of “Where”, the road to rejuvenation of domestic animation has just begun.

It is a small problem for the box office to break through 3.5 billion, and the pace of the revival of the domestic animation industry is a big problem. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and entertainment geeks” ( ID: TMTphantom), author Yu Pei, Jiao Shan. What happened? “Where is the devil of the world”, the box office and word of mouth double harvest, just the.. Read More

One plus 7T release date exposure, the new machine is expected to be released in October?

In the beginning of August, the 5G new machine of one plus mobile phone was granted the network access permission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. From existing news, the new machine that has access to the network license should be a one-plus mobile phone 7 Pro supporting 5G network. . It will use the same configuration as the 7 Pro, and the classic 6.67-inch 90Hz QHD+ Fluid.. Read More

Why are the entrepreneurial stories of young people in Silicon Valley getting bored?

It is difficult for young Americans to start their own wealth creation. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Contrasting the story of earlier generations of Americans getting rich, the new generation of billionaires is obviously better off from a young age, with a much simpler experience and.. Read More

Those who have been criticized for doubting their lives have learned four words.

Facing the cruel truth is the best way to grow and be happy. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Harvard Business Comments” (ID: hbrchinese), author Joseph Grenny (translated by Niu Wenjing, editor Liu Yuzhen, school prance. Most people have experienced “bad comments from others” at some point in their lives. At that time, you may be in a meeting, or passing through the corridor, or just getting.. Read More

800 stars have opened 2,800 companies, is the money really so good?

The star’s business is doing well, that is, there is a lot of money, and it is not good, that is, Muller Hodho. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “DT Finance” (ID: DTcaijing), author | Luo Wei , edit | Lu Hao, design | Zhang Haohao, data | Li Fei, enterprise check. On July 23, Zhao Wei played a live broadcast in a rare way. She is.. Read More