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The “fake Jin Dong incident” opened a wound in the emotional world of middle-aged and elderly people. The 60-year-old Aunt Huang was infatuated with the fake Jin Dong in Douyin, and despite her husband’s explanation, she left home several times to elope with her idol. Even if the police intervened to dissuade, she still did not want to believe that she was in a scam.

This farce has too many slots, attracting melon-eating people to ridicule: “Distressed Jin Dong” “Afraid of mental illness” “Old age walks the tightrope for love”. Many netizens appeared to say that they shared the same confusing operation of the elders. Mr. Hard Candy also backhanded the news to the family group, admonishing the parents not to indulge in short videos and ruin the family harmony.

But Xiliu (pseudonym), who is doing emotional training, thinks more profoundly about this, and even sees a huge opportunity for his career.

Recently, she received many emotional consultations from middle-aged and elderly students about online blind dates and star chasing by partners. As middle-aged and elderly people are fully connected to the Internet, their “symptoms of Internet addiction” are more severe than those of young people they have screamed. After Pingduoduo, Qutoutiao, video sites and other e-commerce platforms, news and information have completed their basic construction of their Internet world, they are richer, softer, and oriented to emotional needs.Demanding social software, emotional training, and interest courses are stepping up the harvest of this emerging market.

Teach middle-aged aunts to guard love, and make more money than selling young PUA love classes.

The second youth on the Internet

Because of her husband’s huge reward for internet celebrities, Aunt Magnolia (pseudonym) rushed to ask the teacher of the “Derailed First Aid Class” for help.

Aunt Magnolia herself is also an experienced surfer. At the age of eighteen, her parents arranged to marry old Zhu who was from a good family. She led the life of a husband and a child early on, and gradually became out of touch with society. After her children are married, Aunt Yulan, who is free, learns to play with her mobile phone to pass the boring time. Nowadays, she can watch videos, watch live broadcasts, and shop online.

When I first contacted the Internet, due to lack of trust in online dating, Aunt Yulan dared not try any new products except WeChat and QQ.

She chatted with a poker in “People Nearby”, and it took more than half a year from the beginning of the online chat to the meeting at Mahjong Hall. It is also this first experience of “Booming” that dispelled Aunt Magnolia’s worries about the virtual world. Hard Candies chatted with the elders around him, and found that the same city and neighborhood were almost a common beginning for them to start socializing with strangers.

When uncles and aunts became active online, Internet entrepreneurs quickly turned their attention to middle-aged social apps. In 2017, dozens of mature-aged social products such as confidant, old age club, my partner, and Meihua Marriage appeared on the market. It’s a pity that the early stage failed to create too much splash.

Aunt Magnolia told Hard Candy that two years ago, salesmen often set up stalls in the park and delivered eggs and yogurt after registering an account. She also downloaded several dating apps, but deleted them immediately after the event. Middle-aged and elderly users lack initiative and are very alert. They are not used to pushing and advertizing in public squares.

The most useful thing to get them done is to advertise in their common products rudely and directly, with the help of their known things to infiltrate with the effect of “acquaintance introduction”. There are three dating apps in Aunt Yulan’s mobile phone, one of which is forced to cycle by the bus she often rides, and the other two were downloaded by her curiosity when she checked the information herself.

After moving to a new position, Aunt Yulan truly realized the joy of social networking. “It’s much more practical to register with your real name. You don’t have to find someone to play this. You can chat with friends, romantic relationships, and soul mates.”

Observing the square of confidant and opposing relationship, Mr. Hard Candy has the illusion that he has strayed into the circle of friends of his parents. Full-screen classic landscape photos and soul chicken soup, the comment area is full of simple praise. The earthy landscape photos mocked by young people have become the big pictures in middle-aged social apps. Aunt Magnolia, who likes traveling and photography, gained a rare affirmation in her life from her strange peers on the Internet.

There are many people who want to chat with Aunt Magnolia. She will first go to the news and strictly check the information. Her husband, Lao Zhu, is a rigid and boring man in science and engineering, so Aunt Magnolia deliberately avoids engineers, civil servants, and decorators, and chooses teachers, photographers, and designers as friends.

Uncle Yuan Ye who is over half a hundred years old and loves literature(pseudonym) is the bestAunt Lan has a heart. It didn’t take long for the two of them to chat from the likes to close friends. “He can write poems, and he wrote it to me.” Magnolia flipped through the chat log, repeating the phrase “Yuyu hides beauty, Lanxiang enters a dream”.

Like Aunt Huang who is obsessed with Jin Dong, Aunt Magnolia also feels that she has a marriage, but she has never experienced love. Especially after chasing overlord novels such as “Love You Addiction” and “Sweet Wife Kiss An”, she became more aware of her true inner needs.

Among the students serving in Xiliu, many middle-aged and elderly women are tired of family trivial matters, lose their passion for life early, and have no expectations for the relationship between men and women. However, with the rapid development of free literature and flow literature products in the past two years, this part of users has also begun to come into contact with online literature. Youth and passion are reawakened in this way.

After reading a lot of romance web articles, the aunts’ long-hidden girlish feelings re-emerged. Convenient Internet entertainment, such as online dating and star chasing, further carries these passions.

Aunt Yulan enjoys the attention and care of the opposite sex netizens, but she also knows that she can’t really leave the family to pursue romance. It happened that a certain product station launched the “Moon Elder Recruitment Order”, and she simply became a part-time matchmaker, specifically helping men and women to match lines. Just like Ms. Heping in “I Love My Home” said her mother, “do something about the media, and have a dry addiction.”

The young guy who begs to be nurtured, the retired old man who wants to flash marriage, GuangsaThe 50-year-old mature woman of the net…Aunt Magnolia, the matchmaker, has seen everything in her middle-aged social circle. Mr. Hard Candy felt that if Aunt Magnolia had enough literary talent, she could also write a book of “Love in the Time of Cholera.” She sees too much about the love of old age and the mixed nature of humanity.

The best-selling “derailment class”

Unfortunately, Aunt Magnolia was very enthusiastic, and the tyrant’s wife-like relationship didn’t match several pairs. The ambiguous message “Brother Zhu, remember to come live on weekends” in my backyard was first set ablaze by the ambiguous message.

This is not the first time that Lao Zhu, who has been running projects outside of China, is thinking of a trip. In 2008, Magnolia pulled out a jewelry receipt from her husband’s pocket and found evidence of Lao Zhu’s derailment along the way. After a hysterical ruckus, she ran back to her family’s home, and was then dispelled by a “loyalty agreement” to dispel the divorce idea, and continued to live as if she was okay.

In the past two years, Lao Zhu, who is about to retire, has also gradually become idle and followed the trend with short videos and live broadcasts. The epidemic is quarantined at home, Lao Zhuhua spends more and more time on live streaming apps such as Miyue, Sydney, etc., and rewarding gifts is even more generous.

The female anchor Wu Qing (pseudonym), who sent messages to Lao Zhu, was a stuntman who claimed to be a national goddess and got mixed on the small live broadcast platform Wind engenders water. Lao Zhu, who had already smashed her thousands of dollars, was promoted to an old iron fan and successfully won his personal WeChat account.

It is no small matter that the old house is on fire. However, Aunt Magnolia was not in a mess this time. She quickly took pictures of the chat records and sent them to the emotional teacher Xiliu, and made an appointment for professional emotional escort.

For two days, after the teacher provided emotional counseling, she took her to review the current relationship status of the couple, looking for the “truth of derailment”, and then simply assessed the relationship risk and repair possibility.

After the consultation, she was presented with the two best choices of secondary attraction and divorce recovery, which corresponded to two in-depth services of self-improvement and derailment negotiation, and the cost was more than 3,000 yuan.

Thinking about it, Yulan chose conservative treatment: first learn a “husband transformation technique” to stabilize the situation and repair the relationship. It is really impossible to make up for “derailed negotiations” and strive to win with one blow.

“I checked Lao Zhu’s chat records, and he didn’t say anything out of line with the anchor. Besides, we are all this age, and the possibility of divorce is very small.” Yulan tried to convince herself, but repeated playback in her mind.” Negative cases” disturbed her even more.

Aunt Yulan was organized by her friend Lalai Xiliu last summer for an offline emotional exchange meeting. She originally went for the free maintenance provided by the event. Unexpectedly, the massage was not done, but the bags under my eyes were crying, and the emotional anxiety became more serious than ever.

The guests of this event all came from this emotional training camp, sharing the tragic experience of derailment, domestic violence, and asexual marriage, and the bitterness of middle-aged women. From these women, Aunt Magnolia seemed to see herself who was complacent and lost in identity, and she couldn’t help but feel sad. According to her memories, many people at the scene lost control of their emotions, and their sobbing never stopped.

Emotional training for young people focuses on promoting illusions. In short, it is how XX uses our method to win love and marry into a wealthy family; emotional training for middle-aged people strives to amplify anxiety and does not understand how people who run marriages encounter derailed night scenes. The former points to desire, the latter points to fear, and the latter is often more miraculous.

Teachers continue to use real cases to “force” the students to accept reality, until they are worried about the family crisis and take the initiative to seek help.

Teacher Xiliu resolutely denied the idea of ​​harvesting IQ tax with Hard Candy, and used the qualification certificate of psychologist to prove the strength of his team.

When talking about intimacy, the Xiliu team does not have an original set of simple emotional theories like Ayawawa, but relies on classic theories such as “Emotional Psychology” and “Personality Psychology” to systematically sort out the main types of emotional confusion. Integrate the teacher’s personal style to solve specific problems, and take the professional consulting route as a whole.

Xiliu told Hard Candy that the current mainstream users of middle-aged emotional classes are middle-class housewives like Aunt Magnolia. In this group, males in the family are relatively successful and face many temptations, so the probability of marriage breakdown is the greatest. Keeping love means keeping money, and middle-class housewives are naturally willing to spend a little money to keep their status.

Siliu’s family has launched eight types of courses, including gender relations, family management, and marriage management. Among them, content related to derailment topics is the most popular. “Derailed Negotiations” consulted by Aunt Yulan, focusing on partner evaluation, relationship definition, negotiation skills, and actual analysis. The “Derailment Negotiation” class of Xiliu’s family has so far accepted more than 500 students, with an estimated income of over 1.5 million.

Market demand has surged, and the Xiliu team has also accelerated the pace of scale expansion. In addition to training and lectures, she plans to integrate multilateral resources such as lawyers, financial management, and entertainment to increase user service hours and payment scenarios, and make the cake bigger.

Simply put, Xiliu not only wants to keep the family and win the lawsuit for middle-aged women, but also wants to teach them to take pocket money, compensation, and retirement money to eat, drink and play.

Interest class, “Be a better version of yourself”

When it comes to the entertainment of the aunts, many people’s first reaction is square dancing. In fact, the wave of square dance APP entrepreneurship in 2015 has long since faded, and more than 90% of its products have disappeared. The few that are barely alive also have low traffic, difficult to realize, and life is very difficult.

Aunt Magnolia dances the square dance occasionally, but she is not as willing to spend money as she used to. As a result, there are many folk dance teams, and the aunts and uncles in the 38th-lane town have formed dance teams. It is difficult for her to gain a sense of superiority from dancing. (Is this also a sequelae of breaking the circle of “niche culture”?)

Secondly, Aunt Yulan has participated in nearly forty square dance competitions, won three municipal honors, and received numerous media reports. Now unless she engages in the national square dance audition, she can’t attract her any fighting spirit.

In terms of hobbies, middle-aged and young people are actually the same. All for doing something more fashionable than their peers, in order to gain a sense of their own existence. When we are tired of folk songs, we change to hip-hop, and our aunts are tired of square dancing and engage in cheongsam shows, choirs, star chasing parties…

In the past three years, a number of accounts focusing on the delicate life of middle-aged and elderly people have emerged in the short video circle, such as Granny Wang, Uncle Mo Na, and Granny Fashion Group, which are highly sought after by young netizens. Soon, these popular videos were also popular among aunts and uncles, giving them the encouragement of “I can too”.

Keen Xiliu was aware of the changes, and quickly added a Qipao aesthetics class to the personal improvement class, which was specifically open to VIP students to cultivate the temperament of “middle-aged ladies”.

“I planned to set up a cheongsam team this year, which can be organized in conjunction with local associations. I also used the square dance set, just to change the shell.” Xiliu is very optimistic about this market, after all, many pioneers have already benefited.

Thousands of cheongsam associations all over the country have gathered together and are offering aunts a crazy game of krypton gold. Aunt Magnolia asked, To join the community cheongsam team, the membership fee, clothing fee, and training fee are all thousands of dollars.

Even so, Aunt Magnolia still wants to try it with my little sister. “The association promises to take the team members to participate in the global model competition. Last time they went to Dubai to participate in the show, they also took the trophy and certificate.” Aunt Yulan turned out the circle of friends, her eyes envious. Her husband, Lao Zhu, has signed up for a photography class of 6,000 yuan, how can he fall behind.

However, Aunt Magnolia’s ultimate dream is to become a “trainee” and be able to share the stage with idol singers. Many brands, especially WeChat business brands, hold regular banquets every year, inviting veteran celebrities such as Phoenix Legend, Xu Zhian, Guan Zhilin, etc. to perform, and even interact with members closely.

Since I learned that the little sister was selected for the annual meeting because of her singing, she sang with Jang Hao-zhe (Well, I sang “Pray for Buddha”) It strengthened Aunt Yulan’s determination to apply for class to learn talent.

Middle-aged and elderly people chase “stars”, each with its own madness. Some people like veteran celebrities and are willing to act as micro-business agents for this reason; some like stunts who specialize in squatting in the live broadcast room to help people grab goods; some like Internet celebrity anchors, and they have to spend a lot of money for them if they can’t change their heart. Aunt Huang, who likes fake Jin Dong, is never alone.

In recent years, Mr. Hard Candy has seen the aunt and uncle spinning in the square, the grandma of the cheongsam swaying in the park, and the grandpa who wanders on the street. Every time they danced, twisted, and pressed the shutter, they were struggling to find the youth that had never been slapped and never returned. And paid content can probably fill all the holes in the heart. At least, it makes you have no time to think of it.

Interview notes: From the interview to the writing of the manuscript for half a month, Hard Candy has registered eight platforms with his mother’s real-name information. The matchmaker and staff have received nearly 40 telephone return visits. Talk about hobbies, talk about emotions, talk about cold clothes, everything. Looking back at the chat log, the frequency of contact between Mr. Hard Candy and his elders is only three times a week, which is extremely ashamed. When we complain that the liar is too adulterous and the old man is too stupid, we must always reflect on whether we are doing too poorly. I solemnly thank the heroic mother for her contribution to this article.

This article is from WeChat official account:Entertainment hard candy (ID: yuleyingtang), author: Liu soil, editor: Li Chunhui