When we were young, we all lived in bungalows. At that time, after dinner, many neighbors sat under a vine in front of the house and chatted, but they always talked and talked, and some elderly people would talk about ghosts. Stories, these stories always make us fascinated and remembered. Grandpa Zhang likes to tell stories very much, and he tells them vividly and vividly. Once he told everyone a ghost story that he had personally experienced.

When Grandpa Zhang was young, one day he was working on the mountain with his fellow workers. There was a lot of work that day. In order to complete the tasks, he worked overtime until 9 o’clock in the evening. After drinking the water, his stomach was groaning with hunger. He and his workers hurried to go home to eat.

It usually takes about half an hour to walk down the mountain. Although it is dark now and the walk is slower, but it is not until 11 o’clock that I haven’t descended the mountain yet, and I can’t see it nearby. There are people. His colleague asked, “Could it be that we met a ghost and got in the way?”

Grandpa Zhang is not a superstitious person. He didn’t believe those ghosts and gods, so he smiled and said, “Why? Maybe, did we go the wrong way?”

“Impossible, you and I walk this way every day, and you know how to walk with your eyes closed. Look, now we are going. It’s been almost an hour, and it hasn’t gone down the mountain. This is a bit abnormal.” Grandpa Zhang’s fellow workers analyzed.

Grandpa Zhang did not speak after hearing this, so he asked the workers to continue walking with him, saying that he would go down the mountain anyway. As I walked, I saw a light on a small hill in front of me. It turned out to be a work shed built with white cloth. I could still hear someone talking.

After seeing the shed, the workers began to mutter: “Old Zhang, we go every day, when have you seen a shed on the road?”

< br/> Grandpa Zhang replied: “Maybe it was only built today? Do you work in the mountains like us? Stop thinking about it, let’s go!”

< br/> I walked outside the work shed and saw that there were two middle-aged men playing cards inside. There were some food and wine bottles on the table. The card players saw Grandpa Zhang walking by and greeted them: “Master, Did you leave work so late?”

Grandpa Zhang smiled and said, “Yes, there are so many tasks today, I did it later.”

One of the men asked again: “You haven’t eaten yet? If you haven’t eaten, we still have some food and wine here. Let’s have some. If you don’t eat today, it will be useless tomorrow.”

Grandpa Zhang and his co-workers looked at each other. Both agreed and went into the shed. Seeing them playing cards, Grandpa Zhang’s workers asked: “What cards do you two play?”

A man replied: “What cards can two people play, fifty kings, there’s only usTwo people, there is no way.”

The worker asked again: “By the way, how do you go down the mountain here? It seems that the two of us have gone the wrong way. We haven’t gotten down the mountain for a long time, and we have seen you here. “

The man smiled weirdly and said, “We have just arrived. It’s dark and I don’t know how to go.” It doesn’t matter, we have a bed with a quilt. You can eat some food and drink some wine. After we have finished playing cards, we will sleep here for one night. Just continue to work tomorrow morning.”

Grandpa Zhang and his co-workers were really hungry. The two ate and drank wine. The wine was really strong, and it was a little better. Under the strong invitation of the two men, they also participated in the cards. In the game, playing double buckle, Grandpa Zhang and his co-workers played against each other.

I don’t know why. In the card game that night, Grandpa Zhang and his co-workers had very good luck. Every hand went smoothly. , And won a lot of money. The two men have been losing money, but they didn’t mean to feel sorry for the money at all. So Grandpa Zhang said, “I don’t want to play anymore. It’s almost 3 o’clock. We also won a lot. We all make money. It’s not easy. Let’s give it back to you. Take a break early and work tomorrow.”

A man said: “It’s okay. We are not afraid of losing. how much is it. “After talking, I took a thick stack of money from my pocket and flung it in front of Grandpa Zhang. At this time, Grandpa Zhang smelled a scent of burnt paper and asked: “Is there any paper on fire?” Ah? There is a smell.”

The man who dumped the money was taken aback, put the money back in his pocket, and said loudly: “Don’t talk nonsense, keep playing”

< br/> When the workers saw this, they also said coldly: “Someone wants to give money today, and there is no way, then continue to come”

Grandpa Zhang and the two continue to win money , While looking at the watch, it was almost 5 o’clock, and the day was going to dawn in a while, and they were about to propose to sleep. The two men spoke first: “Stop playing, you two are so lucky , Went to bed. “

So all four of them slept in the work shed. Grandpa Zhang and his co-workers drank alcohol and won money again. They were happy, and immediately fell asleep. Not long after, the rooster crowed. Now, the sky is bright.

Grandpa Zhang woke up from the cold. He heard the rooster, his eyes opened slightly, and when he saw the dawn, he rubbed his eyes and got up. This time, Zhang Grandpa paled by the scene in front of him, and he didn’t even dare to breathe for a while.

It turned out that he was in front of the two graves, and there were wine bottles and knife heads in front of the graves. There are still two white lanterns hanging on the grave. The same is true in front of the other grave, except that there are two more playing cards. Grandpa Zhang wakes up the coworker, and the coworker wakes up in a daze, and quickly touched the playing cards in his pocket. The money you won is all in paper.