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“Every pot of hardcore cuisine should have its place, and every small bomb should be loved”, do you think this is the scene of which FPS game? No, this is the group profile of Douban “Fried Kitchen” group.

The Douban “Fried Kitchen” group brings together a group of talents who can’t get through with the kitchen. Their daily life is to cook a big dump-destroying food and kitchen utensils. If you say that the next door “Go to the Kitchen” group is a gourmet guide that makes you drool, the “Fried Kitchen” group is a guide to the kitchen that makes you laugh or cry.

Some young people throw bombs in mobile games, and some young people make bombs in the kitchen, so the team members call themselves “little bombs”, but this time, the ones that were bombed were egg tarts, cakes, and bubbles. Fu, as well as microwave, oven and rice cooker.

What is the ability to cook well? Fry the kitchen if you can! If you don’t try in the kitchen, how do you know if you are a master cook or a breaking bad guy? We analyzed the Douban “Fried Kitchen” groupThe explosion experience of tens of thousands of small bombs inside, look at the love and hatred of these “cooking experts” for the kitchen.

I love to cook, and I love to fry the kitchen

Chinese people love to cook very much, and their passion for food never declines. From the braised lion head that grandpa is good at, to the tomato sirloin that mom is good at, young people always seem to have their elders ready to enrich their dishes, and they just need to move their mouths to eat. So, will young people in this class still cook by themselves?

The answer is of course yes.

Although there are no elders to teach cooking by hand, young people can still learn to become “talents” by relying on online recipes and cooking videos.

As a kitchen app for homemade food recipes, downloads have been increasing during the epidemic. On the homepage of the Xiakitchen community, it says “Refer to 2,373,398 recipes, and everyone makes 64,305,164 works.” That is to say, on average, each recipe has 27 copies.

What kind of food do you like? Among the most popular recipes in the lower kitchen, there are more tutorials for baked foods such as cakes and toasts. Among them, the most tried is the legendary “Tenderer and more fragrant than KFC” egg tart tutorial, with nearly 7 Everyone has picked this tutorial.

In addition, hard dishes such as sweet and sour pork ribs, fish-flavored shredded pork, and braised prawns must also have names. The Chinese stomach still wants to eat traditional Chinese dishes. If guests come to eat, these dishes will also Get it right.

The food in the tutorial looks quite delicious, but I can see it with my eyes, not my hands.

Since the establishment of the group in March this year, in just eight months, the number of posts posted by Douban’s “Fried Kitchen Group” has skyrocketed. Those dark dishes that were once nowhere to be placed have finally found a suitable recycling center.

YesPeople recalled their tragic experience of frying the kitchen, and posted the “explosion scene” that he had treasured for a long time in his photo album. Someone could not help posting live broadcast of the first scene after suffering in the kitchen.

Judging from the fried ingredients and dishes, Western-style dim sum is the hardest hit area, which roughly matches the popular recipes on the app.

From the perspective of time, after 6pm is the peak of posting, and 11pm to 2pm is also a peak. At these two meals, the team can catch up with the live broadcast of the fried kitchen.

Of course, if you still want to have a good meal, don’t go to the group to find excitement, because the food in the pictures posted by the posters is not very like food, which makes you lose your appetite for a second Mysterious magic.

If you don’t go to the Douban Fried Kitchen, you don’t know that good food can be destroyed like this. For example, what do you guess the following “meteorite” is?

Picture source: Douban user@啦啦啦

According to the host, this is a potato.

What kind of cake was fried in Top1 in the Western-style dim sum area? Look at the “love you” shape in the picture below. This big mouth seems to say “I’m split.”

Picture source: Douban user@么么酱

Let’s take a look at the most unpretentious Chinese food-steamed buns.

The imaginary bunny mantou is round and cute, soft, edible and rua, but in practice, the bunny bun is no longer a bunny bun, but a pot of aliens who invaded the earth.

Picture source: Douban user@ TXT-马嘉祺

The braised pork in the Chinese cuisine area must also have a name. For example, this expert chef has successfully made the braised pork into the appearance of burning grass. Such rich and colorful meat, I don’t know if it can be swallowed.

Picture source: Douban user@Qin斤

What is fried chicken and skewers, can you fry the kitchen

There are unfortunately fried foods, and of course there are unfortunately fried kitchenware.

Young people thought they could make the same kind of food by buying the same kitchen supplies with food bloggers. They didn’t expect to buy all the kitchen utensils, but there was no place to buy the same hands of food bloggers. I wanted to be a full banquet of Manchu, but it was a mess.

The kitchen utensils that were blown up by “Doubaner” are all sorts of strange things. Basically all the kitchen utensils available on the market have been miserable. Hot dishes were discarded in a microwave oven and the rice in the rice cooker was forgotten for a month. All exist…

We counted the kitchenware that appeared most frequently in the frying kitchen group. Microwaves and ovens are absolutely superior to other kitchenware.

The microwave oven, as a popular electrical appliance, is simple and straightforward to operate, but…why is it always the one that hurts?

Because people mistakenly think that there are too many foods that can be heated in the microwave. A young microwave oven can hardly bear this kind of “heavy task”, such as heating eggs, heating ingredients in stainless steel bowls, or heating tin foil that will blaze directly.

But too many people were recruited. The warning for the use of the microwave oven was written into the frying kitchen group rules. The team leader specifically marked “Don’t heat eggs in the microwave! Don’t heat metal in the microwave(such as tin foil, stainless steel bowl, etc.)!!!”

As for the oven, in all likelihood, it’s because of over-cooking. No matter what the ingredients are, the food put into the oven turns into a black, unknown object. The artistic paintings of this baking tray are really hard to believe. They were originally eggs.

Picture source: the author himself

Guo’s situation is not much better, and it is often caught off guard.

Look at the picture below. According to the host, she cooked the yam rib soup. I don’t know how the soup tastes, but this pot is going to be replaced.

Picture source: Douban user@墨铭

The rice cooker, which is a must-have in Chinese homes, cannot escape the fate of destruction. Obviously, they are only responsible for cooking a meal, but they have to transform into various fungus petri dishes in the “Little Bombs” homes. This rice cooker that has not been washed for a month is a must-see artifact to lose weight.

Picture source: Douban user@? ! .

How was the kitchen bombed,How did these ingredients and electrical appliances be brutally murdered? Forgetting the time, overheating, boiling dry water, undercooked food… To make dark dishes, you can have 1,000 postures.

Well, since you can’t be a chef, then processing the ready-made products will never turn over, right? Not! A true fryer in the kitchen, even if he heats up popcorn, can make the microwave smoke black.

If electrical appliances can talk, seeing these kitchen killers might not help “spitting out fragrance.”

However, the bombers show their explosive power in the kitchen, which is also a hardcore test of the quality of the kitchenware.

Like this non-stick pan, the boiled rock sugar kumquat can be peeled off with the sticky bottom, and the pan is still intact. Who is not impressed by the quality?

Picture source: Douban

It’s the kitchen that is fried, and what you get is happiness

Obviously, if you look at the final food, the result of cooking is really hard to say. But it seems that young people today are still not tired of cooking. For them, entering the kitchen is not just to fill their stomachs, but also has a stronger social attribute.