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With 2 million fans a day, Ding Zhen’s adventures of Internet fame

This article is fromWeChat Official Account: New Rank (ID: newrankcn), author: truffles, title figure from the visual China On the 10th day of Ding Zhen’s popularity, the popularity remains unabated. Yesterday, when Ding Zhen’s first Douyin video was released, whether it was millions of fan celebrities or a group of people who eat melons, all of them were moved by the wind and rushed to “confess” his Douyin account. In.. Read More

This young man turned the lower kitchen into a fried kitchen

This article comes fromWeChat official account: NetEase Digital Reading (ID: datablog163), author: Sherlock’s sister, data: Sherlock’s sister, ordinary の dimension, design: Yang waves, disabilities Duo Pear, Sherlock’s sister. NetEase Wenchuang Numerical Readings “Omics Research” Issue 2, Previous: “The Literature of Versailles” is on fire, but have you heard of “Doubanology”? 》, the title picture comes from the Douban Fried Kitchen Team “Every pot of hardcore cuisine should have its place,.. Read More

Professor Tsinghua: Our waste incineration technology has beaten the Japanese

This article comes fromWeChat public account: CC Forum (ID: ccjt2014), the original title: “Zhang Yanguo: Let Industrialization Plug the Wings of Ecological Civilization”, speaker: Zhang Yanguo (Professor, Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Tsinghua University), the title picture comes from Visual China Your current device does not currently support playbackBased on your thoughts on future civilization , 30 years of deep cultivating “waste”, he combined innovative waste incineration technology with.. Read More