Problem description: I felt itchy and painful in my eyes in the last two days, and I kept crying. The hospital check said it was acute conjunctivitis. Will this be passed on to my baby?
Question date: 2020-09-24
Patient information: Age: 24 Gender: Female
Acute conjunctivitis is an infection Sexual diseases, conjunctivitis are different according to the type, and the infectivity is also different.
Acute bacterial, acute viral conjunctivitis, and active trachoma are all highly contagious, especially before the disease is cured. The main way of transmission is contact infection, such as rubbing the eyes when the hands are carrying pathogenic microorganisms, which can lead to the occurrence of acute conjunctivitis. Chronic conjunctivitis or allergic conjunctivitis is less infectious.
Acute conjunctivitis is mainly spread through contact, so personal hygiene must be paid attention to to prevent cross-infection. It is recommended to use eye drops to prevent people in close contact with them. In addition, during the treatment period should pay attention to light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, etc.
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