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There is the concept of “quasi-social communication” in psychology, which is used to describe the relationship between media users and public figures: some media audiences will have a certain attachment to public figures and develop an imaginary interpersonal relationship.

This is the case between fans and stars. They love idols and think they know idols-but in fact, Hua Chenyu’s child is two years old and fans are still kept in the dark.

Zheng Shuang’s melons are not only simple entertainment news, but also the subject of legal channels and social news. Surrogacy, abandonment, borrowing, lawsuits, when the rose-colored filter is broken, the “crystal of love” between Zheng and Zhang is also extremely embarrassing.

The “crystallization” of the two actually has two parts: the two children born through surrogacy, and the creation of the exclusive app “M77” for Zheng Shuang fans. At this moment, the two children are still stranded in the United States, and “M77” has already stopped updating and serving.

The failure of “M77” commercial operation has been interpreted many times, but we can also look at it in another light: between Zheng and Zhang, there is always a side that seems invisible but cannot be ignored. ——Zheng Shuang’s huge number of fans with full combat effectiveness.

Fans are the main users and consumers of M77, and they are also an indispensable part of Zheng Shuang Xing Road.

From “ice cream group” to “M77”

Zheng Shuang is extremely obsessed with one thing, that is, to be his own “private land”, a star app of his own.

The motive behind this may be that she no longer wants to pay the “protection fee” to the platform, but on the face of it, she said, “I want to be friends with fans, chat about family affairs, and fight landlords together.”

Zheng Shuang’s remarks in the variety show “Flowers and Everything”

In April 2017, she appeared in her first app “Ice Cream Group”. The content summary of this app is: “Leave everything you have to the princess Xiao Shuang to guard, and please also take care of it. Princess Xiao Shuang. Be a close person.” Fans also responded enthusiastically, rushing to download.

But the good times are not long.

On the one hand, the data of the “ice-cream group” is not as optimistic as Zheng Shuang expected. After leaving a large traffic platform like Weibo, even if Zheng Shuang is quite active in the App, the amount of interaction is far less than before. , Which makes Zheng Shuang very dissatisfied.

On the other hand, from a product point of view, this app is not qualified: fans often face problems with software running unstable and difficult to log in. For Zheng Shuang, although she has spent millions to guarantee ” The development and operation of “ice-cream group”, but there is almost no suitable monetization channel.

In mid-2018, the ice cream group ceased operations, and some fans also reported that the money charged in it could not be refunded.

Users inquire about refunds for “Ice Cream Group”

But fans quickly found an excuse for Zheng Shuang: the “ice-cream group” was outsourced to other companies for operation, and Zheng Shuang was not in the turn to be responsible. In addition, it was a fan circle’s private affair.