e Power transfer from magnetic charging treasure to iPhone 12.

In this regard, the American Heart Research Journal “Heart Rhythm” launched a study. When Greenberg, MD, placed an iPhone 12 above the patient’s left chest area where the ICD was implanted, the ICD immediately stopped functioning. The experiment was repeated many times, and the results were the same.

He explained in the paper that all ICDs have a built-in switch that can respond to an external magnetic field, and the magnetic induction intensity greater than 10Gs (Gauss) can activate this switch.

Where the iPhone 12 was placed in the experiment

Due to the strong magnetic field in the iPhone 12 compatible with MagSafe, it will cause significant electromagnetic interference to medical equipment such as ICDs and pacemakers.

“iPhone 12 may hinder life-saving treatments for some patients, especially when you put your phone in your jacket pocket.” Greenberg said.

02 Controversy over magnetic wireless charging

After the “Heart Rhythm” study was published, although Apple updated the warning to repeat the previous