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Market News | Beyond Meat and PepsiCo establish a joint venture, share price soars, investment bank: insist on short selling

In the case of a year-on-year turnaround in Q3 last year, and revenue fell short of expectations, Beyond Meat urgently needs to “bind” with major manufacturers to expand its business scale. A few days ago, Beyond Meat, the “first share of artificial meat” in the United States, announced that it had established a joint venture with PepsiCo to develop and sell food and food products made from artificial meat and.. Read More

Sleep tips shared by a former severely ill patient

Stop relying on lavender essential oil and sleeping pills! The Translation Bureau is a translation team of 36Kr. It focuses on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: Living in a fast-paced city, people’s pressure is becoming greater and greater, and many people are facing insufficient sleep, difficulty falling asleep, mental fatigue, etc. Various sleep.. Read More

Hit workers, do you know how to save yourself in the workplace?

This article is from WeChat official account:There is room University (ID: youjian-university), Written by: Guazi, Editor: Qiuku, Original title: “I am 25 years old, working for 3 years, and I don’t even ask for leave “Dare””, the head picture and the stills in the text are from: “The New Life of Nagi” I have worked for more than a year, and the company has not paid social security. Is it.. Read More

With frequent negatives and changes in stock prices, is the A-share Apple supply chain okay?

In contrast to the negative rumors and stock price changes in the market, the recent performance forecasts announced by some Apple supply chain manufacturers seem to be more optimistic. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Economic Observer” (ID: eeo-com-cn), Author: Li Jingheng. One||Not only OFILM, the stock prices of many other Apple suppliers have also undergone significant changes in the market during this period. II||The current.. Read More

Sesame and WeChat points cannot be used for online loans, and the new credit investigation rules will be implemented soon

On January 11, the People’s Bank of China announced the “Administrative Measures for Credit Investigation (Draft for Comment). What impact will this new regulation have? To put it simply, “private credit data” such as Sesame Credit Score and WeChat Pay Score cannot be used to extend credit for online loans. In other words, credit scores can no longer be used to borrow money. This article is from the WeChat official.. Read More

Yu Chengdong takes over Huawei Cloud, logic and challenges

Like Zheng Yelai, the former CEO of Cloud BU, Yu Chengdong also faces the important task of transgenic Huawei Cloud. Editor’s note: This micro-channel public number from the “chatter families together” (ID: Caijing11laoke), Author: Zhou source Editor: Xie Lirong. On January 27, the Caijing reporter learned that Huawei Consumer BG President Yu Chengdong will concurrently serve as Huawei Cloud & AI BG President (including Cloud BU), and the former Cloud.. Read More

How do a group of “mobs” use options to blast 10 billion funds

Chewy, entered the history as the largest e-commerce acquisition. After achieving his small goal, Ryan invested heavily in buying 6.2 million Apple shares and became Apple’s largest individual investor. This radical investor wrote to the Game Station board of directors in November last year, urging them to make a strategic transformation as soon as possible and turn the company into the Amazon of the game industry. I don’t know what.. Read More

What are the coarse grains

Pregnant women should pay great attention to life and diet during this special period. What foods are beneficial to pregnant women. These are the issues that pregnant women are more concerned about. Whole grains are good for human health, but for pregnant women, eating has certain taboos. What are the whole grains that pregnant women can eat? Pregnant women can eat sorghum, sweet potatoes, oats, corn, buckwheat, etc. Sweet potatoes.. Read More

An article to understand why the game station stock price soared: Reddit stock community instigated, Musk fueled the flames

GameStop stock was suspended from trading on Monday because it rose too fast. Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology, review: Jiao Han. On January 27th, according to media reports, online stock market participants formulated a plan to make the once worthless GameStop stock rise rapidly, and it worked. Subsequently, Elon Musk, CEO of electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla, posted news about GameStop stock on his personal social media,.. Read More

Don’t leave your sex life to the Internet easily

Although they informed the brand of the harm of this vulnerability, after many repairs and updates, this risk still exists. This means that this single sex toy, priced at about 1,200 yuan, is allowing more than 40,000 users around the world to bear the huge risk of nakedness. The coordinates sample of the Cellmate server shows that the device has been used worldwide. Picture source: PTP This story of hackers.. Read More