“Robot” customer service is responsive, but not fascinating; sometimes, they will be resentful.

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“We would rather have more than a few days of ‘liver’ code, and don’t want to do another minute of customer service.”

A M has complained with Grape King. At that time, his leading game was just on the line Steam, and suffered a lot of bad reviews. “We don’t have a few people in total, we can only transfer developers to do customer service. But those days, players may be too excited, and our part-time programmers are “depressed”.”

But for those who have been in the customer service for a long time, taking the negative energy, rushing to the front line, solving the player’s problems, and saving the lost word of mouth has become a daily work. Such a group of people who play an important role in game development and user retention are often being a “robot” by players. – Grape King has also seen players exclaim, “This chats with me.” Actually, it’s a real person!”

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

A personal experience shared by a customer service practitioner

The inherent impression of customer service, in which line, is there. The reason: the work can not be bypassed by the characteristics of mechanical work; the popularity of AI customer service in recent years; and the actual work of the customer service, will use the comparative style, routine communication to respond to the problems of massive users.

The customer service that is not humane will naturally be considered a robot by the player. Although they are responsive, they are not lovable; sometimes, they are disgusted, which is not conducive to the operation of the game. Grape King feels that this may be a problem that has not been valued by most manufacturers. So in this article, we’ll try to present several situations that make players feel “You are a robot”.

How do we judge customer service lack of humanity?

This observation is the comment area in the TapTap community – we mainly want to see, In different games, the customer service, how to interact with the players for different negative evaluations Exchange. Depending on how we respond and what we do, we make our own judgments: whether the customer service of these games is personalized, and how they are not human.

We feel that even in this online public space, it is necessary for the customer service to respond to the negative feedback of the player, so that the other party has a pleasant experience. It is worth mentioning that the “customer service” discussed in the article does not specifically refer to the staff in this position. They may be operations, perhaps developers, and perhaps the CEO of the company, but are deeply involved. Go to the communication with the player.

In addition, Grape King wants to emphasize that we have not tried to advocate, “Some people” should be the direction that various game companies must pursue in customer service work. We also don’t guarantee that the “people-friendly” customer service standards will give game companies a very good return. After all, the specific situation requires a specific analysis.

We didn’t target anyone, and we didn’t want to say how they are here. Just want to remind the various game manufacturers here, Customer service in the words and deeds without personality, no brain, may cause a more embarrassing situation.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

We recently saw a typical example: A user on TapTap made a spit on a game, and the official customer service of the game left a sentence “Thank you for your support< /strong>“. At that time, some people questioned that customer service was a robot, and others felt that the response was not too brainy. In other words, I was particularly impressed: The players have already been on your face, how to say thank you to others.

This is not a normal interaction scenario between customer service and users. But every customer service detail in the message area can still let the players feel the level of care of the game manufacturers.

Customer service that is “installed” may be worse than a robot

Sometimes, some game makers face the negative evaluation process, which is “无为“. Under this kind of thinking, the specific work that falls to the customer service level is to reduce the response or even not respond. This allows the player’s negative emotions to go with time.

But Grape King believes that players may not like the “lack of humanity” customer service, but will definitely pull the “no one” customer service. We don’t advocate a cold response, this is the next policy. When the problem arises, what the player needs is the official dispelling and attitude – this is the embodiment of sincerity and the revealing of human feelings. But more importantly, the customer service needs to come forward to guide the public opinion and avoid the public opinion being taken away by an unexpected rhythm.

We found that TapTap has a mobile game with more than 900,000 installations. Recently, it has not made the players feel very satisfied with the customer service work. At the end of the service, it is believed that the official did not respond positively to their own problems and needs, and even strictly controlled the forum and prohibited negative talks. This makes players feel that the quality of the game’s customer service has declined.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

The official of the game later posted a post to respond to the player’s spit, and hope that everyone can rationally look at the work of customer service. However, Grape King feels that their work may not be enough. At least, it is not good to let the negative emotions in the commentary area ferment for a few days.

Looking back at the past, there is a lesson in the past: There have been some games, and there have been accidents in the operation. As a result, the customer service responded with indifference, the official action was slow, and the players were collectively provoked, and finally made “invoicing” or “reporting”. More extreme behavior.

Speaking very well, but not necessarily human.

The grape prince does not like polite and beautiful scenes in his life–These words are carefully selected with words, but they always give the meaning of a play. And we are talking about the second kind of customer service response that lacks humanity, which exists in this highly modified speech.

There was an example before, which was discussed in the game grape editorial department. This example is about a well-known IP adaptation of the SLG. When the game is online, its gameplay content is not as expected by fans, so the game has lost some word of mouth in this regard. But the enthusiasm of the official customer service is fascinating. Under almost every negative evaluation, there are customer service personnel. But the words, language, and sentence patterns that are responding are, in our opinion, inhuman.

a guestThe service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

Some of these words are too deliberate in terms of word selection. The above picture is an example, from “thanks to the feedback of the lord” to “our hope” to “one record” and “to fight for fuel”—I can’t say what is wrong with this response Its words are very beautiful, but after the rigid answering logic and various decorative descriptions are used, people will feel that it is flowing in the scene.

Toward it, it’s “a little fake”.

This form of reply, after becoming the usual routine for many game customer service, the player is more resistant to it. Still the same game, the customer service complimented a player who scored a low star and called it “the Lord of the Lord.” But this player, after being the lord of the other games in other games, did not produce a very comfortable experience this time.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

Here is another example, which is also full of beautiful words, it seems that there is no problem. But getting to the bottom, it makes me think it is a template. This example is about a second-level game on TapTap. A player gave a low evaluation of the game’s “hepatic” problem, and then the official customer service made a small response, using enough in the text. There are net words and symbols, and the content seems to cut the player’s problem.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

But there is a player who circumvents the expression of the customer service, and points to the other party “not to speak”.

Grape King believes that a natural, sincere response is do not need to use too much packaging stuff. Some customer service respond naturally, it may seem to collide with the player, but I will feel that this kind of life in the dayThe usual conversational situation, put into the virtual network, will still make people feel fresh.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

This response is based on plain text

Frequent response doesn’t mean it’s human touch

Some customer service workers are very serious. For example, in TapTap, such a customer service staff will sweep through the bad reviews one by one and respond to each individual’s questions. It seems that the presence of the customer service is very high, and the interaction with the player is done very well–if it is only looking at the number of responses, not the quality of the response.

Actually, what the grape priest thought, those who are not human, their high-frequency interaction is often just a simple, closed-loop message, and not given Full conversation space. Under this circumstance, it is inevitable that players will question: Is this customer service outsourced? Do you understand the game? Is it only CRTL C + CRTL V to complete your daily work? .

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about those lack of

A game customer service, when responding to player questions, the response style is shorter and faster

Grape King Don’t deny the meaning of this kind of customer service work. Just want to say that on the basis of seriousness and diligence, they may have a better space, and this upside should be a deeper understanding of the player’s needs, and the player’s coming back and forth communication < /strong>. Although this interaction will increase the workload of the customer service, it will actually make people feel that I am talking to a living person.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about those lack of

This type of response will be more than a short-lived customer service style

Ten days ago, the CEO of a mobile game company was still interacting with a TapTap user late at night. Players have no feelings about the company’s card games, so throw a star rating. The CEO saw that he did not give up leaving the other party and actively communicated with the other party. In the interaction between the two, the two sides chatted from the game to the family and talked about the work. The other party may still have to be lost, but initially it was a bit of a rude attitude, and the CEO praised “Your official speech is really strong, the service is really in place.”

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

You can see that the CEO didn’t say anything beautiful in the interaction, just trying to let the other person understand the fun of his own game in the dead of night. But there are some simple, grounded words, let the other person feel the attitude and sincerity.

This CEO shared his thoughts into a circle of friends. He said: “Every bad review, I will go with him to the end of time, can save one is a, this is our experience, regardless of job responsibilities.”

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

Let the developer act as a customer service, perhaps more sincere

Sometimes, the reason why customer service is not sincere and inhuman, is to respond to the desire to feel that there is no communication. The reason for this may be that the information that the customer service can master is not sufficient, and it is impossible to communicate deeply with the player.

For example, it is also a negative evaluation of the player, the efficiency of the customer service response, usually just say “Thanks for support, will consider the proposal”; and the more humane customer service will put the player The questions raised are unfolded, and the official thinking is taken out, indicating where it is not in place, and giving directions for adjustment in the future.

And regardless of the number of words, such a reply is informative. In terms of content,In contrast to the scene, it is obviously more human.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

But there is a contradiction in that not all customer service knows the game. If they just collect feedback from the players, then it is difficult to enter their own emotions. Because of this kind of situation, customer service can’t play a good role as a bridge, because they can’t grasp the core of the problem, and they don’t know the real idea of ​​the developer, so the answer left to the player often seems to be painless. When you talk about it, it is like playing a ball with someone.

If circumstances permit, why not let development participate in customer service work, answer some questions that touch the core, or are more professional? Not long ago, Grape King had talked with a CEO about this topic, and most of the games released by their company belonged to the subdivision. He told me: “Sometimes, players need developers to speak out. When you look at these responses, you will find a feature: The developer’s response is usually very sincere, enthusiastic and hard.”< /p>

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about the lack of

A game producer advises the player

Compared with the title of a certain game customer service, the title of a certain game producer may be more convincing. When the developer personally appears to communicate with the player, the player’s suggestion may be easier to listen to and absorb.

Playing a game, maybe just doing a service

The words “pretend to die”, “speaking scenes”, “lack of communication”, “quantity and quality”, “no pain points”, etc., is the “human feeling” of the grape prince in this article. Remind the various game manufacturers to pay attention to the situation. The reason why we want to emphasize these problems is because we feel that the game industry and the service industry are almost the same. It is about benign interaction.

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about those lack of

Grape King has written an article about whether the game industry is a service industry, and a reader responded at that time

The above-mentioned neglected circumstances may not affect the normal operation of the game. But companies that want to make long-term effects will definitely operate their own brands as a “person.” To run a person is to establish his character and temperament, then for game manufacturers, to do this, the product is on the one hand, the service is on the other hand.