Have you ever heard the saying that the sun-smelling taste after sun quilt is actually emitted by the body of the locust.

This statement breaks the romantic fantasies of many people, but it is roughly correct. According to the analysis conclusion of the 2009 Science Squirrel Society, strictly speaking, this is actually the smell of microbes that are dead and mixed with ozone.

From this conclusion we can get two points of knowledge:

  1. A sunny, high temperature environment can kill aphids or reduce their activity;
  2. It is correct to tap after the quilt is finished, and the corpse can be disposed of.

However, for modern young people, it is a time-consuming and laborious task to regularly take off the sheets and perform the drying and tapping.

The sputum may be a good choice. In recent years, brands such as Dyson, Philips, and Panasonic have successively launched related products. Xiaomi has not been left behind in household appliances. After a year ago, the crowdfunding of wireless handheld handheld devices, the two days Xiaomi Mall Also on the shelves a new product, Mi Jia wireless mites.

Start with the look.

Mijia Wireless Detachment is composed of two partsInto, one is a wireless handheld instrument, and the other is a square charging stand with a plug. The whole machine has a squat structure, the lines are smooth and smooth, and the iconic milky white of the Mi family is not absent. After taking out the instrument from the box, the passing colleague immediately guessed the brand.

In terms of hand feeling, Mijia wireless is not heavy, and the handle width is suitable, even for girls. The MAX file, PTC heating button and power switch are integrated on the handle and can be quickly switched with the thumb.

Turn the instrument to see the “Essence” at the bottom of the sputum: a 20cm open large suction port with a roller brush, a hot air outlet, and a proximity sensor and UV-UV tube.

To explain the role of these components, you must first understand the principle of mites. For people who are allergic to dust mites, even if the mites are dead, their excretions and protein in the body can cause allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma and other symptoms. Therefore, the role of the sputum is not only to treat and suck the mites, but also to absorb the food sources such as dandruff and the protein and excretion of the mites.

When using the Mijia wireless mites, the roller brush in the large suction port will perform a high-frequency rolling pat on the 12800 beats/min, sucking away mites and allergens. Compared with the tapping action, the machine taps much more efficiently, and the roller brush has less damage to the bed surface; the UV UV lampIt is used for deep sterilization and automatic closing with distance sensing sensor to prevent radiation damage to the human body; PTC hot air destroys the growth environment of mites through dehumidification, and inhibits the growth of mites from the source.

However, if you expect the UV light in the sputum to kill the mites directly, then the expectation is lost. Aphids are different from bacteria, and it is possible to remove them by ultraviolet rays. In theory, it is possible to achieve them under a long-term fixed position, and the endurance and ultraviolet radiation intensity of the sputum are not up to the requirements. Therefore, the core power of the cymbal is still “sucking”. The Mijia wireless sputum can generate 16kPA wind pressure in 0.3 seconds. This data is considered to be the upper-middle level.

The whole instrument has two removable parts, one is the brush cover of the large suction mouth, and the other is the dust cup on the left side of the handle, all for the purpose of cleaning the dust and dander absorbed by the sputum. It is worth mentioning that the dust cup can and encourage cleaning, and the HEPA filter assembly placed in front of the dust cup must not pass water, otherwise it will reduce the purification efficiency, which is suitable for all purifying and vacuuming equipment.

Compared with the bowl-shaped and box-shaped base used by most similar products on the market, the square charging stand of Mijia Wireless Detachment Meter is very good. Thin and light, the contact area between the bottom of the fuselage and the base is just right, it seems to be top-heavy, but it is not easy to dump.

But perhaps because of the improved performance of the speed, beat frequency, etc., compared to the 25-hour charging of the 2.5-hour free wireless handheld sputum meter, the charging efficiency of the Mijia wireless sputum has decreased, charging 3.5 Hours are used in standard mode for 28 minutes.