Learn about the Internet…

When I was a lecturer at a training institution, who was the most difficult student to find?

The young people who are not inexperienced with a blank sheet of paper are precisely the old accountants with old experience and no brains…

Think about it?

The experience and skills of more than 20 years ago can be worth a few dollars today?

You said that if you learn the craft, can you avoid these annoying things?

It’s not easy at all.


How about a makeup artist?

In the people’s perception, how good a makeup artist can help people dress up beautifully, and then make money, isn’t it beautiful?

In fact?

I know a makeup artist who can’t lift my arms every day. She told me that the essence of the makeup artist industry is the service industry, and the essence of the service industry is nothing more than to make customers satisfied.

This is a key part of it, which is the establishment of and customer relationships.

How do you make customers think you are more professional?

How do I get the customer’s needs?

How to adjust the expectations of the other party?

How do you convince the other party to adopt your makeup advice?

How do you make the other person feel good about you?


These are not just solved by makeup skills.

So, for this question, I recommend:

1, adjust expectations;

In summary, there is no absolute industry that is more and more fragrant, and the “older and more fragrant” means that lifelong learning will improve for life. Even if you enter the business, it will take some effort to learn from scratch. Getting the job opportunity – it’s not easy in itself.

2, make a choice;

Because the two can’t have both, “easy to get started quickly” means that the competitors, you have to learn to be good to get a good chance.

Conversely, if you want to have a certain degree of competitiveness, you need to start with a career with a high threshold.

But obviously, for a 32-year-old with no experience and no experience, it is obviously not realistic to learn a difficult profession. The more realistic and reliable way is to learn a good one. Skills, and then continue to learn and improve, in order to ensure that they are not eliminated.

3, want to survive,