Problem description: Condition description (time of onset, main symptoms, symptom changes, etc.): Hello doctor, I did a B-ultrasound display, the gallbladder wall is rough, the liver is okay, and the right hepatobiliary area is uncomfortable, right Occasionally pain in the back and shoulder blades. I have eaten anti-inflammatory gallbladder tablets, but the effect is not very obvious. With reflux esophagitis, now it is found that the skin in the hepatobiliary area is sunken. Is a pit related to the gallbladder? Have you ever gone to the hospital for treatment: Haven’t been to the current medication description: No medication, previous medical and surgical history: none
Date of question: 2020-10-28
Patient information :Age: 33 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis:Hello, I saw your description. Your situation is considered to be cholecystitis, with partial depression, and The gallbladder has nothing to do with it.
Guidance suggestion: Note that you can apply pantoprazole to improve, in addition to take Danning tablets, and you must pay attention to your daily diet, do not eat spicy, irritating and overly greasy foods , I hope to help you, and I wish you an early recovery.
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