The ideal habitat for connecting cities, nature, and emotions.

Congested traffic, busy offices, missed calls, 500+ WeChat messages…

Life is too hasty, the city is too crowded, and it doesn’t fit the fun that life should have.

In the urban buildings, every urbanite is eager to have a gentle harbor that allows the mind and body to escape and delay anxiety.

So, we try to build an oasis in the city and let ourselves return to the natural quiet. Let the texture of the city be softened into a poetic dream of temperature in the vitality of the park, soothe our tired body and mind after struggling in the city.

All-round life above the park,

If there is no park, the city will lose its vitality and imagination.

However, the living space is gradually being swallowed up by the high-rise buildings, and the poetic park life is particularly precious, especially the large-scale urban parks, which have become a luxury that can not be expected.

Looking around the city, it is rare to have an independent community park outside the floor garden, not to mention the five major sports fields, the ocean-themed children’s playground, the nursery flower space, the art gallery and the night run. Approximately 55,000 square meters of super-sports theme parks with facilities such as the road. And these, Beijing Investment Development Park Yuefu did it.

[Good Nature] Above the Park·Building a Heart Harbor for You

The Yuetou Development Park, located in the North Ring Road of Changping, has built a forest oasis for urban land in a large community of about 600,000 square meters, which has created a relief for the urbanites who are struggling. The physical and mental support provides an aerobic live sports venue for sub-healthy urban syndrome.

All-round life above the park,

This sports theme park covers an area of ​​about 55,000 square meters. It features a dynamic sports area, a large theme square, a Finnish LAPPSET marine theme all-age children’s playground, a professional jogging system, a sunny lawn recreation area and gardening. Artistic and interesting themed entertainment spaces such as nurseries and vegetable plots. In your leisure time, hide in the green shade of the park, slow down and enjoy the rare natural shades and coziness; the lights are shining, running on the trails at night, releasing the messy thoughts of your work. a cup of teaAll the way to the high net worth of people today. Mengmu moved to the third place, staying in the neighborhood and living here. The neighborhood is a knowledgeable youth who uses knowledge to create wealth. It is a must for many home buyers to live together.

All-round life above the park,

Jingtou Development·Park Yuefu is the best place for the humanity, and it is a scent of the scholarly scent of the school–

The community is close to the elementary school and kindergarten of the Yuefu Campus of the Changping Middle School in Tsinghua University. The parents who are busy with the business have greatly saved the time to pick up the children from a long distance. The work and education of the children can be taken care of.

【Good taste】Community business·Flourishing fashion for you

In the community’s own 60,000 m2 commercial street, the multi-dimensional business format will be introduced, and Wanda Cinema and JD 7FRESH Fresh Food Supermarket will be introduced in the future to provide one-stop shopping for high-end fashion shopping for quality families and pan-community consumers. shopping experience. From then on, when you go downstairs, you can shop and save with your family and friends, eliminating the difficulties of traffic jams, crowded people, difficult parking, and high transportation costs when shopping in the core business district of the city.

All-round life above the park,

[Good room world] Home life · Building your ideal life for you

As a large-scale mature community, Beijing Investment Development Park Yuefu provides homes for different families with a total area of ​​86-152m2 for two to four residences, meeting the world of two people, family of three, and IV. Family room needs such as the same hall. The units are all in an orderly manner. Under the concept of “park-style life”, the upstairs is home, the downstairs is natural, and the happiness of returning home has begun from the moment of entering the park.

The new three-bedroom product with a surface of about 113m2 is designed and designed with a living room of about 5.9 meters wide. The living space will be fully extended and there will be more free and changeable open-plan home space.

All-round life on the park,