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Venture Capital Daily | The enterprise-class catering and consumption platform “Meal” was invested by Sodexo Strategic Venture Capital Fund, and the domestic industrial robot company “Alite” received RMB 100 million B round of financing, and early projects worthy of attention today.

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on. Please check the August 20th Venture Capital Daily. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by today’s “Venture Channel” and the early entrepreneurial projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy~ Financing News Report Update | Enterprise Food and Beverage Platform “Meal” is funded by Sodexo.. Read More

Harvard University has developed “robot shorts” to make running easier

When you run the marathon to the end, do you think your legs are as heavy as lead? At this time, would you want your legs to run to the end? Studies at Harvard University, South Korea’s Central University, and the University of Nebraska-Omaha have completed a robot shorts“. It works by assisting your athletic activities with robotic devices, reducing metabolic load and saving the energy you need to walk.. Read More

1 billion plays a day, the clip artifact is fast.

Today, a video-cut app is on the top of the App Store – it’s the fast-moving “fast shadow”. Recently, Quick Shadow is already a frequent visitor to Top 10 of the App Store. If you keep an eye on the App Store’s list champions all the year round, then it’s easy to understand that this list of winds and turns is actually reflecting the trend of some industry – the.. Read More

Going to the sea | Gojek will enter Malaysia; WhatsApp will launch mobile payment service in Indonesia

As well as the concept capital and other leading $ 15.2 million B round of financing; Luxstay announced development strategy, only for head-to-head confrontation with Airbnb Southeast Asia Gojek will either enter Malaysia. According to KrASIA’s CNN report, Gojek’s president and CEO plan to meet with Malaysian Prime Minister, Minister of Transportation and Youth Minister this week to discuss the impact of Gojek’s entry into the country’s market. Malaysia.. Read More

Big Data Marketing in the Enterprise Market | SaaS Business Roadmap (59)

Ity (community). The basics of big data marketing are: personalized recommendation, information mortuary, data source (first-hand, second-hand, third-party data), EU GDPR data security protection regulations, how big data marketing is cold start….. . There are information on these online, I will not talk about it. I am going to talk about the inB company for SaaS and other service companies. Second, some inferences about social communication The path of a.. Read More

Update | Enterprise Food and Beverage Platform “Meal” Sodexo Strategic Venture Capital Investment

As of August 31, 2018, Sodexo Group’s revenue reached 20.4 billion euros, and its market valuation reached 15.4 billion euros. It is learned that today Sodexo announced that its strategic venture capital fund Sodexo Ventures has invested in the enterprise-style food and beverage consumption platform “Meal”. This investment is the second investment of Sodexo Venture Capital Fund in China since 2018 and the largest investment. In May 2018, the US.. Read More

Tencent’s crouching and Ali’s wild vision: Who will rise and fall in the future?

The destiny of the global technology giant: slowdown The author of this article | Tiancheng henry First, the fate of the global technology giant: slowdown Unconsciously, the mighty technology stock market has been going on for ten years. In the past decade, the Nasdaq index has risen by 400%. Source: Futu Niu Niu The Nasdaq 100 Index, which is more representative of the US stock market technology stocks, rose more.. Read More

Lessons from history: The 1983 North American video game market crash documentary

In 1982, the North American video game market was very developed, with sales revenue of $3.2 billion, far exceeding the personal computer software industry. However, within 12 months, the market collapsed and nothing left. why? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Internet and entertainment monster group ” (ID: TMTphantom), of PEI Pei. “After a while, many video games made me like it, like Pac-Man. Now these.. Read More

Starting | Using nano-materials to make wet umbrellas, creating a “rainy day travel brand”, “RainSmile Yule” won nearly 10 million angel financing

The use of nanotechnology for material production and fabric improvement, “RainSmile Yule” waterproof fabric can be mass-produced, and support for further product line development. It was learned that “RainSmile Yule” has recently completed nearly 10 million angel rounds of financing. The investors are Jingshui Liushen Brand Management Co., Ltd., Picking Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianyu Rainwear Co., Ltd. “Rainy” is one of many offline scenes. “Rainy Business” has spawned many.. Read More

The end-of-sale leasing service provider “Intelligent Rent Travel” has won a million-yuan A round of financing and wants to build a one-stop integrated service platform.

It is understood that the financing will be mainly used for product technology research and development, supply chain integration and strategic layout of market channels. It is learned that the terminal distribution leasing service provider “Intelligent Rent Travel” announced that it has obtained A round of financing, this round of financing is jointly invested by Linkage Tianyi and Chinachem Fund. This financing is the second financing obtained after the investment.. Read More