Problem description: The shoulder, neck and lumbar spine are sore. I have been sore for a long time. Now it’s so sore that I can’t sleep. Engage? How to treat soreness? How to exercise? Can this disease be cured? Will reducing the recurrence rate affect normal life? Have you ever been to the hospital for treatment: ever, Hunan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Department
Question date: 2021-01-03
Patient information: Age: 27 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: The symptom may be lumbar muscle strain. It is recommended to take a proper rest and get up! Proper rest.
Guide suggestion: Wear external fixation around waist, take proper rest to avoid overwork. Avoid long time bending over and bearing weight.
Suggestion is for reference only, problem In serious cases, please go to the hospital for detailed examination