The Internet mines space for wealth, and artificial intelligence mines time wealth.

At the recent 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk and Ali Group founder Ma Yun presented a “century talk” that caused widespread repercussions.

Tianyun Big Data CEO Lei Tao as a forum speaker listened to this conversation at a close distance. He wrote this article and traced back and looked forward to how technology can expand the dimension of wealth in time and space, from farming civilization to The next technological revolution. Below, this is a brilliant fantasy of future technology.

(Tianyun Big Data is the leading AI infrastructure provider in China, and Huaying Capital participated in its 100 million RMB financing in 2018.)

天云大数据雷涛: Forecast, the most direct wealth production of artificial intelligence

Author | Lei Tao

Source | Tianyun Big Data

Ma Yun: “It is difficult to predict the future today. 99.99% of the predictions in human history are wrong. Only 0.01% of the predictions are correct.” Muskton…

This is a dialogue between the media and the Chinese AI Olympic Games. I was fortunate enough to be a forum speaker to listen to this huge cognitive altitude difference. Forecasting is the most commercialized path of artificial intelligence. As an AI industry practitioner, it is the responsibility to share their own thinking. Here, I would like to elaborate on the innovative value of prediction from the perspective of Ma Yun’s most proud wealth.

About wealth, author Toffler, who wrote The Third Wave, published a book “New Fortune Revolution” ten years ago, telling the story of every great fortune. The opening of the spatial dimension.

The end of the Ice Age, allowing humans to hatch farming civilization. From seeds to grains, we gain the wealth of time in seasons by mastering the time of seasonal seasons; taming cattle and horses, expanding from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers for hunting and gathering, we harvest space The wealth in it.

Industrial civilization is also a process of producing wealth in a period of time and space expansion. Whether it is Galileo’s telescope or Columbus’s Carrack, the New World discovery and connection in the era of great maritimes redistributed labor, resources and markets, capitalist wealth flows from the opening of geospatial space.

Another accumulation of wealth in industrial civilization occurs in the time dimension. We can’t overdraw the future, but we can squander farThe accumulation of ancient and historical. Plants compress the deposited energy in billions of years, and are converted into kinetic energy by steam engines and internal combustion engines. The power can be packaged and moved around the world, and even packaged in small mobile phone batteries to ensure that we are always on. Power and energy are no longer just the current fat burning and blood sugar metabolism. The energy contained in the biochemical energy that spans the long geological era gives us the opportunity to ask for wealth in the past.

Internet Mining Space Wealth:Collaboration

The Internet has been rich for 20 years, Google, Facebook, Amazon and other big-names. We can fully communicate with other mainland partners, and we are more familiar with the neighbors; we can sit at home and buy and sell the company’s underlying assets thousands of kilometers away, only through the exchange’s stock software; the concept of space is no longer a flute The scale measure of the continuous distribution in the Carl coordinate system, but the heat of the Like button and the HOP link of the space.

The connection of space is not only to establish the connections we know about physical space, but also to dig deep into the scale and capacity of digital space. The tragedy of Motorola’s investment in the comet is to ignore the rich bandwidth resources in Fibre Channel. The speed of deploying more satellites in outer space for ten years is far less than the 10^14 square optical spectrum space.

The Internet creates connections, connections promote collaborative collaboration, and collaboration is the true value of the information revolution, as is the opening of new wealth spaces like commercial farming. The moment when humans first tamed the fire, invented the moment of the wheel, and the moment when the steam engine was developed, it is undoubtedly very important. But compared to the ability of humans to cooperate with each other, these inventions are pale and powerless. Without cooperation, the flame can only provide warmth to one person, the wheel can only transport one person, and the steam engine does not have a track. If there is a key vein in the world that can penetrate human history, then it must be an important human cooperation. Whether our goal is to build a Giza pyramid or build a country.

The network not only connects, but also magnifies the individual voices and desires equally. Facebook’s organizational boundaries far exceed the power of the state machine, and the organizational form that connects any obstacles to synergy efficiency is gradually eliminated. Humans have broken the space constraints in the digital space, and the close cooperation and cooperation have opened up the wealth of space.

天云大数据雷涛: Forecast, the most direct wealth production of artificial intelligence

Tianyun Big DataCEO Lei Tao at the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Artificial Intelligence Mining Time Wealth:Forecast

The sky is high, the universe is infinite, the sorrow is full of sorrow, and there is a lot of knowledge. The original concept of the logarithm of the ancients also includes the proof of fate. From the Shang and Zhou dynasty’s questioning to the Yijing, the former is heavily perceptually interpreted, and the latter has deductive calculations. The founder of the binary, Leibniz in the seventeenth century, is said to have cited the yin and yang of Zhouyi 64 to obtain the publication of the paper. Ancient China has long tried to establish a mathematically based cognitive system. Like Aristotle’s Physics, it integrates the comprehensive cognitive system of philosophy and natural understanding, for example, by observing the natural phenomena of celestial bodies. Control the laws of politics and economy.

Unfortunately, in the double-horse dialogue at the Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Conference, Ma Ke pointed out that AI predicts a major change in human life. Ma Yun gave an assertion: “99.99% of predictions in human history are wrong.” The author lists some 0.01% that are ignored by Ma’s father.

In 1863, Jules Veme, my childhood favorite writer, completed the prophecy of “Paris in the Twentieth Century in Paris in the 20th Century.” Successfully predicted that in 1960 Paris would have glass skyscrapers, air conditioners, televisions, elevators, high-speed trains, petrol-powered cars, and fax machines. Verne portrays the life of modern Paris with bizarre precision. Another great prophet was Leonardo da Vin, who painted machines that appeared in the sky 400 years later in the late 15th century: helicopters, gliders, and even airplanes. Every sketch as a painter is beautiful and precise, the only thing missing is the engine.

In the past, human ability in the time dimension was extremely scarce. The prediction of the above-mentioned outstanding scientists was one of the ten thousand that Ma Yun ignored, until the machine learning ML appeared. Based on the scaled data generated by infinite connections, machine intelligence completes its own evolution process: data can be recorded, identifiable, correlatable, predictable, and programmable.

Whether it is quantitative regression or qualitative classification, a basic time series model can obtain a stable prediction model by mathematical expressions regression of past data. It only needs to input future conditions to predict Future results. The experience, rules, and processes (white box models) that humans have accumulated through trial and error trials over a long period of time are replaced by new methods of data science construction. The production of knowledge or intelligence (models) is accelerated, from the accumulation of experience over the years, to the hours of model training time; the complexity of knowledge or intelligence is magnified, and the human brain cannot abstract and logically rule (such as Go) In the middle of the chess or the big picture), the nonlinear network is deeply studied