Ordinary people can apply this theory to employment.

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Forbes Rich List’s 2018 data shows that Sun Justice is worth $22.1 billion, ranking 41th in the world. His Softbank company currently has a market capitalization of around $90 billion.

This small 1.6-meter-old man has the same vision as the universe. In 1999, he spent $35 million to invest in Alibaba as a major shareholder. The stake was $75 billion after listing in Ali.

In the latest financial report disclosed by Ali in 2019, the largest shareholder is still Softbank. It can be said that Alibaba’s rise is the most profitable.

The richest man in Japan, Softbank Sun Justice uses the

Sun Zhengyi has a well-known “time machine” theory. He believes that the IT industry in the United States, Japan, China, and India has different stages of development. They first conduct business in developed countries, and when the time is ripe, they will return to Japan and then reincarnate. Going to China, India, etc. is like sitting on a “time machine.”

With this investment logic, he has harvested billions of dollars worldwide.

18-41 years old, his “time machine” track is mainly between the United States and Japan.

18 years old, when he was in high school in the United States, he successfully sold the first pot of gold games on the campus from Japan.

I was 19 years old and went to the University of California at Berkeley to study at the school. I used the resources of the US Jet Propulsion Laboratory to earn $1 million by selling the pocket-issuing patent for the Japanese company, which was 1976; p>

24 years old, established Softbank in Japan;

33 years old, obtained the agency of the US Cisco system in Japan;

39 years old, Yahoo Japan was established in joint venture with Yahoo! As of now, the market value of Yahoo Japan has reached $14.2 billion;

Beginning at the age of 42, Sun Zhengyi’s “Time Machine” track has one more stop in China.

42 years old, investing Alibaba’s $35 million. After Alibaba’s listing, the investment will increase to about $70 billion.

In the field of online car, he used a “time machine” to weave a hugeNet, the network car business in different countries have invested a huge amount of money.

The famous consulting firm Roland Berger once pointed out that in the future, China’s shared travel will reach 37 million/day, corresponding to a market value of 380 billion yuan/year. If it is associated with upstream and downstream markets, its value can even reach 1.8 trillion yuan.

In this trillion market, the most profitable harvest is Sun Zhengyi. He not only invests in online cars, but also invests in related markets such as autonomous driving.

Don’t talk about Sun Zhengyi. From the founding time of major Internet companies around the world, they basically conform to the theory of “time machine.”

Initiated in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, and then copied to China, India, which has a huge demographic dividend, and then returned to the surrounding Southeast Asian countries.

The richest man in Japan, Softbank Sun Justice uses the

The richest man in Japan, Softbank Sun Justice uses the

Sun Zhengyi used this theory for investment. In fact, ordinary people can apply this theory to employment.

The number of digging recently met a young man who graduated from the University of Toronto. He is a double degree in computer science and finance. After returning to China, he did not engage in related work. Instead, he went to the field of early childhood education and made a general sale. .

Why talk about why he is engaged in this industry. He said that in foreign countries, education has sunk to the stage of infants and young children. Various early education institutions are everywhere. Because they cannot use the test scores to quantify educational achievements, the industry There is a huge information asymmetry, and information asymmetry means huge profit margins.

(K12 refers to pre-school education to high school education)

After returning to China, he found that domestic parents did not know much about early education, and there were not many early education institutions around, and there was little competition. He decisively entered the industry.

In the beginning, he worked in Macao. Because Macao was more westernized, early education developed earlier, and parents’ ideas were more international. After fully learning the knowledge and process and accumulating certain sales performance, he applied to Guangzhou. Working in a branch office, in just 3 years, he has been the director from sales, and then the manager in charge of the branch.Successfully achieved triple jump.

Standing on his classmates in the financial and computer industries, few people develop faster than him.

His career development actually uses the “time machine” theory to find an industry between developed countries and developing China. The developed countries in this industry have fully developed, but developing countries are still in their infancy, selecting time Go in and wait patiently for the outbreak of the industry.

The richest man in Japan, Softbank Sun Justice uses the

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