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Huawei Mate 30 series released: dual 40 million four photos + unicorn 990, the network speed is still 25 times that of 4G

Huawei is a company that will do everything that it is good at, and has no reservations, so before this conference, We can already predict where the key part of Huawei will be: 1. How does Huawei show its advantages on 5G 2. Huawei can advance the hardware capabilities of mobile phone photos to a certain point. Showing these two abilities sounds simple and difficult to do, and everyone is.. Read More

Lexus luxury yacht

The recent Lexus fare increase has been raging, and Chinese consumers who are used to the “official drop” know that Lexus has suddenly ushered in a “official rise”. In this cold and chilly car market, this Japanese luxury is obviously somewhat “floating”. Today, Lexus has done something more “floating” and launching a yacht! Don’t be excited, release the hair. As a luxury sub-brand of the Toyota family, Lexus officially released.. Read More

Is the “surrounding economy” a good business for the shopping center?

Finding the point of integration, the periphery will also be the driving force behind the creation of physical commercial brands. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “RET ui ide” (ID :retweixin), the author is here. Into a city centre in London A department store or shopping center, on the first floor, will see a special retail store, “The Gift Shop”. The store sells a variety of peripheral.. Read More

After the rebellious 95, is changing the unspoken rules in the office

Be creative, dare to take risks, be aggressive, and dare to take responsibility. Such a post-95s career is good enough, enough to persist, and hard enough. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LinkedIn” (ID: LinkedIn- China), the author has five dollars. Knowing a question: “What advice and advice are there for newcomers?” One of the answers surprised me: “Newcomers in the workplace must be conscious of being.. Read More

India’s exit prospects: low valuation of burning money, IPO winds look profitable

The industry benchmarking is no longer the case, the Internet investment aura has been picked, and the listing of Dongfeng has turned to a start-up in India with a profitable model. The author of this article Mihir Dalal, original title: India’s unicorns find exit doors blocked Point Tip: The hot spot of the past is no longer, the IPO winds have turned: Uber IPO lost on the first day, WeWork.. Read More

The Daily News | The Indian government announced a total ban on e-cigarettes; Tiger Global invests in Indian fast food chain Wow! Momo Foods

And Vertex Venture Holdings of Singapore completed a $305 million fundraising of the new fund; Indonesian e-commerce unicorns Bukalapak and Tokopedia focused on gold trading; YC, Sequoia Capital and Ribbit Capital invested 2140 in India’s online financial investment platform Groww Ten thousand dollars Southeast Asia Indonesia e-commerce unicorns Bukalapak and Tokopedia focus on the gold trading business, the former introducing new features. According to the English website KrASIA, Bukalapak said.. Read More

A brief history of stress: diluted death, but not bad

Is the pressure “life-saving” or “energy-giving”? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “less shifts” (ID: Lishaojia2015), author Li Shaojia. Pressure, an old friend of mankind, seems to be worthy of the “best friend” no matter how you look at it: Unhappy, stressful Insomnia, anorexia, stress The memory is getting worse and the pressure is high “Understanding the collapse”, overtime and death, great pressure Getting fat is.. Read More

Asian Business Capital Zhang Qiong: The next golden age, belongs to the innovative consumer brand | 2019 China Investors Future Summit

The greatest consumer companies must be new species of brands, channels, data, consumers and content. The visionary is steady, and the steady is far away. On September 17-18, the 2019 China Investor Future Summit was held in Shenzhen, and the heads and entrepreneurial leaders of nearly 100 mainstream investment institutions were invited to focus on the development opportunities of the top ten potential tracks, from the front end of the.. Read More

Southeast Asian Unicorn Growth

Under the impetus of Internet technology, the Southeast Asian market with a large population and rapid economic development is gestating a group of fast-growing unicorn enterprises. Editor’s note, this article is from WeChat public account “Southeast Asia goes to sea” (ID: gh_5a947c76ae26). In recent years, under the impetus of Internet technology, the Southeast Asian market with a large population and rapid economic development is gestating a group of fast-growing unicorn.. Read More

What is the value of the product manager?

How product managers can proactively make value in all situations. Editor’s note: This article is from “Everyone is a product manager”, author Mr. Peanut Butter. A lot of classmates do product managers who don’t know their value. They always feel that others or other teams are better. The output of product managers is very virtual. This is actually wrong. Product managers who generally have this problem have some “passive” problems… Read More