After the commercialization of the entire infrastructure has been set up, how to “borrow the light” from the fast-paced social advantage itself has become the latest breakthrough direction for fast commercialization.

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After the commercial infrastructure has been set up, how to “borrow” from the fast-paced social advantage itself has become the latest breakthrough direction of fast-handed commercialization.

In the context of rapid accelerating realization, the progress of commercialization is particularly noteworthy. Commercialization is the most stressful one as the “troika” that is being realized with live broadcasts and e-commerce.

The so-called “quick-hand commercialization” is not only a matrix of marketing products including business number, information flow advertisement, super quick order, and promotion of works, but also can be simply understood as the fast-moving advertising department. As the most mainstream way of realizing traffic and content, advertising is also destined to become a piece of cake that fast-handed people must compete for when they are expanding their realizing scale.

However, commercialization has always been awkward. As a product that emphasizes the user experience, the commercialization of the main advertising needs to be balanced with the concept and experience of the fast hand. At the same time, the core advantage of the fast-handed is social, deep community precipitation has greatly promoted the live broadcast of fast hands and e-commerce development, but the commercialization of advertising is difficult to directly benefit from social.

This kind of jealousy also comes from the outside. Byte jitter has great advantages in the advertising business, and almost all Internet giants compete in the advertising market. Coupled with the decline in the growth rate of the overall advertising market this year, the incremental market is difficult to find, and there is great uncertainty about whether the inadequacy of fast-handed commercialization can achieve the expected goals.

A year later, the fast-handed commercialization handed out a good transcript that would need to be verified again in the future.

According to the official data of the quick hand, in the past year, the author of the fast-acting active business number exceeded 600,000, and the single-video revenue reached 11,000, which was 10 times higher than that of 2018. There are 200,000 quick-receiving creators to earn income, and the quick order and quick-acquisition plan totals 2 billion. Fast-moving commercial traffic has increased by 600%, new open advertising resources have exceeded 15, and quick-moving advertising KA customers have exceeded 1,000, and agents have exceeded 100.

The 15 billion yuan answer sheet of

The target of 15 billion revenues for fast commercialization is also progressing well. Yan Qiang, vice president of fast-hand commercialization, said that the pressure to complete the 15 billion revenue target this year will not be too great, and there may be breakthroughs.

There is a series of actions behind this. For example, fast-hand commercialization launched the fast-talking car channel in June this year; in July, it launched the creator incentive plan and super quick order, and raised the income target by 50%; in August, upgraded the business number, launched the brand, E-commerce and local three directions; in September and October, Jinniu e-commerce and new works were launched.

After the commercial infrastructure has been set up, how to “take advantage” from the fast-paced social advantage itself has become the current key breakthrough direction for fast-handed commercialization. Fast-handed commercialization must be deeply integrated with the fast-handed ones to create a commercial path with fast-handed features. With reference to live broadcast and deep binding of e-commerce and fast-handed social networking, this is the only way to quickly commercialize.

The fast-paced officially launched commercialization in the past year, and the fast-handed on October 24 announced the upgrade of the fast-hand marketing platform to the “Magnetic Engine.” In the definition of fast hand, “Magnetic Engine” represents the strong social relationship of “hand + content”, from the marketing platform to the “Magnetic Engine” reflects the role of social in the fast marketing system.

Yan Qiang mentioned that the idea of ​​upgrading the “Magnetic Engine” was generated from March and April this year. The reason for triggering the upgrade is that the fast-handed player is a social platform. The influence of socialization on the fast-hand marketing system has not been fully considered. The upgrade of the “Magnetic Engine” is to strengthen the role of social in the fast marketing system.

Therefore, the biggest feature of the fast “Magnetic Engine” is to emphasize the opening of public domain traffic and private domain traffic.

Before the upgrade, fast-hand commercialization products can be divided into two categories, one is the public domain traffic system including advertising forms such as information flow advertisements; the other is the creation represented by super quick orders and merchant numbers. The private domain traffic system, the two products are separated from each other. The “Magnetic Engine” opened up these two marketing products. Customers can simultaneously serve information flow advertisements and reach people. In pursuit of efficient marketing, they can also meet the long-tail retention value.

Like the byte-hopping marketing brand’s huge engine coverage of the headline product matrix of vibrato, watermelon, etc., the fast “Magnetic Engine” has also built its own traffic advertising alliance. The products in this league list include fast hand, A station, fast shadow, hi flip, a sweet camera, fast flashlight, quick-view point and quick-hand overseas products kwai and other products.

The 15 billion yuan answer sheet of

This year’s fast-paced commercialization focuses on performance advertising, emphasizing deep conversion. This is an important reason why fast-handed commercialization maintains a high growth rate in the case of a bad advertising market.

Yan Qiang mentioned that deep conversion is the core breakthrough point of fast-handed commercialization this year. “All of our conversions are customer-oriented ROI. You invest a dollar in me. If you earn money, you can always make money. In this model, there is no limit to the customer’s budget.”

Quicker creation of inventory product development and private domain traffic products also provides advertisers with a wealth of choices, which has driven many customers to put their budgets on the fast.

At present, the total revenue of the quick KA customers and small and medium-sized customers is about 8 to 2. This is a point that Yan Qiang is not satisfied with the rapid commercialization. He mentioned that in the short video field, content is the core of marketing, KA customers have dozens of people to hundreds of people to produce content, small and medium agents do not have such capabilities. Therefore, the fast-handed commercialization platform launched in April this year is aimed at helping small and medium-sized customers to produce content at low cost.

The focus of the commercialization of fast-handed players next year will be two jobs, one head and one tail. Head work is a breakthrough in the brand system. Yan Qiang mentioned that fast commercialization began to expand brand customers from the fourth quarter of this year, and found that many brand merchants are very interested in fast traffic and content ecology. For example, the car brand Tesla and the fast hand have done online and offline linkages, and Sany Heavy Industry itself has also done a lot of live broadcast cooperation.

The tail work mainly consists of two parts: the first one is the business number. As of now, the number of users of the fast-handed business has exceeded 600,000. This data far exceeds the strict expectations. The core role of the business number is to help the business to move the offline scene to the online, to generate the conversion through online production of content to gather fans and finally to the offline. This has a wide range of application scenarios and huge spaces.

An example given to us by Yan Qiang is that some mobile phone stores in the county can move their stores online through the business number, publish their own content online every day, teach users how to use mobile phones, and mobile phones. Fun features. This type of video has the ability to transform potential consumers around a few kilometers. This meets the needs of long tail merchants. “This may not have anything to do with revenue, but helping more people do business is what we want to see.”

Therefore, next year’s fast-handed commercialization will focus on e-commerce and localization businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and travel.

The second part of the work is the creator and KOL, which is the main contributor to the current traffic and content. One goal of fast-hand commercialization is to help the entire ecosystem partner get 100 in 2020Billion revenue.

The breakthrough of the vertical class is also a direction for the rapid commercialization of the hand, the representative case is the car. The reason why the fast-talking car channel is launched is to satisfy the demand of fast-handed users for car content. Because many car content creators have sold their cars through live broadcasts, they have achieved good results. For those users in new-line cities, these people buy cars and rely on friends to recommend trust connections, which is in great harmony with the fast-handed ecology.

In the process of supporting car content creators, the first step is to satisfy the user information acquisition. Next, it will receive the car after link market, including the purchase and test drive system, forming a positive cycle from content to fans to business. .

At the same time, car advertising is a huge market. Supporting that the car people are also helpful to the car brand. The opening of public and private traffic provides better services for the brand. Tesla’s previous collaboration with the fast-handed team was to take care of both the public and private domains.

The 15 billion yuan answer sheet of

Next, one of the top projects for fast commercialization is the double 11. Yan Qiang regards the Double 11 as an important opportunity for fast-handed commercialization to break through 15 billion yuan in revenue.

In this year’s “Double 11” period, fast-hand commercialization will be a screen-opening attempt. The internal testing and commercial testing of the fast-opening advertising has ended. The cooperative customers include brands such as Coca-Cola, Tesla and Audi. There is good feedback on the conversion of the rear link, which will be officially launched on November 1. The second is a large-scale interaction between live broadcasts. Fast-handed commercial double 11 night will hold a double 11 old iron carnival night with Ali double 11 party to do the national linkage.

This can be seen as a great training of the fast-handed “Magnetic Engine” in the linkage between public domain traffic and private domain traffic. While providing a large traffic exposure scene, there is also a live broadcast room to undertake the back conversion.

Yan Qiang said that this is the first comprehensive marketing solution for large customers, which can bring better business value to users, consumers, content producers and customers. A lot of such attempts will be made.