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The founder of Sequoia Capital, 87, passed away. Shen Nanpeng said that he is “Silicon Valley Legend”

The true legend of Silicon Valley has passed away. On October 26, Sequoia Capital announced that its founder, Don Valentine, died at his home in Woodside, California, at the age of 87. Sequoia Capital describes Valentin in the eulogy published on its official website: “As the founder of Sequoia, he left a deep mark on his family, friends and colleagues, his spirit will be long It is in the minds.. Read More

Li Guoqing Yu Yu’s farce still can’t escape this word.

This article is from WeChat public account:Glacier Thoughts (ID: icereview), author: Han Fudong, cover: Li Guoqing did not break the cup, and the result was that the annual big melon was filled with juice. In January 2018, Li Guoqing was “forced to the palace” by his wife Yu Yu, and he left the Dangdang he founded a year later. It is also the time since the “forced palace”, the husband.. Read More

Focus is on the filter, not on the searchlight

Original , author: Jordana Cepelewicz, Chinese version starting in the micro-channel public number: Neural reality (ID: neureality)< Span class="text-remarks">, translation: Gu Jintao, cover: Jason Lyon For a long time, scientists who have studied attention have focused on the cerebral cortex. However, some researchers now find that the attention process may also be buried deep in the brain. We can hear a conversation in the creaking background, find a bunch.. Read More

L’Oreal: In “Your Times”, let the United States tailor it for you | WISE × C2M Smart Custom Eco Summit

Editor’s Note: This article is the sharing of L’Oreal China Consumer & Market Insight Director Tao Jun at the “WISE×C2M Intelligent Customization Eco Summit”, which was edited and released. L’Oréal China Consumer & Market Insight Director Tao Jun Distinguished guests, good morning everyone, I am very honored to share on behalf of L’Oreal. The theme shared with you today is to let the beauty be tailored for you in “Your.. Read More

Chatting with Yi Qian and Zhou Dongyu: tearing, not just the pain of youth

This article is LensWeChat “WeLens” (ID: we-lens)Authorized reprint, interview: Chu Chu. Lens is a cultural communication brand dedicated to discovering creation and beauty, exploring the value of life, and conveying the warmth of humanity. Cover: The movie “You of the Boys” After the college entrance examination, this is the most suitable period for “You of the Junior”. Because the film is about a story that happened during the college entrance.. Read More

The tax is coming, the electronic cigarette rushing to pick up the blindfold?

Electronic cigarette ring today (October 26th) Another little boiled. There was finally no news from the United States. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the US House of Representatives fundraising committee approved the e-cigarette tax collection bill, which will be levied by the United States on nicotine liquids. The first tax. The purpose is to prevent young people from smoking e-cigarettes, because the price of e-cigarette products can be.. Read More

“Silver baby” new track: crazy vortex of off-campus English test

This article is from the public number:depth line (ID:depthpaper), of: Li Yuan, Guo Jing Ting, from FIG title: Oriental IC Now, Haidian mother, Chaoyang mother, Shunyi mother… all kinds of mothers, what are they? The answer is an exam that is very exciting when you sign up. In April this year, the “National Competition for Primary and Secondary School Students in 2019” released by the official website of the Ministry.. Read More

The camera giant RED’s holographic phone will not have a second generation.

I will first talk about a mobile phone model – RED Hydrogen One. Have an impression? Perhaps most people don’t have much impression of this phone. Because RED was originally a professional industrial camera brand, mainly for film photography equipment. The Hollywood blockbusters you watched at the cinema on weekends are most likely to be shot with RED cameras. ▲Image from: Androidcentral In 2017, RED announced its entry into the.. Read More

Chinese Internet Divorce History

The ebb and flow of the Internet, a marriage and a dream Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Lu Ming Finance” (ID: luminglab), author Chen Lan, editor | Feng Cheng. For them, marriage can be seen as a business to operate, and a career as a marriage to cherish love. In 1999, Shanghai’s Shao Shaobo stood at the peak of his career. He founded the eBay.. Read More

What to protect the “you of the teenager”: fan fancy support film investigation

This article comes from “Picture together(WeChat public ID: yiqipaidianying) “, of: dew, FIG title: Oriental IC “October is a gentle and full of you and us who are going to go, welcome Xiaobei to go home.” Yi Yi Qian Wei micro-bar copywriting said. October 22, directed by Zeng Guoxiang, Zhou Dongyu and Yi Qian, the movie “Youth of the Teenagers” suddenly announced the order of 10.25 days. After experiencing a.. Read More