This article reprinted from: Casting Network Zero Studio, author Zhan Fangge , edit Chen Ziyang

“The brand of bytebeat is probably replaced in April.” A staff member on the 4th floor of the Wangjing Cyberport Building told the ChinaNet. It was once the main office of Hammer Technology. Today, the details related to Hammer Technology have been replaced by byte jumps (the headline of today’s head office), including the logo at the door, the tag on the employee’s chest, and the prompts on the coffee table at the door.

The employees are all “original people”, but they have already been byte-hopping. A former hammer technician told the investment network.

And the rumored that Hamming International’s other office location – Qiming International Building, has not seen “fast as technology (“chat treasure” formerly known as “bullet SMS” entity). The building property staff and the current tenants of the company’s original office told the investment network that the moving time is as fast as April and May. In fact, Luo Yonghao had completely withdrawn from the fast-serving shareholder position in February 2019. On the bright side, Luo Yonghao and Hammer Technology are no longer in contact with the company.

Multiple sources confirm that Hammer Technology, which has been moving three times, has now lost its last office in Beijing. However, the investment network failed to contact the hammer technology and responded to the matter.

At the same time, the financial dispute between Hammer Technology and suppliers has followed. Recently, some media reported that Hammer Technology has contacted the plaintiffs, hoping to reach a settlement and lift the restrictions on consumption. Obviously, Hammer Technology hopes to win more time for itself and Luo Yonghao. According to the incomplete statistics of the investment network, most of the lawsuits caused by Hammer Technology and related companies defaulting on the payment of goods have been transferred due to jurisdictional objections, and no progress has been made.

After being expelled to limit consumption, Luo Yonghao once issued a statement saying that he will surely pay off all debts. Even if the company “turns off”, he himself will pay back all the debts in the form of “selling art.”

Today, Hammer Technology has sold its main mobile phone business in 2019. For the hammer technology to be repaid, the current business may only have air purifiers, luggage, and Luo Yonghao said that the new products will be released in December, who can provide stable revenue for Hammer Technology?

Hammer without the phone

On November 4, the news report said that Hammer Technology had contacted the plaintiff Fang Chenyang Company on the previous day, promised to send people to negotiate and pay off the owed more than 3.7 million yuan in three phases in order to reconcile the two parties and lift the restrictions. Consumption order. Luo Yonghao had previously expressed his influence on the restricted consumption order in the public channel: the inability to fly and the high-speed rail would seriously affect the efficiency of work.

The hammer’s “slow plan” does not stop there.

The referee’s paper network information shows that there are currently 8 cases in the first-instance hammer technology and supplier disputes, and 6 cases have been sent to the Chaoyang District People’s Court in Beijing due to jurisdictional objections. Since April 2019, there has been no more progress. The first-instance ruling shows that the reason for the jurisdictional objection of Hammer Science and Technology is that Hammer Digital Corporation (Hammer Technology Subsidiary) and Hammer Technology are actually located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. However, the field visit of the investment network found that Hammer Technology’s headquarters in the Cyberport Building in Chaoyang District has been “bytes beating”.