Ji Xiaohui came from northeast to West Africa and Nigeria. Starting with an egg fried rice, he has now established a high-end African Chinese food brand.

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The story of starting from scratch makes people excited. Zhang Lan, the founder of Qiaojiangnan, returned from Canada in 1991 with the hard work of 20,000 dollars to establish Alan Restaurant, and then founded the Chinese high-end restaurant brand Qiaojiangnan in 2000, once worth 2.5 billion yuan.

The Chinese economy of that era was taking off. Returning from overseas to start a business is a step on the historical course, and it has been able to achieve a success story. Today, China’s total economy is the second largest in the world. Under the new situation, global emerging markets have ushered in a new period of take-off. The African market is one of them.

In 2005, Ji Xiaohui came to Nigeria from Northeast to West Africa. Since the start of an egg fried rice, he has now established a high-end African Chinese food brand, built a network of resources for both government and business, and has a business layout that spans multiple fields. Step on the course of history?

A few days ago, Cambria Africa Incubator, Volanews and Ji Xiaohui talked about her development history and experience from language incompatibility to the establishment of local resources in Nigeria.

Conversation with African version of

Ji Xiaohui

Executive Vice President of Nigerian Chinese and Overseas Chinese Women’s Federation

Deputy Head of Nigerian Huaxing Art Troupe

Partner, Cambrian Africa Incubator

Abandon the ball from business From Northeast clothing wholesale to African restaurants

Before doing business in the sea, Ji Xiaohui was a billiard sport of the Liaoning Provincial Billiards Team. He studied with Taiwan’s “Ball King” Lin Zhenghuang together with Pan Xiaoting, a “nine ball queen”. Later, Ji Xiaohui discovered that there were more opportunities in business, so he gave up his billiards career and started clothing wholesale.