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A Mainland entrepreneur named Zhou Liwu may become Luo Yonghao’s new partner. Zhou Liwu danced in the capital market for a long time. In March of this year, he transferred the controlling stake in a A-share company that lost 1 billion yuan to New Hope Liu Yonghao.

A press conference at the Beijing Industrial Gymnasium brought together two irrelevant businessmen.

Tonight (December 3) , Luo Yonghao is here to hold the “Old Man and the Sea” conference. China Investment Network has learned that an American technology company may become Luo Yonghao’s important business partner. A Zhejiang businessman named Zhou Liwu is a key figure in this American technology company.

One fact that can be proved is that the official operating body of Luo Yonghao’s official WeChat public account was Beijing Shanjie Weikang, the legal representative of Zhou Liwu.Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Shanjie”) . On the other hand, according to “Time Finance” on November 29, Luo Yonghao’s forthcoming company is Sharklet, a US-based technology company to inhibit bacteria. The Chinese website of this company is also the official website of Beijing Shanjie.

Zhou Liwu is an active entrepreneur in the Mainland. Zhou Liwu’s most well-known business event is that in March of this year, he listed a 1 billion yuan A-share company Xingyuan Environment (300266.SZ) , Transferred to New Hope Liu Yonghao.

The association between Zhou Liwu and Sharklet dates back to 2017. In 2007, Sharklet was established in Florida, USA. In 2017, Sharklet was acquired by a medical device investment company from Hangzhou, China. Zhou Liwu then joined Sharklet’s board of directors and served as director and CEO. Zhou Liwu’s joining made this company turn to the consumer market.

SHARKLET official website screenshot was exclusively informed that as early as October this year, Luo Yonghao flew to the United States and was introduced to Sharklet’s team by Zhou Liwu. Penetrating through the company founded by Zhou Liwu, China Investment Network found that he and Luo Yonghao met because of the e-cigarette project and reached a cooperation agreement.

Sharklet in the photo of Luo Yonghao

Sharklet is a medical technology company mainly for B-end manufacturers. It was founded in 2007 in Florida, USA. According to the Sharklet official website, inspired by the skin-tooth structure of the shark skin, Dr. Anthony Brennan of the University of Florida invented-and one of the founders of Sharklet-invented the surface textureTechnology to suppress bacterial contamination.

Sharklet was subsequently licensed to use the technology and is planned for research and development in medical and consumer devices, primarily using microstructures to inhibit bacteria and other microorganisms. Specifically, the technology can improve medical equipment and reduce bacterial infections. Up to now, the company has cooperated with American medical company Cook medical on urinary catheters and continued research on medical devices such as tracheal intubation and wound dressings.

The bionic shark skin mobile phone case is the most specific product that Sharklet has turned to the consumer market so far. In 2015 Forbes reported that Sharklet plans to develop the product. However, the actual production may not be implemented until Zhou Liwu joined Sharklet. According to the query on the investment network, the mobile phone case using Sharklet technology is currently on sale at Taobao Xinxuan, priced at 129.9 yuan. The biggest feature of its products is antibacterial. The earliest transaction record is February this year.

After joining Sharklet in 2017, Zhou Liwu planned to shift the company’s business to the Chinese market. According to the information of Tianyan Inspection, Beijing Sanjie was established in May 2018. Prior to this, in February 2018, Sanjie Asia Co., Ltd. registered in Hong Kong applied for the Sharklet trademark.

The query found that Sharklet has entered the field of electronic cigarettes. In May of this year, “Shen Jie International Co., Ltd.” was established in Hong Kong. After the equity penetration, its shareholders, in addition to Sharklet, also a company named “Shenzhen Love Miracle Technology”. This is an electronic cigarette B2B trading platform. Zhang Shengwei, the largest shareholder of Shenzhen Love Miracle, founded the e-cigarette Weiboli vapeonly in 2014.

A manufacturer of e-cigarette solutions called “The Cellular Factory” claimed in October this year that it had reached a “lifetime exclusive non-revocation cooperation” with sharklet on “core technical barriers.”

Luo Yonghao was active in the field of electronic cigarettes this year. On April 29th, Luo Yonghao posted a microblog saying that he told him that he had led the Smartisan studio to design an electronic cigarette for Ono Technology. Ono Technology is a brand founded by Peng Jinzhou, the former president of Hammer Technology, and Luo Yonghao claims to be one of the company’s main partners.

Although I do n’t know how Luo Yonghao met Zhou Liwu, but China Investment Network understands that In October this year, Zhou Liwu introduced Luo Yonghao to the Sharklet team and said that Luo Yonghao will serve in Sharklet.Important job. On December 2, contacted a Sharklet Chinese staff member who said that “we are in a special situation” and did not disclose too much information.

Zhou Liwu’s Business Network

Who is Zhou Liwu?

According to public information, Zhou Liwu’s most well-known deed is that In March of this year, he transferred a 1 billion yuan loss of Xingyuan Environmental Holdings to Liu Yonghao, the head of the new hope.

Xingyuan Environment is a company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Its business covers environmental protection equipment manufacturing, dredging of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, rural sewage treatment, industrial energy saving, water quality monitoring, etc.

Zhou Liwu is not the founder of Xingyuan Environment. The Zhejiang businessman, who started his real estate development business, acquired Xingyuan Filter Company, the predecessor of Xingyuan Environment, in 2004, and then led the company out of funding difficulties and landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. After the listing, Zhou Liwu led the company to acquire environmental protection companies such as Zhejiang Shuimei Environmental Engineering and Hangzhou Yinjiang Environmental Technology. The company was renamed Xingyuan Environment in 2015.

From the acquisition of Xingyuan Filter Company, Zhou Liwu has entered the field of environment and environmental protection. According to incomplete statistics of Tianyancha, out of the 94 companies that Zhou Liwu actually controls, most of them are companies in this field.

In the 2017 Forbes China Rich List, Zhou Liwu and his wife Han Xiaofang’s family ranked 7.35 billion, ranking 352. In 2018, in the Zhejiang Rich List, Zhou Liwu’s wealth ranked 13.9 billion, ranking 39th.

After Zhou Liwu had both capital and reputation, Xingyuan Environment also entered a “difficult period.” The Times reported that in 2018, affected by the strong supervision of PPP projects, many environmental protection listed companies, including Xingyuan Environment, fell into a financial dilemma. In July 2018, Xingyuan Environment had 9 consecutive daily limits, plus 2 daily limits before the suspension, a total of 11 daily limits, and the company’s total market value evaporated nearly 17 billion yuan.

Affected by this, Zhou Liwu resigned as chairman of Xingyuan Environment in September 2018. Later, Xingyuan Environment planned equity transfers and related news about New Hope.

After being no longer the Xingyuan Environmental Controller, Zhou Liwu or invested in Sharklet with all his strength. At present, his main task is to make Sharklet, which is turning to the consumer market, more popular.Everyone knows. Luo Yonghao, who has no shortage of topics on the Internet, is also looking for new projects after exiting the Hammer Technology mobile phone project. The two of them may hit it off on a certain occasion.

Luo Yonghao started on November 15th-20th, and tweeted for 14 days. The products he hopes to contact are brands such as yoga mats, tableware, children’s toys, contact lenses, sex toys, and bathrooms. The common feature of these brands’ products is that they come into direct contact with human skin. The products with antibacterial materials may be the new project that Luo Yonghao and Sharklet of Zhou Liwu cooperate together.

In the 6 hours before the launch, some netizens said that a brand named “Horizon 8” had announced its antibacterial luggage produced using Sharklet technology. Horizon 8 is an American design company that Luo Yonghao claimed to have acquired previously, and released related suitcase products at the “Fall 2018 New Product Launch of Friends of Hammer Technology and Ta”.

The new project of Luo Yonghao will be announced tonight at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium. There will be more relevant exclusive reports released on the investment network.

From to hammer mobile phones to bacteriostatic materials, will Luo Yonghao’s entrepreneurship be smooth this time?

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