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Sounding Season 2 Tour

The original music drama fans will definitely be dissatisfied, but this is all the resistance of the old forces. Fans bring traffic and money, and no circle can resist it. And each circle will cater to the needs of star-chasing girls by promoting the culture of the circle. Deyun is nicknamed China’s Jennis. It has multiple groups, mature star members, young trainees, and its own reunion. Each team in the e-sports circle is like a men’s team. In addition to the competition, it will shoot various materials to highlight the members’ settings. The official will also select the “Best Fan Operation Award” to encourage fans to support activities.

Guo Degang is also particularly good at finding a balance between fan culture and the original crosstalk culture. Fans are required to bring light sticks into the field, he agreed, but asked fans to raise them when they sang popular songs, and at other times to follow the rules in the garden.

Rainbow farts and rice shots by Guo Degang fans

Abandoning these and creating an idol has enough appeal in itself. With your own rice circle, you can live in the wave of blind love. As long as you maintain your own personality, you can reap a lot of feelings even if you can’t provide actual products. With a little use of these feelings, you can control the minds of a large number of people.

The love of fans for idols is contagious. They exist on the basis of individuals, and increase with each self-payment by fans. This is very different from the love in the original circle. Originally, a person would only appreciate a crosstalk actor if he liked to listen to crosstalk. But fans first fell in love with a photoVoice actors will listen to cross talks in order to learn more about him approaching him.

Common fan reviews

The sign that a person has become an idol should, in my opinion, be someone who starts to accuse him. Regardless of the content of a Weibo, as long as it is related to idols, fans will find the direction of accusation. Sometimes it is purely beautiful pictures and confession, sometimes it is clarification of rumors, and sometimes it is condemnation of adverse allegations.

“Holding XX without appointment”, “Innocent XX was killed”, and “XX reasonable rights protection” are the three big axes for fans to face fact disputes. “Fair treatment of XXX” is the basic demand of fans for the agency. It’s like every artist’s fan will ask you to pay attention to the artist’s work rather than life, regardless of whether he has any work worthy of attention. At this time, feelings are enough to overwhelm the judgment of facts, and the discourse system developed by the rice circle is sufficient to explain any fact. Fans can create a vacuum that is independent of the real world and put their feelings in it.

There are countless on Weibo # Please treat XXX topics fairly

In a sense, there is no difference between Fan Li Jiaqi and Fan Yi. Li Jiaqi is dedicated, petting, and has a story. He also has his own masterpiece-Double 11 Live. And he is not in the traditional sense