Building the future of financial services in Southeast Asia.

It is learnt that Singapore Financial Services Corporation FinAccel has received US $ 9,000 in Series C financing, which is funded by Asia Growth Fund (Mirae Asset and Naver (Founded together) and Square Peg. Singtel Innov8, TMI (Telkomsel Indonesia), Cathy Innovation, Kejora-InterVest, Mira Asset Securities, Reinventure and DST partners participated in the over-subscription.

FinAceel said that the end of this round of financing, the company’s total financing amount cumulatively exceeded 200 million US dollars, of which equity financing reached 140 million US dollars, and the remaining financing came from debt financing. This round of financing will be used to improve Kredivo (the company’s credit lending app) and expand financial services in Southeast Asia.

Financial technology company

FinAccel website

FinAccel is a fintech company headquartered in Singapore. It is committed to providing low-cost and convenient financial services in Southeast Asia. Its products mainly include Kredivo and Lime.

Lime is a personal financial management application that shows clients a real-time view of their expenditures and budgets, enabling them to better achieve their financial management goals.

Kredivo is a product developed by the company. Kredivo will provide customers with instant credit financing based on their real-time decisions, which customers can use for online shopping.

Financial technology company