It is expected that the scale of stores in the next five years will exceed 1,000.

It is learned that Ruipai Pet Hospital has recently announced the completion of Series C financing. Investors include Mars Pet Care, Rip Bio, Huatai New Industry Fund, Goldman Sachs Group, and Yuexiu Industrial fund, Huaxing Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round.

Ruipai Pet Hospital was established in 2012, focusing on pet health care and disease prevention. Up to now, Ruipai Hospital has nearly 300 hospitals in 27 provinces across the country, and has received more than 2 million cases throughout the year. Ruipai has nearly 4,000 employees, including more than 130 doctors and masters, and more than 1,600 veterinary professionals. A comprehensive personnel training system has also laid the foundation for Ruipai’s professional medical level.

After this round of financing, Ruipai Pet Hospital will accelerate business development, continue to improve Ruipai’s medical technology and service level, and provide health management services for more pets. Ruipai Pet Hospital takes pet health as its mission, and extends products and services to the pet owner’s full consumption journey around the entire life cycle of pets. Help pet owners to scientifically raise pets, and provide pets with life-cycle health management through a combination of products and services such as case management, physical examination, preventive medicine, and treatment and health care. At the same time, Ruipai is constantly optimizing medical technology, equipment hardware, doctor team building and standardized management, and consolidating the foundation for enterprise development through medical specialization and management informationization.

Ruipai financing history, the picture comes from the whale standard

The president of Ruipai Yan Weiqiang said, “This financing is an important milestone for Ruipai, which will help us strengthen clinical practice and jointly grasp the huge potential of the pet care market in China. Ruipai will use pet medical as its core business to build The core competitiveness of medical technology and management. Continue to expand the scale through acquisitions, self-built models, etc. It is expected that the scale of the store will exceed 1,000 in the next five years, and the profitability will reach the leading position in the industry.

With this financing, Ruipai Pets will introduce the experience of mature pet markets in the world, customer service concepts, and first-class medical technology to continuously expand the advantages of chain brands and the scale of the chain, and play a platform role to lead the formalization of pet medical in China. , Standardization and internationalization, so that more pets have the opportunity to get the best medical and health services.

In the future, Ruipai will use the pet hospital chain as a resource platform to integrate industrial resources and optimizeResearch and production capabilities and resource allocation capabilities, through strategic cooperation, resource exchange and sharing, improve customer service capabilities and build a win-win ecosystem.

Mars Pet Care, one of the investors in this round, is a pet medical and health group with 65,000 professional veterinarians worldwide. Mars Petcare is backed by its group’s global research institute, which continuously introduces advanced science, technology and care, and is committed to “creating a better world for pets.”