This week’s financing enthusiasm is concentrated, with rounds A and B rounds accounting for more than 74%, indicating that financing is mainly to follow up project investment rather than invest in new projects.

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One-week venture capital hotspots

From November 30th to December 06th, this week’s financing events returned to normal levels from last week’s 95, with a total of 71 financings, mainly focused on corporate services, medical health and Hardware race track. From the perspective of financing rounds, The total proportion of round A (including Pre-A, A, and A +) and round B financing exceeds 74%, indicating that financing is mainly to follow up project investment. Rather than investing in new projects, it is consistent with the situation in the broad market Q3 data that “Q3 early Chinese investment in 2019 decreased by more than 60% compared with the same period last year.” Related early project financing analysis, you can read: “ In-depth information | Early project financing This year has dropped by more than 60%. Where have angel investors gone?

Through the compilation of public information, the specific financing track and round distribution are as follows:

Venture Weekly Report Vol.44 | Business services, medical and health track run alone,

Venture Weekly Vol.44 | Corporate Services, Medical and Health Tracks Run Alone,

Important financing event

Venture Weekly Report Vol.44 | Business services, medical and health track run alone,

This week’s billion-dollar projects are mainly concentrated on the two hottest tracks of corporate services and medical health. The two tracks have gathered 9 financings out of a total of 1.5 billion-yuan financing.

  • “National team” made multiple shots : Internet communication cloud service provider ” Rongyun “ Complete hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing. The main investors are the national team fund. ” Jinshan Cloud “has completed a $ 50 million financing invested by the China Internet Investment Fund. The industry fund under Nanjing also participated in the $ 500 million C round of financing of Byton Motors.

  • Medical health genes and editing, and anti-tumor therapy are still the hard core investment direction : Gene Editing and Gene Therapy Company” Fida Gene “Announced A Series Financing of Over RMB 100 Million , Taizhou” Yingteng Jingang “Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the development of new anti-tumor drugs, has completed nearly RMB 500 million yuan in Series C financing, a tumor treatment equipment developer focusing on the field of “tumor + minimally invasive + low temperature” medical health “Hegea Medical” Almost 200 million financing .

  • The giants are taking steps to accelerate commercialization. Tencent announced two strategic investments this week. This round of “ Quick Start” is considered to be the “final round of financing before the IPO.” And another Tencent-invested company “Super Shopping Guide” is an operating platform that promotes the integration of retail operations. Earlier (October 24), “Super Shopping Guide” announced that it has cooperated with smart business service providers. “Weimeng Group” cooperation is also Tencent facilitated .

  • There is still good news in the fundraising dilemma : In the difficulty of fundraising for new cars, “Byton Motors” Introduction of Series C financing , once in ” 5 billion yuan is difficult to make Car | Sophisticated Lite “ talked about the” new car financing fundraising dilemma “, and” the addition of new investors / strategic partners this time, to Byton and the sluggish new car companies It ’s all good news. “

    Important venture capital news

    JP Morgan Chase: China’s economy may pick up at the bottom next year, and the growth rate will recover to 6% from the previous month. p>

    On the 6th, JP Morgan China Chief Economist Zhu Haibin predicted at a press conference in Beijing that the cyclical factors will improve in 2020, the downward speed will slow down compared to 19 years, and structural downward factors will still maintain. He said, “In the first half of 2020, there will be a bottom recovery, and the growth rate will recover to about 6%.”

    Report: In the first half of 2019, online sales of imported FMCG products in China increased by 30%

    It is learnt that the 2019 China Shopper Report released by Bain and Kantar Consumer Indexes shows that the growth rate of China’s FMCG market in the first three quarters of this year was not affected by the slowdown in economic growth. Proportion of sales always leading category growth. In addition, in the first half of 2019, online sales of imported goods increased by 30%, accounting for 35% of total online sales.

    Electronic Banking Report: Young people in small towns become a blue ocean of e-banking traffic, with a high purchase base and insurance

    The 15th China Electronic Bank Annual Ceremony, organized by the China Financial Certification Center (CFCA) and nearly a hundred member banks, was held in Beijing, and the “2019 China Electronic Bank Survey Report” was officially released in the same period. The “Report” shows that the proportion of young people who buy wealth management products through mobile banking is 9 percentage points lower than the overall users. Compared with the overall users, the proportion of young people who buy money funds and insurance is higher, which is 4% higher than the total. 3%.

    VDA: Global car sales are expected to decline by 5% in 2019, and the Chinese market will decline by 10% < / p>

    According to the forecast of the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), global car sales in 2019 will drop to 80.1 million, a year-on-year decrease of 5%. This will be the largest decline in the global auto industry since the financial crisis in 2009. At the same time, VDA predicts that the global automobile sales decline trend will continue in 2020, which is expected to fall by 1% to 78.9 million units. Specific to the region, VDA predicts that in 2019, car sales in the Chinese market will decrease by 10% to 20.9 million units, and the United States will decline by 2% to 16.9 million units.

    China’s artificial intelligence patent applications have been increasing year by year, Baidu, Tencent, and Microsoft top three < / a>

    A few days ago, the “China Artificial Intelligence Technology Report on Artificial Intelligence” released by the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center showed that the number of patent applications in the field of artificial intelligence in China is increasing year by year. The number of patent applications has surpassed the United States as the country with the highest number of patent applications in the AI ​​field. In the ranking of China’s artificial intelligence patent applications, Baidu, Tencent, Microsoft, Inspur and Huawei ranked among the top five patent applications.

    Interesting itemsets

    Venture Weekly Vol.44 | Corporate Services, HealthcareKang Saidao ran on its own,

    “Weikang Bio”

    “Weikang Bio” introduced the first domestic flow capture microfluidic chip through the innovation of the underlying technology. The product overcomes the process manufacturing technology bottleneck of microfluidic chip mass production and can achieve low-cost mass production of microfluidic chips. . For a primary medical institution, after collecting a sample of a patient, it is only necessary to put the sample into a chip and analyze it with an instrument. The result can usually be obtained in about 8 minutes. At present, the main application areas of “Weikang Bio” microfluidic chips are detection of infections and infectious diseases. In terms of financing, Wei Kang Bio has completed a 12 million angel round financing in 2018, and the investor is Beijing Huade Capital. At present, “Weikang Bio” has started A round of financing, and plans to raise RMB 30 million.


    Doo, a domestic e-cigarette brand, recently reached an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Indigo, an e-cigarette channel distributor of the Kali Group in the United States. The two parties will establish a joint venture in the United States to jointly participate in the strategic investment and development of the US market. The electronic cigarette brand “Doo” was launched by Shenzhen Doke Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2018. The brand focuses on mid-to-high-end disposable electronic cigarette products, and has now iterated to the third-generation product “Doo One”. Doo e-cigarettes use e-liquid imported from the United States as the main raw material. The audience is mainly 21-35-year-old adult smokers.

    “Trend Technology”

    Trend Technology was founded in 2018 and was founded by a core team with a background of Dell EMC China Research Institute.It mainly provides users with AI accelerator virtualization and resource pooling software and solutions. At present, Trend Micro Technology has launched the OrionX computing platform, which enables user applications to transparently share and use AI accelerators on any server in the data center without modification. Trend Micro has also started to cooperate with Dell Technology to launch a data center-level accelerator resource poolSoftware and hardware integrated solution. At the same time, many public cloud, Internet, and AI head customers have started to use OrionX computing platforms.

    “Agricultural Innovation Circle”

    “Agricultural Innovation Circle” was established in 2016. It is composed of more than 20 regional farmer cluster platforms such as Jiangsu Farming Large Household Alliance (Community), Anhui Agricultural Federation, Shandong Agricultural Innovation Circle, etc., with a total membership of more than 200,000 people. Among them, 90% are new agricultural subjects planting more than 100 acres. The main business of the “Agricultural Innovation Circle” is divided into two major sections: 1. Connect farmers and various agricultural operators, build a social platform for information exchange and resource exchange, and provide various agricultural industry chain services , Including the introduction of new varieties, efficient varieties, centralized procurement of agricultural resources and agricultural machinery, creative packaging design of agricultural products, and docking of agricultural product marketing channels. 2. Open the agricultural product supply chain, connect farmers and various retail platforms, and provide agricultural products supply. At present, the main business of the “Agricultural Innovation Circle” is concentrated in three regions: Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong. Recently, the “Agricultural Entrepreneurship Circle” announced that it has received an angel round of 5 million yuan in financing. The investors are Tongcheng Capital and Tongcheng Zhongchuang Jincheng Fund.


    Reelgood is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, with 18 local and remote employees, and approximately 50 business customers. Because there are many video websites today, users will have some choice difficulties when watching videos. “Reelgood” provides users with a video viewing guide to track what users are watching and recommend videos that the next user may like. To date, “Reelgood” has raised $ 11 million.


    “Apostrophe” is a new startup that allows users to obtain dermatological drugs and treatments on the website in a more convenient way. “Apostrophe” was created to save patients the trouble of seeing a dermatologist. Therefore, “Apostrophe” connects users with company-approved dermatologists, who then develop personalized treatment plans for these patients. Recently, “Apostrophe” announced a USD 6 million seed round of financing.Since its inception, “Apostrophe” has raised a total of $ 6.5 million.

    Popular venture capital views in venture capital circles

    The key words of this week’s venture capital perspective are: New consumer trends and emerging markets .

    Li Xiaoxiao @

    China’s tea industry has a historical advantage, the tea market has huge space, and new teas bring new growth points to traditional teas.

    According to our calculations, the current market size of the beverage industry, including coffee and tea, is 5-600 billion yuan, of which the total market size of tea beverages exceeds the market size of coffee, and the market size of new tea beverages is 500 Billion, the new tea brand is represented by the highest valued Nai Xue tea and hi tea.

    The new tea drinking track has been extremely popular in the past two years, which has also attracted strong attention and bets from the capital. Since 2018, there have been more than 20 financing events on the new tea track, and the total financing amount can be checked up to nearly 3 billion yuan. Investment institutions and investors including Tiantu Capital, Dachen Venture Capital, IDG, Liu Qiangdong have entered the game.

    The future market development direction of the new tea industry will be more and more sinking, and the main categories will become more and more abundant. Testing the new retail will be the key to the second half of the competition.

    Original report Download link :

    Extraction code: q6k6

    → 《 Research | 2019 White Tea Consumption White Paper

    If Valley @ 读 娱乐

    In a way, the overall outbreak of the closet industry in 2019 is a comprehensive result of the right place and the right people. ♪

    On demand dayUnder the background of increasing profits, users ’consumption of offline entertainment is constantly escalating, and with the broadcast of real-world reasoning variety shows such as” Star Detective “,” Escape from the Closed Room “, and” Running Brothers “and” Rocket Girl 101 ” Large-scale variety shows have introduced the special experience of celebrity secret rooms, and the entertaining method of secret rooms has gradually moved from the small circle to the public view. ♪

    The close room brand, as an offline entertainment scene, has developed continuously over the past ten years, and can continuously improve the quality of the entertainment content it can provide. The form has become increasingly diversified. The scale of the industry has expanded, and the number of close rooms has increased significantly, forming a new urban distribution pattern. ♪

    In this context, Meituan provides digital supply services as an online platform, and serves as a link to divert users to the store, deeply tapping the consumer potential of the user crowd, and making the entertainment project of secret rooms an offline leisure for some young people. The new darling of entertainment has extended the unique circle culture in the industry, spreading positive energy feelings such as patriotism and love for public welfare, and also vigorously promoted the development of the night economy, which finally led to the explosion of the entire closet industry. ♪

    But it is worth noting that behind the burgeoning appearance of the closet industry, there are still dilemmas such as capital entry, theme output, and talent recruitment. It is also a proposition that close room operators need to break through the situation one by one. ^

    → 《 What is the underlying logic of the closet industry outbreak in 2019?

    李卓彦 @

    Invisiblely, around this fast-rising industry, a larger “live broadcast economy” is taking shape. It is understood that a series of new types of jobs created by the light of the wind have driven about 4 million jobs this year, including people with disabilities. And there have been more than 600 first-line e-commerce anchor incubation companies that have grown up on the Taobao live broadcast platform, and Hangzhou Jiubao has also become a “professional anchor camp”.

    But professional anchor talents are still scarce, and the positions of assistants, operations, investment promotion, and quality control are even more scarce. “Today we talk about the ability of live streaming and digitalization. This is also a challenge, so we will incubate these industries. Xuan De said.

    So, Taobao Live will launch a 10 billion support plan in the future to support Taobao Live. Except for the talent cultivation standard industry, a larger amount of investment will be used for technology upgrades, based on the combination of future video technology and 5G technology to make the experience more futuristic. “The technical system behind live broadcast is very complicated,” Xuande said, in addition to investing more effort into platform governance to protect consumer rights, the last indispensable is to convert more traffic into Taobao live broadcast. The plan will be completed within two years.

    → 《 Observation + | E-commerce live broadcast reconstructs the traditional consumption scene, Taobao wants to make this cake bigger

    Liu Yiming @

    Lululemon ’s secret to obtain ultra-high pricing power is worth learning from all emerging brands. When the consumption level of a country / region rises, this brand with warm vitality will have good upside potential. Over the past 3 years, lululemon is one of the stories that has grown rapidly in the retail industry because it has created the “athletica” trend (sports and leisure).

    High-viability community marketing, so lululemon did not lose much market share during product problems and management turmoil. After 2016, it improved its performance through supply chain changes, regained its foothold, and It broke out in 2018. After a high base in the North American market, lululemon began to move into multiple categories, develop menswear and personal care, and sought to increase overseas.

    But the biggest challenge in front of lululemon is that the men’s sports market is already full of players, from Nike, Adidas to Under Armour, as well as outdoor brands such as Archaeopteryx, Columbia, North Face. Lululemon’s brand positioning is still feminine. As can be seen from the name Lulu Lemon, this is very different from UA, a muscle-related brand, and lululemon’s pricing is significantly higher than competitors, which may limit the upward space. .

    → 《 How to sell lululemon of yoga pants in the world’s sportswear market value three?