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The Story of Strangeness is a variety show accustomed to the value of the big bowl.

What is the value?

You rely on the collection of waste products every day. One day you met the mentor of “Kidney”, the mentor told you: you are not actually picking up trash, you are essentially doing garbage sorting. The community has been improved, air quality has been improved, plastic pellets have been recycled, and groundwater sources have been protected. The sea turtles swimming in the sea, the fish caught in the river, and the crayfish cooked on the table all take care of you.

The instructor talked about the meaning of life from food safety and marine ecology, and then patted you on the shoulder, telling you that your work is valuable. Don’t forget your original intention.

That’s the value.

When discussing whether the job 996 should be your favorite, Teacher Xue Zhaofeng will say that this is not a question of whether or not to choose 996, but that each of us is working for our resume.

Do you feel sublimated?

This is not what I said, Li Xuan himself said: “I found that you have a link to value at the end, that is, someone like Huang Zhizhong will tell you that this issue, we are arguing Is it time to save paintings or to save cats? No, we argue, can you recognize the cry in the distance? “

The answer to Li ’s birthday is very philosophical, breaking the fourth wall that players on the field avoid to talk about “upper value”, directly communicating with the audience, and using “upper value” itself as a disputation argument Weapon.

It’s like watching a drama in a theater. Originally, the outside of the show is just the separation between the stage and the stage. The actors and the audience are separated by an invisible wall. There is a tacit understanding of the stage. When he was forced into a dead end by injustice, he suddenly broke away from the role and pointed at another actor and shouted to the audience: you listen to me, in the script, this person is the murderer.