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American legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite said in a lifetime news that whether it was Normandy landing, Apollo moon landing, assassination of Kennedy or assassination of Martin Luther King, he used to end with “this is the case”, was Called “the most trusted person in the United States.”

The host of the interview show “60 Minutes” Mike Wallace chills celebrities, and he will ruthlessly ask every big man who dares to challenge. He dared to ask Clinton, “Are you a hooligan? How could you do that kind of thing with an unmarried girl at the sacred desk of the White House?”

He dared to say to Nixon: “The Vietnam War raped you, Mr. President, and then you raped the entire United States. You should talk about this!”

Today, Zhao Zhongxiang, a 78-year-old TV announcer and host, has left the world. As the first outbound announcer of “News Network”, although he did not say “this is the case” and did not chase after the guests, he caught up with those most turbulent times, using The microphone on hand has allowed generations to witness history.


Shen Li, the first TV announcer in New China, still remembers seeing Zhao Zhongxiang’s photo for the first time. “Tiger-headed, brain-faced, square-faced, and big-eyed, which is in line with the aesthetic standards of that era.” In this way, Zhao Zhongxiang was picked from the school to Beijing TV Station, without a probation period, the “first battle” was a mirror.

In late 1978, a colleague suddenly knocked on the door to find him. “Hurry up, the car is downstairs, and the stage will tell you to broadcast an important news.” At the stage, the leader handed in a manuscript. “Time is running out, we think you are suitable for broadcasting.” Zhao Zhongxiang looked at it, and read “Managing Chairman Ye Jianying’s Book to Compatriots in Taiwan”.

After the night of the art program, the red light of the camera turned on. Zhao Zhongxiang cleared all his thoughts and calmly read them. Thirty square meters of studios were silent, thousands of words of long texts. The word is correct.

Twenty days later, Deng Xiaoping visited the United States, and Zhao Zhongxiang went to the United States to report as an accompanying reporter. During his broadcast career of more than two decades, he personally reported every turn of the political life of the former, from being knocked down to becoming deputy prime minister and then to visiting the United States. At the moment when Deng Man smiled and stepped off the ramp, Zhao Zhongxiang felt as if he had passed away .

Zhao Zhongxiang was the first Chinese journalist to walk into the White House. At the door of the Oval Office of the President, he turned in an outline of the interview. National Security Adviser Brzezinski came over and said: “The president needs an hour to prepare.”

Zhao Zhongxiang thought to himself that Western dignitaries could not speak improvised.


In the nine days of his visit to the United States, Zhao Zhongxiang had only $ 15 living expenses. He bought a recorder as thick as a plate brick and carefully brought back a Cola can. After returning, everyone in the whole building lined up to his house to see what the recorder looked like. At that time, it was very strenuous to buy this gadget in Beijing. The cross talk master Hou Baolin asked the team to buy it for two days.

In the United States, the media compared him with Cronkite, and Zhao Zhongxiang, 37, dismissed it. He wrote in “Thinking About the Years”: “When Cronkite retired at the age of 65, he only broadcast news for 20 years, and I have been broadcasting for nearly 20 years before I was 40. After another 20 years, My results are beyond those of Cronkite. “

In 1985, Zhao Zhongxiang won the National Best TV Announcer Award hosted by the Xinmin Evening News. He held the award with a surge of emotion: “Without CCTV, there is nothing for me.”

What he didn’t expect was that his broadcasting career also stopped in his 25th year. “Some people say that China’s broadcasts are too rigid and not as good as foreigners. I have never been convinced, but I have not enjoyed the three major broadcasters’ online farewell programs when leaving the news like Cronkite. Treatment. “

On the eve of the second year of the Spring Festival, Huang Yihe, the father of the Spring Festival Gala, sent an invitation, and anchor Zhao Zhongxiang became the host. In 1991, Zhao Zhongxiang and Ni Ping hosted the Spring Festival Gala for the first time on the same stage, becoming an unforgettable memory in the last golden age of television.


In 1980, CCTV bought the documentary “Animal World”. By chance, Zhao Zhongxiang recorded several dubbings. After leaving the broadcasting post, he was tired of complicated interpersonal relationships and took the initiative to ask to enter the International Department to become a full-time dub for Animal World, requiring only a small dubbing room.

Zhao Zhongxiang’s rare quietness entered the animal world. From simple dubbing to anthropomorphic narration, he felt that he understood the fierce lion, and also understood that he would take the entire family to travel long distances to find African elephant on water. “Because the rainy season has passed, if a five-year-old baby elephant is headed at this time, all of them will die of thirst.

Many people have this kind of experience. When “Animal World” was shown on television, even if you did n’t watch the screen and just listened to the sound, the picture of the African savannah could come up in your heart. This wonderful feeling still made it years later. It is unforgettable. An editor solved the confusion in organizing the narratives in Animal World. The words themselvesNot so beautiful, it is Zhao Zhongxiang who joined the vast grasslands and zebras in groups in his voice.

At the end of 1990, Jiang Kun, the host of “Zhengda Variety Variety”, withdrew, and Yang Lan was anxious. The leader of the International Department found Zhao Zhongxiang and hoped that he would take over. The friends around him advised him not to go, “beware of your achievements in the past 20 to 30 years.”

Zhao Zhongxiang, who was dissatisfied, decided to give it a try. Before taking over the first program, Yang Lan came over and pointed to the position next to her. “Mr. Zhao, just stand here later.” Zhao Zhongxiang looked at the little young man with tears and laughter. This sentence also became a joke between them two years later.


In 1994, Zhao Zhongxiang visited the United States again. Dan Larser, the famous host of CBS, asked him, “What is the relationship between China’s reform and opening up and your host?” Zhao Zhongxiang said that when CCTV was established in 58 years, the whole country There are only more than 50 black and white televisions. I’ve been doing news broadcasts for three years, but my grandma couldn’t figure out what her grandson did until her death. Reform and opening up changed everything.

Ten years later, in “The Three Men”, Zhao Zhongxiang expressed his regrets about his career. He longed for the front line, like the legendary anchor Peter Jennings, lived back to the flooded knees during the flood and retreated, but “when we do news, it is difficult to leave our post.”

In the 1999 Spring Festival Gala, Song Dandan shouted to Cui Yongyuan in the sketch: “I really want to see Zhao Zhongxiang.” The camera immediately panned to the owner who was standing with Ni Ping next to him. Before the hundreds of millions of viewers, Zhao Zhongxiang grinned. This is one of his rare emotional exposures on TV.

A reporter asked him many years ago: “Animal World” commentary, “News anchor” anchor, Spring Festival host, which character do you like best? Zhao Zhongxiang replied, I am still a journalist. Although I have not commented when I left the post, but I am an excellent newscaster, and I think I have reached this step.

In the minds of the audience, it may be difficult to remember which president he interviewed, just like the article titled “Forgot the President, Remember the Animal”. In fact, Reagan and Carter, who looked at the teleprompter to answer the question, may have long forgotten the Chinese reporter on the other side, and only when explaining the migration of animals without care can Zhao Zhongxiang truly keep his voice in people’s hearts.

The other day, Ni Ping went to the hospital to meet her old friend for the last time. Now there is only one golden partner left. The cold weather and the summer flowers go down, and the TV night rain lights for ten years.

The Sri Lankan people are dead, and we can only remember yesterday in the never ending “Animal World”: “Spring is here, and it is time for the recovery of all things. With the coming of the humid season, the kangaroos start to stir.” p>


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