Gold three silver four? Didn’t feel it.

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game grape” (ID: youxiputao) , Author Thomas Skull, reproduced with permission.

A realistic question: Are you ready to change jobs this year?

Commonly speaking, after the Spring Festival, various game companies have set new goals and opened new projects, and most of their employees have won year-end awards, which is a good time to change jobs. But affected by the epidemic, everything has become chaotic recently.

Recently, Grape King interviewed several headhunters and HR of game companies, and learned about the current talent recruitment and job search in the game industry, hoping to provide you with a little help.

Recruitment is normal?

Several headhunters have said that due to the epidemic, most HRs have not updated their recruitment requirements in the past two weeks, and have only hung up some hard-to-recruit core positions.

The reason is simple. Before the resumption of work, big cities will require companies to establish prevention and control mechanisms, provide a number of documents such as record approval forms, employee information forms, etc. Many small and medium-sized companies have HR concurrently as administration, and it is difficult to spend too much time on recruitment.

After resuming work, if the team is working from home, HR must formulate and adjust new management and assessment schemes. Formal office also faces problems. For example, some parks need to take body temperature as soon as they enter the door. The person in charge of the company signed one by one before releasing the people who returned to the city from outside the city. These things will also distract HR’s energy.

Of course, there are also some large companies with clear division of HR, sufficient manpower, and quickly invested in recruitment. For example, HR Xiao Zhang from a major company had three interviews in just one afternoon. But limited to the conditions of working from home, everyone’s recruitment process is not as smooth as usual.

HRVP Shirley believes that the gap between video interviews and on-site interviews is not large. They have established remote interview, electronic signing, remote entry and office mechanisms, but they have just been implemented and there are no signing cases. Xiao Zhang said that they discussed similar measures, but in the end they delayed the offer and offer: “Most businesses are unwilling to take risks.”

The same is true. The hero of Yidu Consulting said that job seekers who have been able to join remotely recently had an offline test one year ago. Chengdu Youyi Consulting, but Lei also said that most of the HRs he has contacted are more willing to receive resumes and do early contact, and will not hurry to arrange interviews, let alone send offers.

Facing this situation, many practitioners have become Buddhist. However, Lei said that some job seekers are somewhat resistant to video interviews, preferring to stay at home honestly, only to talk to him about the epidemic, noChat industry.

Amanda Hu, a headhunter in Beijing, also said that many job seekers who had intended to see opportunities in February are no longer in a hurry: “They are more willing to endure this period of time first, saying that compared with work, it is more important to be alive. “

Recent Talent Trends and Quotes

How about the current market status of various types of jobs and positions? Everyone said that there was not much difference from last year’s situation-game companies are increasingly lacking people, but ordinary people are getting harder to find a job.

In order to pursue product quality, head companies have been in urgent need of technology, fine arts and TA (technical fine arts). The heroes said that the salary increase of the posts that are related to the performance of the game screen is now considerable, and the salary increase of animation and special effects art experts is generally higher than 30%.

Under this background, UE4 developers with more than 3 years of experience are also in short supply. In the past, some people were forced to switch to Unity 3D because the company did not have an Unreal Engine project. Now they have a better platform and the salary increase can basically reach 30%.

Amanda also said that two-dimensional, European and American cartoon-style art is very popular, and the Unreal 4 client is particularly difficult to find. And because of concerns about the impact of the version number on the industry in the past two years, many Java programmers have gone to Internet companies, which has made server programs more demanding.

But not everyone is so lucky. But Lei said that most of the ultra-casual games now use Unity 3D, and the staff of chess and card manufacturers are also very stable, and the demand for Cocos 2D programs is getting less and less. Similarly, senior original paintings that are only good at the Q version of the martial arts Three Kingdoms style are getting harder and harder to find a job.

The polarization of the plan is the worst. Amanda said that the version number policy makes every company doing quality products, and it is difficult to find a job for a general level plan, but the salary of a good plan is higher. “In the past few years, the major projects of major factories still have 25K-26K main strategies, and now they have earned at least one million yuan in annual salary, which is not a share.”

The heroes also said that most companies now raise the threshold for screening, such as requiring a computer background, a 985/211 degree or above, etc. At the same time, the producer and the master plan are required to experience and understand the game. Deep enough and have experience in interactive development with players.

But Lei said that homogeneous projects have very low requirements for planning, but their salaries are also limited: “7K-8K for the planning of similar projects in Chengdu is at its peak, and numerical planning for 5 years or so will get 15K. I They have been persuading these first-tier companies to plan to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or consider switching to the media. “

From the perspective of category, the second-dimensional heat is still the same. Heroes said that many head companies want to do 3A quality open world two-dimensional projects, and urgently hire related technology, art (such as Houdini scene experts) and TA. However, they are more willing to dig people from projects with similar successful experience, or recruit high-potential talents with excellent skills.

The heat of the second dimension has also raised the value of copywriting planning, and some copywriting salary has reached the level of numerical planning. Familiar with the operation of the second dimension is also very popular. Shirley said that they even began to find operational talents from the second dimension community and the B station Up master.

Under the tide of going overseas, the demand for overseas advertising, marketing and operational talent is also increasing. However, some R & D companies that are going to do their own research and development are more willing to convert internal employees first, and rarely release the demand.

Overall, the overall number of jobs in the industry has been basically stable. Considering job selection criteria, hukou, housing, and children’s education, many practitioners are considering leaving Beijing and Shanghai for Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

But Lei said that the salary in Chengdu is generally only 10% -30% lower than that of Beishangguang, and the quality of life is quite high-even if the house price in Chengdu has doubled in recent years. However, the number of jobs in Chengdu is slowly decreasing: “There are more than a dozen new game companies, and many of them have closed down.”

It can be predicted that the employment situation in 2020 will still be severe, and there will still be situations in which it is difficult for companies to recruit excellent talents, and it is difficult for ordinary practitioners to find jobs.

Future and suggestions

So, how will this year’s “Golden Three Silver Four” end?

The heroes believe that after everything is back on track, the flow of talent may usher in a small peak. Because under the influence of the epidemic, all the hidden labor conflicts broke out:

For example, some employees would rather take a long vacation instead of paying wages and not go back to Shanghai for isolation in advance. There are still people sleeping at home. I would like to work with you. You do n’t answer the phone for a long time. People are likely to be eliminated. The same is true for companies, such as requiring videos to be open during working hours, forcing employees to work in the office, or delaying the pace of promotion and salary adjustments, which may become conflict points in the future.

However, some headhunters are also worried that if the epidemic lasts longer, some small and medium-sized companies will be closed due to delayed project schedules and broken capital chains; large companies will also prepare for summer projects and postpone new projects because of poor recruitment progress process. This will further reduce the number of jobs in the industry.

In this regard, HR Xiao Zhang and Hero Mutual Entertainment HRVP Shirley both said that the company’s project team has already actively given job requirements. But Xiao Zhang said that the company stipulates that new arrivals outside the city must be quarantined for 14 days before they can join the office. In addition, for 2 weeks working from home, the time for the project team to accept new people must be delayed by at least 3 weeks to 1 month. I don’t know if this will affect the progress of the project.

Faced with this situation, what should practitioners do?

Several headhunters have suggested that job seekers can use this time to prepare more resumes and improve themselves. The heroes said that the division of labor in each post is getting more and more fine, for example becauseProduct requirements are high or the engine is customized. Client programs are subdivided into rendering, physics, animation, artificial intelligence and other directions. This requires practitioners to know more technical details.

But Lei suggested that the program can study more network communications and keep up with the 5G outlet: “The Internet industry already has 40K-50K network communications engineers.”

When making a choice, Lei believes that stability is more important: “In the past, it was normal for the gaming industry to jump twice a year, but since last year, many companies have not even seen their resumes for one year.” He also suggested that job seekers don’t care too much about salary: “Now if you take 15K, it will be difficult for you to run 18K-19K. You have to judge the development of the new company in 2-3 years, will it collapse? What about the project? ? “

The heroes suggest that now that the recruitment cycle is extended, companies are less likely to urge people to join the job. Job seekers can take the opportunity to compare more, and at the same time experience the office efficiency of each company in the remote interview. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, companies will be more tightly budgeted. It is best for high-end job candidates to confirm the Offer as soon as possible to ensure that new projects established after their entry into the project can obtain sufficient resources.

Xiao Zhang advised job seekers to follow the original plan as soon as possible: “Home office is so suitable for interviews, you don’t have to go downstairs to make sneaky phone calls. And others are letting yourself go, and you can stagger some competition.” It is considered that job seekers consider the economic situation is normal, but should not completely give up the possibility of changing jobs because of the epidemic.

Will 2020 get better or worse? neither knows. But what is certain is that we should all cherish the job at hand and cherish every potential career opportunity.