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Does a car have a “mask”, is it really useful?

At present, people’s awareness of self-protection is unprecedentedly high. In this Valentine’s Day, giving masks is more stylish than sending roses. However, with the recognition of masks, “N95” masks were not only regarded as “ancient artifacts”, but also a dozen dollars worth of goods were once fired to hundreds of yuan. When people gradually developed “maskless fear syndrome”, car companies started to make a big fuss about “air filtration” and.. Read More

One month after launching the paid function, what happened to the first batch of early adopters?

The article is from the public number: New List (ID: newrankcn) , author: Eva sauce Yeah, the original title: “The number of public pay-made articles will be out powder ? Someone tripled the powder, 4 articles earning 250,000 “ . Will you pay $ 1 to see a photorejuvenation experience report for a middle-aged man? Picture source: WeChat public account “drpei” 8779 individuals choose to pay for their curiosity. On.. Read More

NASA reveals 4 new missions to discover the secrets of the solar system

0 1280w,×203.jpg 360w, 345-768×433.jpg 768w,×577.jpg 1024w “sizes =” (max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px “> < / p> For many scientists, studying Venus is a distant dream. The surface of this hell-like planet is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is a thick cloud of sulfuric acid, which is full of dense carbon dioxide. Researchers plan to launch a spacecraft into Venus’ atmosphere and let this “probe” fall into the.. Read More

It’s not too cold this winter, we just had the hottest January ever

In the past, the epidemic has frozen the lives and work of many people, but this winter does not seem to be very cold. This is not a metaphor, according to data from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) , January 2020 is the hottest January on Earth’s records. ▲ Picture from: NOAA NOAA has recorded 141 years of global climate change. In the past January, the global.. Read More

New crown virus changed its name, and scientists are still noisy?

On February 11, 2020, WHO Director (WHO) Director-General Tan Desai announced at the press conference of WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland that the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection is officially Name it “COVID-19”. On the same day, the International Virus Classification Commission (ICTV) announced the official name of the new coronavirus: severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 = “text-remarks” label = “Remarks”> (SARS-CoV-2) . However, the confusion and controversy caused by.. Read More

How many plagues has China survived?

According to the data, the retail sales of Chinese retail and catering companies in the Spring Festival of 2019 reached about 105 billion yuan, exceeding the 1 trillion yuan mark for the first time. Therefore, the “Golden Week” of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat in 2020 is also highly anticipated by all parties. However, the unexpected outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic made the whole.. Read More

Luxury industry under the impact of the epidemic

Author: Xiao Jun As companies resume work, this long Spring Festival holiday is finally coming to an end. Correspondingly, the impact of the epidemic on the industry has gradually begun to appear in various industries. For the luxury giants in the earnings season, the current situation is not optimistic. Last year, due to the hazy performance of the unstable trade environment in the Asia-Pacific region, under the influence of this.. Read More

Why is there so much “sleep respect” in love in classical opera?

The article is from the public number: made (ID: xingshu100) , author: Li Ying. As this special Valentine’s Day is approaching, we have invited a screenwriterCome and talk to us about love in drama. Wen Fangyi, a drama researcher, screenwriter of the drama “The Face of Jiang Gong”, “Fanhua” Hello everyone, my name is Wen Fangyi, I am a screenwriter and a drama researcher. The topic of my speech today.. Read More

Most people’s career crisis is hidden in the choices of 20s

Carefully sort out your past, maybe we will find such a rule Editor’s Note: This article comes from WeChat public account Li language professional beauty (ID: crystal_words), author Zhao Xiaoli . I have been exposed to a large number of consulting cases since I was doing career consulting. Some of these cases have a high degree of overlap: the parties have similar growth environments, similar career starting points, and similar.. Read More

Robot: Close your eyes and I will show you the world

Imagine that when you must close your eyes, even if it is completely black, you can still feel the world through the touch of your limbs. Now, robots have the same capabilities. Before, robots mostly used motion cameras, lidar systems, and algorithms to obtain and generate three-dimensional information about the environment. But this vision system doesn’t seem to be suitable for today’s new robotics, software robots. ▲ Software robot from.. Read More