Mobile phone manufacturers are creating new forms of mobile devices with folding screens.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold in the first half of last year, and Motorola also released the Razr, a replica version of the V3 blade in the second half of the year, followed by Samsung ’s Galaxy Z Flip, a vertical folding phone earlier this week.

However, despite the fact that folding screen phones have been available for over a year, their durability is still a concern for everyone. No one wants to spend 10,000 yuan to buy a three-month repair phone, so if you say that the CPU is the brain of the phone, AI is the IQ of the mobile phone, so the screen and hinge are the heart of the folding screen mobile phone.

▲ Picture from: Android Authority

Recently, iFixit disassembled the Motorola Razr . Like the previous teardown of the Galaxy Fold, iFixit first praised Motorola’s idea, but said that it was the phone with the most complicated internal structure to date.

And in terms of hinge tightness, this machine may have the same ashing situation as the original Galaxy Fold, which is undoubtedly a fatal problem for folding screens and hinges.

It can be seen from the hardware specifications that most of the cost of Razr is spent on a 6.2-inch POLED (plastic OLED) screen. Before In the article , we have introduced the difference between ordinary OLED and POLED. Although the latter is stronger than OLED in terms of drop resistance and foldability, it has a lower yield and higher cost. Not heavily used in mobile products.

But compared to the advanced POLED screen, the other configurations of the Razr look a bit like the sense of mid-range 2018, the Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage space, and due to the folding of its body Features, so it does not support waterproof and dustproof like other folding screen mobile phones.

But although the phone configuration is not the current mainstream, Razr is undoubtedly one of Motorola’s most exquisite but complicated phones.

When the phone is opened and closed, The screen and some parts will slide up and down slightly , by Marques Brownlee In the picture, you can see that the screen slides into the bottom of the phone when the cover is closed, and it protrudes when the cover is opened. This approach may be to reduce the loss of screen folding when the phone is opened and closed.

However, the complicated and dense internal design has dug a lot of pits for iFixit’s dismantling team. On the one hand, Motorola uses a lot of glue to seal the phone’s cover, which makes it necessary to use equipment to melt the disassembly. , And then you can lift the body cover to open the interior.

On the other hand, when removing each layer of parts, the upper and lower parts often have a cable connection. Therefore, when removing the cover, you must first find the cable, remove it, and then remove the cover. .

For example, in the part of removing the battery, although the Razr uses a dual battery design, the two batteries are located on the upper and lower parts of the phone. The lower battery can be removed only by removing the surface cover, but the upper battery is Under a bunch of cables and motherboard, close to the back of the screen.

In other words, if you want to replace the battery of the Razr in the future, you must remove most parts of the phone to complete the two battery replacements, which adds a lot of difficulty to the later maintenance and must be operated by professional maintenance personnel.

When iFixit disassembled the bottom of the phone, it was also found that some parts had adhesives on their surfaces. These adhesives can prevent water from attacking the parts to a certain extent. But this does not mean that the mobile phone is waterproof. Adhesive is just the most basic moisture-proof measure.

The four-finger motherboard has integrated Razr core components, which are Snapdragon 710 processor (red frame), Samsung-supplied memory chip (orange frame), Qualcomm’s power IC and WiFi chip (blue / purple frame). ), And there are high and low frequency band 2G / 3G / 4G modules (green / yellow frame) of Skyworks.

After removing a battery and motherboard, iFixit finally took out this POLED screen. Since the substrate of POLED is plastic rather than glass of OLED, this screen is 30% thinner than OLED (theoretical data) ), It also has lighter weight and stronger flexibility.

The only problem is that this screen cannot be repaired through any third-party channels. It can only be replaced by Motorola’s aftermarket.

Fortunately, Motorola has also issued an after-sales policy for this screen. Users only need to spend $ 299 Can be replaced with a new POLED screen .

Limited by the crowded internal space of the fuselage, the Razr uses a large and small battery configuration. However, these two batteries only provide 2510mAh capacity.

After removing all parts, you can see Motorola’s exclusive folding hinge.

Different from Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, Razr uses a dual dynamic bracket structure to support the screen opening and closing, and the hollow part of the hinge shaft to keep the screen bending space, so as to avoid screens such as Galaxy Fold-like screen creases.