Under the epidemic, large companies have been coasting for half a year.

large company

Netease plans to list in Hong Kong on June 11, and JD plans to list in Hong Kong on June 18

Netease plans to list on Hong Kong on June 11, and JD plans to list on Hong Kong on June 18. (Bloomberg)

Alibaba publishes fourth quarter financial report for fiscal year 2020, with an annual transaction value of over US $ 1 trillion

We learned that Alibaba released its fourth quarter financial report for fiscal year 2020. The financial report shows that Alibaba’s fourth-quarter revenue was 114.31 billion yuan, an increase of 22% year-on-year, and the market expects 107.038 billion yuan; the net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders was 3.162 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 88%. In fiscal 2020, Ali ’s revenue was 509.711 billion yuan, up 35% year-on-year; net profit was 149.263 billion yuan, compared with 87.6 billion yuan in the same period last year. In the 12 months ended March 31, 2020, the consumer business GMV of the Alibaba digital economy reached RMB 7.053 trillion, breaking US $ 1 trillion, and the annual active consumers worldwide reached 960 million.

Picture source: Dongfang IC

Hema has opened 207 stores as of the end of March

We learned that Alibaba released its fourth quarter financial report for fiscal year 2020. The average daily number of packages handled by Cainiao Inn increased by more than 100% year-on-year in March; Hema has opened 207 stores as of the end of March. In the 12 months ended March 31, 2020, Taoxianda was the mainstay, and Alibaba’s business platform brought about 10% of its revenue to Sun Art Retail.

Pinduoduo released its first quarter 2020 financial report, with 628 million annual active buyers

I learned that Pinduoduo released its first quarter earnings report for 2020. Pinduoduo’s revenue in the first quarter was 6.54 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44%, and the market expects 4.969 billion yuan. Under non-GAAP in the first quarter, Pinduoduo ’s net losses attributable to ordinary shareholders were 3.17 billion yuan, higher than the market ’s expected 2.67 billion yuan, an increase of 129.88% year-on-year. In the first quarter, Pinduoduo ’s annual active buyers reached 628 million, an increase of 42.9 million in a single quarter; Pinduoduo ’s average monthly active users reached 487 million, an increase of 198 million from the same period in 2019.

Pin Duoduo: the average number of logistics packages per day has exceeded 65 million

We learned that the person in charge of Pinduoduo’s related businesses said that since May, the average number of daily in-transit packages has exceeded 65 million, an increase of 30% from the average of 50 million daily in-transit packages in March 2020.

Gree Real Estate: Reorganization of the proposed acquisition of 100% equity of the tax-free group, stock resumption on the 25th

On May 22, Gree Real Estate announced that in order to respond to the policy of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the company plans to issue shares and pay cash to the SASAC and Urban Construction Group of Zhuhai City to purchase tax-exempt held by them 100% equity of the group. At the same time, Gree Real Estate intends to raise supporting funds of not more than 800 million yuan from the non-public offering of shares of General Investment, a subsidiary of China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. The transaction is expected to constitute a major asset restructuring. The company’s stock resumed trading on May 25. (Finance Association)

Tencent Holdings: Granted 49,800 share options, OK Premium premium 4.15%

It was learned that Tencent Holdings issued an announcement that the company granted a total of approximately 49,800 shares to subscribe for shares under the 2017 share option plan on May 22, 2020. The exercise price of the granted share options was HK $ 429.52, and The closing price on the grant date was HK $ 412.4 per share compared to a premium of 4.15%.

Didi launches online questionnaire survey product and enters the office field

During the epidemic, Didi promoted a questionnaire-based online office product “Juyan Questionnaire”. The “Juyan Questionnaire” was launched in the second half of 2019. It was Didi ’s first entry into the office, and it is currently available on the webpage and in WeChat Mini Program. The “Juyan Questionnaire” is divided into five application scenarios: questionnaire survey, NPS scoring, online examination, voting and selection, and online registration. There are multiple subdivided scenarios including user feedback, market research, epidemic situation, recruitment, and Didi. (Tech Planet)

Tesla: Two factories resume “normal operations”, calling for more workers to return to work

According to foreign media reports, Tesla ’s human resources director Valerie Walkman has emailed employees to confirm that their vehicle assembly plant in Fremont, California and the battery plant in Sparks, Nevada have been restored. Normal operation “and called for more workers to return to work. Workman said that Tesla’s time and attendance policy will resume from this Friday, but employees can submit unpaid leave applications, unpaid leave will continue until the end of May. (NetEase Technology)

Razer: May 22, spent 575,000 Hong Kong dollars to repurchase 500,000 shares

It was learned that Razer issued an announcement that the company repurchased 500,000 shares at HK $ 1.15 per share on May 22, 2020, and spent HK $ 575,000.

Elite Online: Revenue in the second quarter reached 780 million, and reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall

It was learned that on the 21st, SenseLock Online and Tmall jointly held the “Smart Online Product Upgrade Conference” and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to official Sense Online data, Sense Online served more than 160,000 students during the epidemic; the company ’s cash sales in the second quarter of fiscal 2020 reached 785 million, and the renewal rate in the second quarter reached more than 90%, with cash income exceeding 780 million Yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 20%, most of which is online income.

Image source: Dongfang IC

Toyota senior officials admit that the Lexus brand is facing a dilemma: long product cycle, low cost competitiveness

According to foreign media reports, Lexus is currently developing some or updating some products, including the Lexus LS replacement and a new generation of IS and entry-level crossover vehicles based on Toyota YARiS CROSS. Ted Ogawa, CEO of Toyota Motor North America, admitted that the high-end luxury brand needs to shorten product cycles and increase cost competitiveness. (Sina Motors)

Yiguo Fresh in Jiangxi Establish a new company for supply chain management

It is learned that the data from Tianyanzhan shows that on May 21st, Jiangxi Mu Niu Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. The legal representative is Zhang Ye, CEO of Yiguo Fresh Food. Agricultural products wholesale, edible agricultural products retail, first-class medical device sales, second-class medical device sales, etc., the company is wholly-owned by Shanghai Yiguo E-Commerce Co., Ltd. The main body of the account of Yiguo Fresh’s official WeChat public account is Shanghai Yiguo E-commerce Co., Ltd.

Investment and financing

“Xiping Technology” received nearly RMB 100 million in A + round of financing

It is learned that the Internet of Things advertising platform Xiping Technology has completed an A + round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, and the investor is Harvest Investment. Xiping Technology was established in 2017, through the self-developed AIOT-LED screen as the advertising platform carrier of the Internet of Things, and the community as the main anchor point of the life circle marketing platform to provide services. At present, Xiping has completed landing in more than a dozen key cities, covering the second, third and fourth tier cities.

Japanese aggregate payment platform “NETSTARS” won a new round of strategic investment from Youlun Group

NETSTARS, a two-dimensional code aggregation payment platform in Japan, announced that it has officially received a new round of strategic investment from LUN Partners Group. NETSTARS was established in 2009, and its aggregate payment platform “StarPay” aggregated a number of local and overseas mobile payment companies in Japan, and provided QR codes for various types of merchant services, Japanese people and overseas tourists in the form of “hardware + payment solutions”. Payment service.

Internet education platform “Learning from Book Learning” won millions of dollars in angel round financing

“Learning to learn from the book” recently completed an angel round of financing of several million yuan. The investors are Yunyi Capital, Yaoxin Capital and individual investors. Observation has learned to position an Internet education platform, which combines social new retail and knowledge payment methods, and provides a one-stop education solution for families through the OMO model. The platform outputs courses in the form of “personalized assessment + online courses + live broadcast of big coffee + offline training + personalized question answering forms”, and it is also for parents and children.

Cool Products

Mate family or new members: Huawei registered Mate Watch trademark

May 22, judging from a recent trademark registration information, Huawei submitted a trademark application called “Mate Watch”, which shows that Huawei is likely to plan to develop a new smart watch product line. “Mate Watch” belongs to the international classification 9, which corresponds to the classification of electronic computers and other electronic products. The application submission date is May 6, 2020, which infers that this product may not be released in the near future. As Huawei’s high-endProduct line, Mate series has launched products including mobile phones, tablets and PC. (IT House)

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Xiaomi will launch three refrigerators on May 25: two doors, three doors, right Open the door

On the afternoon of May 22, Xiaomi Smart Home Appliances announced on its official Weibo that it will launch three refrigerators in the “Quality Appliance New Season” on May 25, including two-door, three-door and two-door refrigerator products. Including the above products, Xiaomi has launched 7 refrigerator products, covering four refrigerator types including two doors, three doors, folio doors and cross four doors. The lowest price is 899 yuan.

Source: Weibo

Other important news

Ministry of Finance releases “New Crown Pneumonia Outbreak Related Rental Concessions” Accounting Treatment Regulations (Draft for Comment) “

I was informed that the Ministry of Finance solicited opinions on the “Regulations on Accounting Treatment of Rental Concessions Related to the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak (Draft for Comment)”.

I was informed that on May 22, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice on matters concerning the temporary suspension of trading of convertible corporate bonds. Among them, if the following situations occur in the auction of convertible corporate bonds, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange may implement temporary intra-market suspension measures: the intra-day transaction price will rise or fall by 20% or more for the first time than the previous closing price; the intra-day transaction price will be higher than the previous closing price The price rose or fell for the first time to reach or exceed 30%. The notice will take effect on June 8, 2020.

The SFC publicly solicits opinions on the “Special Provisions on the Issuance and Underwriting of Initial Public Offering of Securities on the Growth Enterprise Market”

On the 22nd, the China Securities Regulatory Commission publicly solicited opinions on the “Special Provisions on the Initial Public Offering of Securities on the Growth Enterprise Market and Underwriting” (Draft for Comment). The main system of the “Special Provisions” replicates the main system of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and is optimized according to the actual situation. At the same time, it combines the characteristics of the GEM stock reform to enhance the tolerance of institutional arrangements. In order to improve the efficiency of the issuance, the “Special Provisions” still allow direct public offering of IPO projects with less than 20 million shares (shares) and no shareholder public offering shares. (Securities Times)

Development and Reform Commission: guide private enterprises to participate in the construction of major energy conservation and environmental protection projects, and increase support for green finance

Development and Reform Commission and other six departments jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Creating a Better Development Environment and Supporting the Healthy Development of Private Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Enterprises”, proposing 12 policy measures to support the healthy development of private energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises. It is required to open up competitive energy-saving and environmental protection businesses in key industries and fields such as petroleum, chemical, electricity, and natural gas, continue to improve the bidding mechanism, actively fulfill all commitments to enterprises, and support private enterprises to participate in the construction of strengths and weaknesses in shortcomings. It is required to guide private enterprises to participate in the construction of major energy conservation and environmental protection projects, implement and implement the current preferential tax policies, and increase support for green finance. (Securities Times)