If I could bring one thing back to the Internet, it would be a blog.


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Editor’s note: Undeniably, the blog era is over. blogs also had a golden age, the most brilliant period of blogs was in 2010 prior to. Some people say that the blog is too heavy and too deep, which is inconsistent with the mainstream style of excess information, impetuousness, utilitarianism, entertainment to death, but this is more Mostly mixed with nostalgic feelings of the past. The author mourns the era of blogging, and the open Internet is being replaced by “good”, “like” and “like” on simple image-reading networks and social networks. The original text comes from tttthis.com. Original title: If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs.

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For people nowadays, reading text becomes a luxury. Fresh things are emerging one after another. Various voices and people are talking about their ideas and experiences, telling their stories on social media, and sending pictures and videos. But many people may not remember it. A few years ago, maybe 8 or 10 years ago, there was another thing on the Internet called blog.

Podcasts were everywhere at the time, and in web search results, everyone was reading someone else ’s blog. The content of the blog may be to find a teaching job in Japan, leave the United States for the first time, get to know skateboarding for the first time, meet a lot of people, try to meet girlsThis is the record of people’s lives. Photographers will record their work on the blog, and some people write some bizarre things on the blog, maybe they are carpentry or electronic products they made in the garage, or posted pictures of girls, they are very young and very good temperament .

Now, when people around the world are isolated at home because of the epidemic, we finally have a lot of time. At night, you can make a cup of hot tea or coffee and sit down, but when you want to read something, But found that there is nothing readable. You can’t get in touch with those unique voices, writing about what they care about, or what happens to them.

A few days ago, I searched the Internet for an hour, but I did n’t find a blog that was still updated. In the past, there were countless blogs. As long as you click on a blog on the blog sites Blogger and Tumble, you can browse a blog at random, or go to the friend link of the blog you often read, sometimes four or five, sometimes two Ten.

The blog platform has spawned a large number of blogs. But Blogger (a free online blog publishing platform provided by Google) was shut down a few years ago, and the above blogs have slowly disappeared. Until now, you ca n’t really find it, and you ca n’t find it in search engines.

Tumbler (the world ’s largest light blog site) has also been used by people to record their lives and hobbies, and now Tumbler is basically a picture blog. Tumbler recently changed its policy to not allow NSFW (not suitable for working hours (Browse) content, basically most of Tumbler’s blogs have been affected. All the Tumbler blogs I have previously collected are no longer accessible, because they are considered by Numble to be Tumbler.

I was thinking about how Tumbler users are feeling after they have posted so much content. Tumbler ruined the platform. This is the end. Now you ca n’t find a blog, and no one is blogging because there is no blogging platform.

Blogging is the thing I miss the most. If I can bring something back to the Internet, it is blogging. In addition to news sites, Youtube, and certain social media, blogs may be the most valuable things on the Internet. You can really sit down and read a blog, or even forget where you are when you read it, you think you can also try to write a blog, or you just like some blogger ’s articles in particular, you can read their previous blog posts To understand what they have posted before.

When you search for blogs now, you will find things like “Top 100 Blog List”, “How to be a successful blog” and so on, but what you really want to read are those “unsuccessful” blogs . Now all kinds of articles are teaching you how to get page views and share, but this is not what you want.

It is almost impossible to find one nowA blog without a theme, because it is easier to be included by search engines, and it is also a way for websites to make money. In the past, countless blogs without themes seem to have been killed by search engines such as Google. Maybe you can find 40,000 search results. But the first 10 pages and 20 pages are all corporate content or poor content, which is why some people say that Google is becoming more and more useless.

If someone wants to open a new blog platform, here are a few things to note.

Be sure to protect users ’privacy. People now do n’t want to share content because they do n’t trust the Internet. You have to provide users with anonymity and protection, which means that people can easily create an account using only email or something similar. If they forget their password, they can log in or retrieve their password via email, and absolutely not Because you noticed suspicious activity, the user’s number was sealed, and they were asked to provide personal information to unblock.

This behavior is an abuse of trust and an abuse of people. Do n’t make users think that their blog content will be permanently archived, maybe they will not find a job because they wrote a blog, or he thinks others will attack them because of an article. To allow users to log out of a blog or start a new blog, they can choose their own, otherwise they will not be comfortable with blogging.

Privacy protection must be preset from the beginning. I doubt that Larry, Sergey, and even Gates, if they knew that privacy would be so abused, would they create the products they made. Tech bigwigs can now find other things to do, or make up for with philanthropy, but they invented terrible tools. In extreme cases, their inventions are used to deal with people.

Anyone who creates something that may become very big one day should prevent it from the beginning to prevent it from being used negatively. I ’m not sure if the hosting server should be located in the United States, because the United States does not protect privacy or protect the right to use the Internet.

In addition, you must keep the content on the backup server forever, and do not delete it directly like Blogger and Tumbler. Maybe the platform does not have so much money, and pictures or videos cannot be retained, but at least the text content should be retainable.

In addition, the platform must be profitable, or plan to be profitable in the future. Use legal means, such as advertising. Don’t add too many ads, but maybe add ads at the bottom and top, other spaces belong to bloggers. This company should probably never go public because we have seen the involvement of large companies make the Internet (and past expressions) worse.

On this platform, people can safely blog, and their privacy, freedom of thought and discussion are protected.

Translator: Tick Wei