These “hidden details” at Starbucks can be learned at beverage stores.

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Why is Starbucks ’door always heavy?

Why do Starbucks customers follow a fixed route to order a single station?

Why the width of the interior space of Starbucks bar should be set at 1.2 ~ 1.5m?

RecentlyAfter studying 10 Starbucks stores, I found a set of decoration details that most drink shops can learn.

Why are Starbucks doors so heavy?

When girls go to Starbucks, they sometimes have the experience of “cannot open the door with one hand”. Because the Starbucks door is always heavy, and often two doors, it will automatically rebound.

Do n’t complain about Starbucks ’“ inhumanity ”. This design is actually intended for food safety. It ensures that the customer will not open the door to the maximum when entering the door, and will not cause the flying insects to enter after forgetting to close the door after entering the store.

The two doors of Starbucks can maximize the control of flying insects

In order to ensure food safety, in addition to the control of the food itself, Starbucks has spent a lot of thoughts on store hygiene prevention and control.

In addition to the conventional fly lamp, Starbucks will install blowers at the entrance of each store. While preventing flying insects, it isolates cold and hot air, while ensuring the store ’s hygienic standards and temperature.

The design of the second door can wrap the blower, which can reduce the noise of the blower, ensure the quiet environment of the customers in the store, and optimize the customer experience.

If you do n’t have the conditions to make two doors, or if you want to keep your store door open, you can learn like this store below —

Transparent door curtain is also a solution

When the blower is installed, the transparent curtain is hung, which not only controls the cost, but also prevents the entry of flying insects to the greatest extent.

The mystery of light: Starbucks uses lights to “hint” customers

Did you find that whenever you walk into a Starbucks store, you will unconsciously look at the display of goods and food, and the customers in the store, even if they are not guided, almost Will follow a fixed route to order a single station.

This is the mystery of lighting. Naturally, people’s attention will be attracted by the light source, and will proceed under the guidance of the light.

In Starbucks stores, common lightsThere are three main types: spotlights, chandeliers and light strips.

Among them, the main role of the light belt is to lead the flow of space. Starbucks usually sets the light strip on the flow of people, the brightness does not need to be very high, but it can give people a strong psychological hint to guide the movement of customers.

The light belt has assumed the role of leading the flow of space

Under normal circumstances, the material of the light belt is safe and durable, and the color is diverse. In addition to the guidance, it can also add to the atmosphere. By shaping the light environment of the space, an immersive display space is created to enhance the customer experience.

This tea shop, although the light is not bright, but the atmosphere is very good, customers will also unconsciously take away with the lights after entering the store.

People will inertia follow the guidance of the light strip

Spotlights are the most widely used and bring the most direct effects: “lighting up” commodities and displays to attract consumers’ attention; illuminating the wall with diffuse soft light to create an atmosphere.

The spotlight is easy to adjust the angle, and can be changed at any time according to different needs.

Spotlights can be used to light up walls and display and create atmosphere

Chandeliers as top light sources generally have high color rendering. Starbucks stores will set up a chandelier above the table in the guest area to create a small space for privacy, orThe drinks are highlighted by lights to facilitate taking pictures.

Chandeliers can highlight drinks and details

If your store is large enough to encourage customers to sit down and drink slowly, you can also choose some chandeliers to set off the details, let customers take pictures and share, and actively promote for you.

In addition, some Starbucks stores use light rails. Track LED lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a light conversion rate of 90% and a longer service life; the initial installation cost is slightly higher, but the overall cost is low in the long run, and for the store, the light track can be adjusted according to the store’s later needs Save time and money.

The light track can adjust the position of the light source

The launching design can also improve efficiency

In the beverage store, water treatment is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Due to the large amount of ingredients used in the production of beverages, if the water pipe is too thin, it will become blocked. Usually the water pipes used in beverage shops are 50-100mm in size. The water pipes have been used for a long time. Even if they are cleaned regularly, there will be some waste materials hanging on the wall, which relatively reduces the size of the water pipes. Therefore, if conditions permit, the larger the water pipe specification, the better.

However, the splashing of water, juice, and ice cubes in the bar is inevitable. How to improve the cleaning efficiency?

For many brands such as Nai Xue ’s tea, the front bar will be higher than the back bar, because the front bar will have a raised floor (about 15cm), and there are buried sewer pipes.

In this way, when the store is very busy, even if ice or water is spilled on the ground, it will flow directly into the sewer, and it will not cause water accumulation to cause sanitation problems or employees slip, and at the same time facilitate subsequent cleaning work.

Sewage installation in the Naixue bar

Pay attention to the inside of the Starbucks bar, you will find that the floor of the bar is covered with a layer of perforated underpads, which also play the same role.

If you do n’t have the conditions for raising the floor and laying the water, you may wish to learn Starbucks ’practice, as long as you clean the floor mat every night.

Floor mat in the Starbucks bar

In addition, you should also contact a company that can come to repair at any time in advance.

Simple production, completed in “a turn”

Bar counter is the core of a store.

Starbucks ’passenger traffic is generally relatively large, but the waiting time for ordering is not long, and the efficiency of production is very high. Part of this is due to the design of the bar.

Normally, Starbucks will make simple, time-consuming products near the ordering area, and the ordering partners will complete the production.

For example, pastry cabinets, drip coffee machines and hot water machines are in this area. If customers buy pastries, drip coffee or hot tea, the ordering partner can complete and serve customers in one turn. Reduce customer waiting time and enhance customer experience.

can be produced quickly, The design is within the scope of “a turn”

Mixue Ice City and KFC stores will also place ice cream next to the ordering area, and the staff can turn back to make ice cream.

Do n’t underestimate the efficiency improvement of this “one turn”, it can effectively reduce customer waiting time, thereby pulling sales of this product and improving store efficiency.

Bar counter fixed storage, save space and time

There are also ways to improve efficiency and space utilization in the bar beverage production area.

Starbucks has created a large number of cabinets under the front bar and above the back bar to reserve maximum storage space.

At the same time, Starbucks will place the required materials on the bar counter in the cabinet directly below or directly above it. In this way, after the materials are used, the store partners can get new supplies within the shortest distance, which greatly reduces the waste of actions.

The interior space of the bar is also a knowledge. The width of the interior space of the Starbucks bar is generally 1.2 ~ 1.5m. With this width design, when the front and back bar partners make drinks at the same time, they will neither “fight” because they are too crowded, nor turn around to take things because they are too far away.

The load-bearing wall that ca n’t be moved is used by Starbucks like this

Starbucks will not let go of every “potential decoration area” that can be used to highlight the brand’s tone.

First of all, each wall can be a narrator. The cultivation of coffee beans, the brewing of coffee, the history of the Starbucks brand and the combination with the local culture can all be presented to customers with installation art such as hand-painting, photos and even embroidery.

Second, the load-bearing walls and load-bearing columns that cannot be removed from the store can also be turned into “signboards”.

The following Starbucks Zhenxuan store made the load-bearing column into a black metal texture, echoing the blackness of Zhenxuan store, enhancing the sense of quality, and hand-painted the introduction of coffee beans to echo the brand core.

Turn the load-bearing column into a space for brand display

A tea-related shop matches the load-bearing column with its own brand ’s sentiment line, retains its original cement color, and installs a layer of rotating wooden racks outside the column to display its own cups , The main product picture of the season, clickZi will deepen the brand memory and become a photo wall worth punching.

In the same mall, Nai Xue ’s tea will be covered with load-bearing columns. The color material is consistent with the theme of the store ’s “Spring · Mirror”. A small bar is surrounded around it to make full use of the space and the facade is convenient. clean.

The load-bearing column can also be used as a small bar, making reasonable use of space

In addition, Nai Xue also made the store decoration very clever in the concept of “tea space”.

For example, in this store, the huge mirror can not only extend the visual space in the store and increase the light of the store, but also reflect the European cabinet, attracting the attention of customers passing by outside the door and attracting customers to the store for consumption.