Mona Lisa’s hand 1 I changed a good new job a few days ago, the salary and salary are much better than the previous company, the interpersonal relationship of colleagues is not complicated, I am fortunate in my heart, You should know that there are various companies and enterprises everywhere in this big city, but there are really few formal companies like this! Because the company is far away from the house I rented, I will find it near the company now. I have a house, and the house is not bad. Now let me introduce the overall situation of the new house I am looking for. The specific location is in a community called “Xinrong Garden” in the north of the city. The house is not very big. There can be about 40/sqm, the toilet and bathroom are integrated, the kitchen is small but fully equipped, a living room, two bedrooms, I rent one of them, and the other is locked by the landlord, so the rent is relatively cheap A lot, anyway, my girlfriend often lives in her aunt’s house and doesn’t come back often, so I can’t use two rooms by myself, I have a TV in my bedroom, a very comfortable double bed, a big Wardrobe, a marble ashtray, everything else is gone, and I don’t know what is in the other bedroom, the only thing that can be said is that the door is very special, the doors of other rooms in the house are all the most common Wooden door, but only the bedroom door is real mahogany! You can see at a glance that it is not a bargain, and that the lock in that room is the kind of locks used by women who had their feet tied in the old society to dowry and jewelry The kind of lock that can be divided into two parts after being opened, and you can see at a glance that the lock is definitely an antique, because the pattern on it is unique to the royal family of the Qing Dynasty. It’s for the evil spirit, although the lock is really valuable, but I don’t know why I don’t want to be close to it at all. It may be my psychological allergy, I always feel that there is something behind the lock door It’s not something I can accept. I quickly adapted to everything in this house except the lock and the door, but I didn’t care about them at all, and I didn’t enter the room anyway, but destiny and you I always sing the opposite tone. The phone rang just after I got home from work that day. I was called by a good brother. He explained that the sky was coming from my hometown to play. When I came to live here, I was very happy because we have been for a long time. I haven’t met, but the only thing that makes me difficult is that he said he is going to come with his girlfriend, how can I live! I just have a bedroom, there is always no way for 3 people to squeeze a bed, I am happy to be there I did this, but I was afraid that my brother would kill me. But I had no other place to go. In this city, there would be no good friends at all, because everyone is too complicated. It’s not that! In the end, I had no choice but to call the landlord and let him open the door. I got the call, but what I heard was the landlord’s wife’s phone recording, saying that the whole family went on a trip, 2 Will come back in a few weeks and have something to beat themMobile phone, but I don’t know their mobile phone at all, because besides paying the rent, I don’t have anything to do with them! What can I do, forget it, there must be a road before the car, what are you afraid of! Let’s talk tomorrow when someone comes! My brother will come to my house with his family and his family two days later. When I saw it, I had to promote my style. I slept in the living room and let them sleep in the bedroom. One night, I slept under the blanket of the living room under the influence of strong alcohol, and I went to bed for 3 consecutive days, but on the 4th day, my young waist started to hurt. Well, the waist is the most important part of a man, but it can’t be lost a bit, what should I do? After a ideological struggle, I decided to open the door and hoped that there could be a bed that was not very shabby, so I called I took the pin and stirred it in the keyhole of the lock. I was still afraid that the lock was too long and rusty to open it! But beyond my expectation, I only used the lock to get it. It’s 5 minutes, ah! It’s really God help me! I finally opened the door! 2 I opened the door and looked inside, the room called out I expected to be clean, and there was really a comfortable double bed, and an old one On the TV, an oil painting of “mysterious smile” hangs directly above the bed, and the Mona Lisa Grace looks at me naturally. The other rooms are nothing special at all! My brother and I “Clean up the room briefly. I found a strange thing when cleaning. The cleanliness of this room is far beyond our imagination. It seems that people often clean it, but I stayed for 2 months. The landlord has never been here! At that time, I didn’t care much. When I was packing up a desk, I found a not-so-old photo in the drawer. The photo shows a cute little girl. The background is a small park near the community. I have just been there, so I’m sure it’s that park. I don’t know yet, from this night I will be living in a room with the “cute” little girl in this photo! Because of the painful life of the past few days, I slept surprisingly comfortably tonight. When I woke up the next morning, I really changed my mind about this room. Sunlight came in from the window to warm the whole room. Yangyang, I looked back and looked at the “mysterious smile” on my head. It was really good to copy. Because I was studying art, I was particularly interested in painting. I took a closer look at this picture The painting is really not flawed at all, it is too similar, but I always feel that there is something wrong with this painting. Look carefully, ah! It turns out that the author of this picture painted the right hand of “Mona Lisa” on the left hand, which is very special! It seems that the author of this painting is also a very individual artist. I didn’t continue to watch it because I was late for work. When I was wearing clothes, I found that my desk lamp was not turned off, eh? I remember that I turned off the lamp before going to bed last night, I remembered it wrong? Never mind. It matters to go to work! I use the fastest speed to get dressed and run awayThe company. In the past few days, my world has been calm, and nothing has happened. But on the fourth day of my stay in this room, the peaceful life suddenly left me. That night, on the night of the 4th day when I lived in this room, I was half awake and half awake. I felt something “drilled” under my bed, but I seemed to have lived and wanted to open my eyes. But I just can’t do it, I can only feel the existence of that “thing”. There is a very weird feeling that can’t be said. When I was fully awake, I found this room seemed to be overturned. Could it be that a thief came in, but I found that the door of my room was covered by a chair, and there was no trace of anyone’s recent visit. I looked at the window again and it was closed properly. At this moment, I remembered it, and I just felt something got under my bed. I got out of bed~~ slowly squatted down~~~~ the left hand extended~~~~~ gently grabbed the corner of the bed sheet~~ I slowly lifted the bed sheet into a small slit~~ ~ My palms are sweating, because this room is now a completely secret room, it is impossible for any person or animal to come in from the outside, that is to say, if there is anything under my bed, it is possible to come without having to walk through the door or window Going to the “something” freely, what would it be? Wind~~~Still~~~~ I dare not think down, I made up my mind, I thought I would never have seen “the kind of thing” anyway. What are you afraid of? One life is enough. I threw up the sheets, nothing inside, only my slippers. Nothing, there is a piece of paper under my slippers, no, not a piece of paper, it is a photo of ~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! I took the photo out, and when I saw it, I almost fainted at the time, the photo of the girl I saw in the drawer. I clearly put her in the drawer. But how could she run under my bed, and still under my slippers, could it be that she got in by herself? I dare not think again. I put the picture back in the drawer at the fastest speed, then rushed out of the room and came to the door of my friend’s room. It was strange that the inexplicable horror disappeared as soon as I closed the door. I stabilized my emotions and knocked on the door of my friend’s room. My friend opened the door. Why not sleep in the middle of the night? I said that I couldn’t sleep and went to drink. My friend put on clothes helplessly, we walked out of the room in the voice of her wife’s “protest”, we came to a small shop at the door, and I went to drink desperately, my friend didn’t ask me why, just silently Drink with me, I don’t speak, I just wanted to get drunk. When I woke up, I found that I was lying on the bed in that room, and I jumped up. It was found that the sky was already dark, and the room was immersed in a gray. I look at Table 5:30. I don’t feel any more. I might be nervous last night! How did I come back, my friend must send me back. I accidentally glanced at the “mysterious smile”I suddenly settled there. I saw the “Mona Lisa” in that painting. Her hands changed back to her left and right hands. I clearly remember that painting was the right hand on the left hand that day~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~! At this moment, I feel that the smile of “Mona Lisa” in the painting seems to have changed, it has become naive, it seems to have changed, it seems, as if the smile of the girl in the drawer, I stared blankly The picture changed little by little in front of me. 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes finally it became her. At this moment I seemed to hear someone laugh again, giggling ~ did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! I yelled and ran out dead, smashing the door of my friend’s room desperately, and my friend rushed out. Ask me, how? Yeah? I said, there is ~~~ there is ~ ghost! My friend’s sudden anger is that you are crazy? What time is it? Is it a dream? I explained: No, I saw the picture under my bed before our two had a drink last night. I ~~ Before I finished speaking, my friend gave me a big mouth. Speaking: “You woke up and still dreaming? When did we both go out to drink”? Ah? I’m stupid. Is it all my illusion? I took my friend’s hand up: “Really I saw That painting ~ I haven’t waited to finish it, I found my friend is laughing, he is really laughing, he is naive, just like the smile in the photo, like “Mona Lisa”. My nerves were about to collapse. I suddenly punched him and he fell. I turned around and ran desperately. I ran to the road and found a phone room and called the landlord’s house. The phone was picked up by the landlord’s son. The child was still young. I calmed down a little and said, “Child, I rent your house. That uncle, is your father here?” The child said, “Oh! Uncle. Wait a minute! Then I heard the child shout, Dad, the uncle who rented our house came to you, and then to me Say, uncle, wait, dad is in the bathroom. I said yes, by the way, boy, the house where your uncle lives now has a room with a red door. Do you know what it is for? I didn’t even think about it. It was my father’s study. I said, why didn’t I have a book? The child said that his sister died in it and his father burned all the books. At this time, the landlord said beside the phone, you are talking nonsense. What? Isn’t it right? The cry of the child followed. The landlord answered the phone and said, “Brother, don’t take it seriously, the child is too young to understand. I almost shouted at him, “Don’t take it seriously? You told me not to take it seriously?” The landlord’s voice tremblingly said, “You opened that room?” “I say yes. He then said: “You will move me tomorrow, I will not rent the house to you. I will refund you the money. Fuck me to move immediately!!! The phone is hung up! I’m dumb I stood for a few seconds. Yes! I can move! I don’t have to wait until tomorrow! I will leave now. I ran back to the house again. As soon as I entered the house, I saw my friend and his girlfriend in the living room. , His face was swollen! I didn’t let him speak! I said directly, don’t ask anything. Now weJust go, let’s go to the hotel tonight. When I arrive, I will tell you what happened. But I found that they didn’t seem to listen to me at all, just looked at me frostyly. I said, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you hear me? Go! But they still looked at me with strange eyes. I turned around and walked to the bathroom mirror. I saw my face. I was laughing. , Smiling naively, smiling cutely. My lips also moved and said, “Giggle, did you see that piece of jade?” Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! “Giggle” Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! “Giggle” Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! “Giggle”
I’m looking for it. I’m looking for it now. Whoever saw that piece of jade, tell me, or my father will kill me! Mona Lisa’s hand, sequel (a smile) , With a piece of jade, a girl, a story) “Giggle~ Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! I was hospitalized. It was 2 weeks after I woke up. My last memory was to look at myself and say: Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! I asked my girlfriend what’s wrong with me? My girlfriend said; nothing has passed, and the house has returned. I insisted on leaving the hospital amid the strong protests of the doctor. I thought it was just a ridiculous story in my life, but I always can’t forget the paintings on my bed, the pictures under the bed, and that piece. “Jade” and the “cute, innocent” smile that appeared on my face. What the hell is going on? I’m not a real person, but this thing seems to have magic power so that I have to pursue what its roots are. Finally, under the leadership of “it”, I came to the door of that house again. I took out the key I used to use when I lived here, and opened the door. I saw that nothing seemed to happen. The mahogany door was still there, and the lock was still hanging on the door. As if no one had ever walked into that room at all, I slowly walked to the mahogany door. I didn’t know what I was going to do, but a word came out of my mouth inexplicably: “You come out , I know you are here, or should I go in, I want to meet you, who are you?” After saying this, even I am stupid, I am asking myself, why am I here again? Why should I say these words inexplicably to a door? What answer can I get by facing a door? Suddenly there was a sound of the door opening, and I raised my head violently, but the door didn’t open, but the sound of the door shaft was ~~~~ it was behind me ~~~~~~~~ Tiana, behind me was the bathroom Ah! I turned my stiff neck and turned around, and I saw myself. Ah~~~ I am I am looking at me in a very awkward posture, the expression on my face is distorted, it is not like me at all! But it is indeed my face. This is ~~! originalIt is a mirror in the bathroom. It happened to me, I was really scared myself! But wrong, it’s not me. It’s not me in the mirror. I’m on my back. The one in the mirror should be my back, but I am in the mirror facing me! And this is not what I wear today. That’s ~~ah~ That’s the clothes I wore that night two weeks ago. God! I passed out again, ~ I was lying on the floor when I woke up, I felt my head was heavy ~ Suddenly I heard someone talking above my head! I climbed up sharply, and I saw two people sitting on the sofa behind me, my good friend and his girlfriend (please see the first two works of “Mona Lisa’s Hand”) Hello! When are you back? They ignored me, and I saw my friend covering his face. I heard his girlfriend say: “What’s wrong with him? Why hit you?” How can I know? Neuropathy, what do you see when the painting has changed, what photo is under the bed, I said whether you are dreaming, and then he looked at me in a daze, and then came over with a fist. Then he ran out, lunatic! ! ! 〕I am stupid! I know, I went back to the night 2 weeks ago! I looked at myself, and I don’t know when I had put on my body, the clothes that night! What’s wrong with this? Why am I back here? I walked in front of my friend and shouted his name loudly, Yan Zi~~! I just reached out to push him. Suddenly the door was knocked open! I saw the weirdest scene in this life! I saw me. A real me, right behind me, he (me) shouted to my friend as soon as he entered the room: “Don’t ask anything. Now let’s go, let’s go to the hotel tonight. I will tell you what happened when I arrive What’s wrong.” But when I saw him (me) talking, there was always a very cute, innocent smile on his face, but there was something weird that couldn’t be said. I watched my friends sit there looking at me stupidly, I watched myself with a weird smile on my face in front of me and said what I had said the night before two weeks ago! This scene is really weird! I stared blankly, I repeated my actions two weeks ago in front of me, he (I) slowly turned around, walked to the bathroom mirror to see his smile in the mirror, listen I said that again from my mouth: “Giggle~ Did you see that piece of jade? I can’t find it, my father will kill me!” At this time, my friend rushed to the back of him (me) He dragged him (me) over and shouted in a nearly roaring voice: “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so weird, if you are dreaming, you wake me up quickly!” But He (me) said timidly in a very naive voice: “What are you doing? Don’t hit me, I’m afraid of you!” At that time I realized that he (me) was not me, the man standing in front of the mirror It’s not me anymore. My friend went up and gave him (me) a big mouth, are you crazy? ? He (me) bleeds at the corner of his mouth, at this time he (me) slammed open my friend’s hand and ran into the mahoganyIn the door room, my friend chased him tightly, and my friend’s girlfriend followed. I followed immediately, because I wanted to know what happened after I passed out that day! 2 I stood at the door and watched what happened in the room! I stood at the door, and I saw him (me) hiding under the desk with photos, the space below was very small, and his (me) body was very big, squeezed alive inside, it seemed impossible to tell It’s weird, as if the bones of the entire body were distorted by crushing, and my friend seemed to be very strange. He stood on the edge of the table and patted the desk, shouting loudly: “You get out of me , I must kill you today, I am so mad, how many times have I told you, don’t touch my drawer, why don’t you just listen? Do you know how much that piece of jade is? Jade? Jade again What is going on, I silently looked at this weird, distorted picture. At this time he (I) said with a crying cry, Dad, I didn’t do it on purpose, I saw that piece of jade is too beautiful, and I took it out I played with my younger brother, and I put it in the drawer again. I didn’t lose it. My friend said again: “You put it back? Then why is it gone? Can it still be taken by your brother? At this time, his girlfriend who had been standing beside my friend suddenly cried and said aggrievedly, Dad, I didn’t take it, but my sister showed it to me. My friend took her girlfriend into her arms and said, “Don’t be afraid! Dad knows you can’t lie, it’s all this dead girl.” Then my friend shouted to him (me) again: “Look, you The younger brother said he didn’t take it, can your younger brother lie?” The more my friend said, the more angry his face became purple. Suddenly my friend pulled him (me) out of the table and gave him (me) 4 big mouths. He (me) desperately struck out my friend’s hand, my friend gave him (me) a kick behind him (me), and saw him (me) slamming his head straight to the corner of the table After passing by, he crawled on the ground motionless. My friend was stupid, and I was stupid. I stood at the door and touched my forehead. I felt a small and large scar. My friend was stupid, and his girlfriend was standing there not crying. Hearing the sound of opening the door, I turned around and saw my girlfriend walked in and shouted: “I’m back, she walked into this room, and saw him (me) crawling on the ground, stunned. Then she thought Like a madman, he cried like me, cried and cried, saying, “What’s wrong with this?” How could this be? You wake up~! ! My friend only returned to normal at this time and said, “Hurry to the hospital, then rush to the front, hug me and rush out of the room, my girlfriend is behind, I know they are in the hospital, then I saw my friend’s The girlfriend was still standing in the room, and I stood at the door, the picture was still. Suddenly she moved, she walked to the front of the portrait of Mona Lisa, stretched her hand behind the portrait, and took out something, I saw it clearly, it was a piece of jade. I suddenly rushed past like a madman and roared to: You are a liar, you killed me, and I thought about grabbingShe, but I caught nothing, her body passed through my hand. I understand that I don’t exist here at all. I just don’t know what power was brought back 2 weeks ago. It’s also a tragedy that night. I walked to the bathroom mirror and looked at my face. I just want to go back to my time. I don’t know how long I have stood, but I can be sure for a long time, because my landlord came in the middle, he put The mahogany door was locked and left. My things were also moved away by people in the moving company, but I still haven’t returned to my time. I just stood in front of the mirror like this, and I found my smile more and more weird, and suddenly one day, I was in the mirror I can’t see me anymore. I saw another one. I walked into this room and stood in front of the door and said slowly: “You come out, I know you are here, or I will go in, I want to see you, Who are you?” God! It was me who had just been discharged from the hospital two weeks later. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the mirror through my body. I was standing in front of the mahogany door. Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the bathroom door. The special friction sound of opening the door, I saw that I stood in front of the mahogany door shook violently, and slowly turned my head back, the expression on his face instantly became terrified. I know what he saw. He saw him in the bathroom mirror, but he was the one who was wearing the clothes two weeks ago, and there was a strange expression on his face. Hahaha, he fainted. What he saw was me standing in front of the mirror for two weeks~ What are you afraid of? When I saw myself, I was terrified. Hahaha you fainted. I should go back. I slowly walked into the depths of the mirror. There is a world exactly like here. I wanted to find my time. I turned around. I saw the mahogany door open again, and the portrait of Mona Lisa laughed again. I remembered again in my ear: “”Giggle~ Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! “Giggle” Did you see that piece of jade? Can’t find it, Dad will kill me! “Giggle giggling~”Giggle giggling~ She’s looking for her jade, I’m looking for my time! Only Mona Lisa smiled and watched the whole thing continue! (End)