I lived in Keelung Mountain when I was a kid. I believe readers who often travel to North Taiwan should have heard of Warm Winter Canyon. I grew up in the warmth. As the name suggests, the weather there is generally warmer than that of all parts of North Taiwan, just like Taiwan. The gray weather unique to winter gives people the feeling that it is cold and wet. Keelung is rich in coal mines. Although most of the pits are now closed, mining the coal mine when I was a kid was indeed the only industry that supported the development of the warm town. Just like Jiufen started with mining… Grandpa is a miner. When he was a child, he saw him in the pit every day. When he got out of the pit, he was already like a black man on a black toothpaste, exposing his white teeth, although the salary Not bad, but it is not something outsiders can experience. The size of the warm pit is not large, and the quality of its coal is a bit oily. It is inevitable that when it is excavated, it will be covered with charcoal powder and black oil. That’s how Grandpa went in and out of the pit day after day, year after year, until one year… “Agui.. out of the pit! It’s about the same thing today, and it’s time to go home. “.” Qing Tsai said, “Well, that’s it today. Go out and get the money. I hope to get a little more this year and have a good year.” Agui replied… This winter is especially wet and cold, I haven’t had a good time since a few weeks ago.. It seems that this year is not good. I do it all year round, and I always hope that the family is good, almost 50.. The eight children in the family still have to raise, Aguixin is ideal. Bianjue’s shoulders were heavy. At this time, Qingzai’s cry came from afar: “Cuckle, Agui.. Today’s New Year’s Eve ㄌㄟ.. Go and have a reunion dinner!” Qingzao called Daoqing Tsai is always so energetic, think about it when he was young, alas! Young is so good. I and Qingzai hurriedly got into the cart, (this kind of cart is specially designed to transport the dig out of the pit Miners also use this trolley to get up and down the tunnel, so the miners can see a full car coming out in the evening!)Along the road, Qing Zi kept laughing and joking, everyone in the atmosphere of laughter and New Year, one by one The happily talk is common. Everyone is busy for a whole year, don’t you just have a good year? Yes! Qingzai, you should also pick up your wife.. I looked back and it turned out that the man was talking. He and Qingzai It is the youngest guy in the pit, and Qingzai is always fearless. He often violates some taboos in the pit, but he was more mature when he took his wife the year before. “Marry! Why not marry, who wants to? Marry our poor miners.” Qingzai said, “Yes! Marry someone who asks for money! Where to go to make money! It’s more economical to sit in the tea room”.. Fuxiong next to me said The car was out of the pit. Everyone stumbled off the car and prepared to go to the office to collect the money. Some people chatted one sentence at a time, waiting for Qiu Zishe to pay the money. Although bored, I thought that I could have a good year later. Everyone was excited. After waiting for a long time, everyone began to be impatient. Especially Qingzai, shouting loudly. Suddenly, Anan called out, “Oops! Harness! The tools are in the pit, forget Take it” A Qing: YouWhy is it so forgetful, it’s not a rookie who forgets things and forgets things. Look at this, it’s going to be dark, and you will fall for a year. You “” Then I will go to the pit to get it, otherwise it will fall for a year. “It can’t be drawn.” Indeed, the Chinese New Year always touches the mold. No one wants to have a good Chinese New Year. It is human nature that I still smoke my paper cigarette under the eaves and watch the raindrops under the eaves… .. God doesn’t make beauty. “Agui! I borrow a cigarette to smoke.” Suddenly came Aman’s voice… Hey, isn’t he going down to get a tool! Oops… Oops, I can’t go down alone. , Something will happen… Anan… oh… so dangerous! Anan is by his side, it’s okay… Anan looked at my hurried glance and hurriedly asked what happened before I slowly told him a thousand Don’t go into the pit alone, even two people, that is, you can’t go into the pit alone. This unwritten rule is circulated among the miners. Although things will happen, no one knows what will happen. It’s like a meal guy who can’t leave a tool in the pit, and it will be foolish, but everyone follows these “superstitions”. I have only seen it once in the pit for so many years, but the experience of that time made me unable to help. The shivering. I: Hey! Anan, why don’t you smoke? Anan: Harness! That Qingzai said he would help me get it down, then it wouldn’t… Some of the partners who are waiting to pay out are going to the pit to find Qingzai. Everyone panicly reached the mouth of the pit and shouted Qingzai loudly, hoping to hear his answer. I haven’t seen an echo for a long time. When I was preparing to go to the pit, everyone heard The rotating sound of the engine also heard Qingzai’s answer: I found it! A man! You will not fall for a year… Just after Qingzai’s voice just broke, I heard the sound of the earth and rock falling in the pit, and then a tragic sound A cry, a screaming cry… In the hospital room, Qingzai burst into bursts, and a group of us surrounded him. Qingzai’s injury was serious and he had to be sent to the hospital, otherwise he would die if he lost too much blood. Everyone lifted Qingzai on a stretcher with seven hands, and sent them to the hospital in the town by a few young and strong people.Because I was a foreman, in addition to telling Fuxiong to tell my family that I don’t have to wait for me to go to the hospital, I have to ask someone to inform Qingzai’s house.. Alas. It’s about to celebrate the New Year, and this kind of thing happened again. It’s like that year.. …~~~~~~~~ Agui.. Dead man. Lao! There was a frightened cry from outside the door. I still remember the catastrophe that happened that year. This is the biggest mine pit collapse in history. It was also a few days before the previous year. Everyone is working hard to dig the pit for a good year. Because it was going to be dark, Qiu Zishe told me to leave the pit to arrange the company’s affairs. I didn’t expect it to be out soon, and the tunnel collapsed. That was really a human tragedy, and I still have some confusion in my memory. Qiu Zishe: Agui, you It was the foreman, you handled it on the spot, I went to the town to inform the company of the incident and asked for support. I promised, and I recruited the people who did not go down the pit to rescue the workers who were buried in the pit. Many people died that year. The company also lost a lot of money, and the whole construction site was miserable, and it took a long time to recover.The body was dug out, and I was sick and tired of seeing it. I rushed all night and told my family to take the corpse all over the night, oh my God! New Year, how do I tell their parents, wives and children, their son. Husband. My father is lying down coldly waiting for them to claim? I’m busy returning home early in the morning, sitting alone, not daring to wake my wife and children, I shed tears…oh my god… I tremble With my deep fear of the tragedy that happened today, I am afraid that I will never go down the pit again… Don’t go down the pit anymore… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ah Expensive.. Agui.. Come on! Qingzai can’t do it! Outside the operating room, a man yelled in a panic. Pulled me back from the memories, the painful memories… We both went straight to the operating table and watched Qing Zi, with only one breath left, breathed weakly. He opened his mouth slightly, and there seemed to be something to say. We took off his oxygen mask and saw that he struggled and said: I want to go home, I want to go home. . Anan, I want to…send…I……… go home… Anan nodded helplessly, then Qingzai kept pouring blood from his mouth, and the whole body was painfully pumping up It was not long before she died. She burst into tears from Anan’s eyes and murmured in her mouth that she would send Qingzai home. No, let alone an autopsy, even if it’s not needed, no worker would be willing to carry it during the Chinese New Year The corpse! You still have to wait for the second day and the third day before you come back…the doctor insisted. Anan: But I promised to take him home.. Outside the morgue, the doctor Anan was arguing, I pulled A-nan and told him that the doctor also had some difficulties, so he would wait to bring Qingzai back tomorrow, and he was watched here, Qingzai would… With tears to comfort Anan, I hope to persuade him to go home to have a reunion dinner, but who will eat it? Forget it! Anan, let’s go… I patted his shoulder, slowly Before I left the mortuary… I looked back at Qingzai before I left. I saw him lying flat on the board with a white cloth, and I was silent in my mind: Qingzai…Farewell… …. Farewell…. Qingzai….. On New Year’s Eve, there is no lively atmosphere for the New Year. A simple signboard, hoping to greet Qingzai’s ghost, Qingzai’s home is next to Aman’s. , About 30 minutes away from my house, the news has spread to everyone in the neighborhood. There is no sound of firecrackers and no congratulations. Every family is silent in silence because of Qingzi’s death. I spit out a cigarette and looked out the window , The wife and children beside me are asleep…huh… the wind outside is very strong, the weather is still so cold… alas! Qingzai… how do you have the heart to leave the elderly grandmother? Who Come take care of him? I woke up to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. Suddenly the black shadow flashed out of the window. I saw the figure approaching far away without an umbrella. Oh my god! Isn’t he cold? Alas! Why care so much? Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital to pick up Qingzai early in the morning. I still have a lot of things to do. I live to be 40 years old. I haven’t seen anything. Buckle… Buckle… BuckleQingzai, get up! A man and Fuxiong cried out from outside! I looked at the clock and it was just after four o’clock. Why did I come so early? I remember that I didn’t sleep long, but I couldn’t help. When I got out of bed, I went to the hospital with my clothes on. There was no one talking on the road. It seemed that Qingzi’s death was still entwining everyone’s heart…. At this time, Fuxiong couldn’t help but say: A man! If you have something else Head road, just leave here. It’s hard to work as a miner. There is no sun and sunset. You can’t see the sunrise or the sunset. You Xiao Nian ㄟ go out and work harder than staying here, like Qingzai is really mouth-to-mouth. … Unexpectedly, Anan didn’t answer, and Fuxiong stopped asking for fun… What? It’s gone, and the dead are lying there, will they disappear? Have you looked for it? Sorry! It’s really gone, but we will find someone to help you, you can rest assured…When you arrived at the hospital, unexpectedly, Qingzi’s body was gone, and the hospital’s assistants couldn’t help but to say sorry. Is it true that even the dead have been stolen?, Anan, while angry, smashed a chair when he left, and hurriedly left with us. Back in the village, we mobilized all the people to look for Qingzai’s body. Everyone searched the whole village on the way to the hospital and could not see the body of Qing Tsai….The winter day is particularly short. It is dark at 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the road is a bit out of sight. Everyone gave up the search and said goodbye Qingzai’s elderly grandmother went home to rest. Only Aman and I helped keep the spirit. Qingzai’s grandmother was not in good health, and Qingzai’s bad news deepened her condition, and she is still lying. Qingzai crying on the bed… makes us more sorrowful for the guardian of spirit… Dang… Dang… Dang… the bell struck twelve, twelve o’clock, so fast… I Tell A Nan to rest first, leaving me alone to keep the spirit,…the wind is strong outside the window, and I get up to close the window, and suddenly I see a figure flashing out of the window, and see someone in the distance… but disappeared in an instant …I thought I was dazzled.. So I went back and continued the fire, guarding Qingzai’s spirit…. Dongshikeng is a small village, and there are only a few families. It seems that the village is too big. In the early years, when the road was not ready, it would take an hour to get to the town, which is still close, especially Qingzai’s home has to walk an additional 30 minutes. It can be far away. There is no shop in the back of the village. So A Nan moved to live next door, otherwise it’s really terrifying. Thinking, thinking… Footsteps came from outside the door, although the wind was blowing and falling outside the window Light rain, but the sound of footsteps in the dark night is exceptionally clear… Getting closer and closer to the door, the sudden knocking sounds… Buckle… Buckle… Buckle… The sound is slow and heavy, as if to knock Going into people’s hearts, fear surrounds me and makes me look away from the door, but the constant knocking on the door awakens A Nan and also wakes Qing Zi’s grandmother… Isn’t Qing Qing back? Tight ㄌ ㄟ, tight ㄌ ㄟ, open the door tightly… Qingzai’s grandmother urged me with a cane… I looked back and looked at A Nan, lookSeeing the horror in his eyes, his begging look seemed to tell me: no…don’t open the door… but a heavy knock on the door seemed to be urging me… plus grandmother Qingzai I cried and opened the door…I slowly moved to the door, and I hesitated, but the force of knocking on the door was heavier than once, and the thin door panel seemed to be’Almost collapsing…I like only The caged mouse… I closed my eyes… quickly opened the latch and opened the door fiercely. Touched… It was Qingzai, yes, Qingzai was back, His bloody eyes, his head smashed with stone, and blood stains all over him, he looked at me and A Nan fiercely, my heartbeat seemed to accelerate to the limit, I slowly backed down, and finally fell into a chair Go, and grandma? He’s already spread out on the bed in the hall. Qingzai.. Qingzai.. you come back! Come on! Come on here, grandma.. look at me. I have prepared meals for you in the kitchen , What you love to eat the most.. As I said, Qingzai dragged his feet slowly and walked in lamely. Both I and Anan knew that Qingzai broke his leg and left hand in the pit, watching Qingzai’s footprints, mixed with blood and mud… Looking at the blood-red line stretched, he knew that Qingzai came over step by step… Come… Qingzai! Come to sit here, grandma Go get the food, you can eat it when it is hot. After talking, she approached the kitchen. The whole hall was only left with A Nan. The atmosphere was so strange that I looked at Qing Zi. I saw him sitting straight and straight. , Eyes are looking straight ahead, covered with mud. There is no expression on his face, and blood and rain are also left on his broken hand… The scene is terrifying, at this time my heart only begs this is just a nightmare , But he is real, Qingzai, Qingzai.. He is sitting there.. Anan? Anan? I looked back at Anan and saw that he was lying straight on the bed, his face looking pale Qing, I was shocked when I wanted to come… Come… Come… Vegetables… Qingzai… This is specially cooked for you by Grandma… Tight… Tight… God! How can the dead eat? Hey! Qingzai, why don’t you eat? Not tasty? Oh… Right… Agui… you come to eat mammy… Then Qingzai looked back at me The kind of almost commanded look is so cruel… my body involuntarily went to the round table and sat down, watching Qingzai’s grandma feeding Qingzai bit by bit, how disgusting it was. Picture,… He is still straight, eating a meal with a mouthful of rice grains.. I am stunned. People in their 40s have never seen such a horrible scene. I want to move. , But the limbs were like being tied up, watching their grandchildren and their grandchildren eating, his grandma talked, just like Qingzai had never died, then Qingzai turned back and smiled at me… still bloody eyes… .The difference is that his split head is more obvious under dim light…wow…I want to call…I can’t say anything…wow…wow…I don’t know I shouted in my heart After a thousand times, I was dizzy…Hey…Hey…Agui..Wake up…I found it.. I found Qingzai’s body…just outside the door.. It’s terrible….In my blurred vision, I saw a large group of people around me, .. what happened? What happened? In the sense of faintness, I saw Qingzai lying in the bed next door, oh my god… here again… I yelled. Fainted… When I woke up, it was already two days later. From Fuxiong’s mouth, I knew that Qingzi’s body was lying outside the house when he was found, and I and Aman Everyone fainted in the house, and the food on the table seemed to be messy when someone had eaten it. When I and A Nan were rescued, they just saw it. What about Qingzai now? We are afraid to disappear again, please After the teacher practiced, he buried him…..then.. what about Qingzai’s grandma? I…I…I was hanged to death that night… Hanged to death… ~~~~~~~~~~ On New Year’s Eve, Grandpa told me this story, he walked back to the room silently, leaving only our group of scared ghosts, And the old bell on the wall came.. clang… clang… clang… the bell… I counted it, it struck twelve… …..Clang…clang…clang…clang………clang…clang…clang…clang…clang… ….