Dead: Snow

Gender: Female

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 46 Kg

Basic situation: Unmarried, just graduated from university this year, now working for X City Telecommunication Bureau. Today is October 16, Snow’s 23rd birthday.

“Tuk Tuk” knocked on the door suddenly.

“Who? Come here.” Xue walked towards the door, drawing slippers while holding it.

A woman about 40 years old stood in the doorway, wearing a dark blue suit and short skirt.

“Ah! Director Yu, it’s you, please come in and sit down.”

“Xiaoxue, I won’t sit down anymore.” Director Yulue Seriously, “I’ll let you know one thing. There will be a special meeting tomorrow morning. I hope you will be ready to work overtime in the game tonight.”


“Yeah, it’s urgent, Xiaoxue.”

“Oh, I’ll come with a coat.” Xue turned and walked towards the room. But she instinctively felt that there seemed to be something wrong, there was a phone in the dormitory, and the mobile phone was always on. Why did I specifically notify me?

Suddenly, the light went out. She took a breath and couldn’t help but look back at the door. Director Yu stood upright in the shadow, slightly upturned. A strange smile was drawn from the corner of the mouth. I don’t know when a ray of orange light illuminated from the side of Director Yu, making her face a typical yin and yang face in photography terms.

As the light gradually became brighter, three black shadows quickly emerged from the director Yu’s side, and Xue stepped back a few steps in shock.

But what happened later was unexpected, because with the appearance of the shadow, the birthday song also sounded: “Happy birthday to you……”
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Xue sees it clearly. The first one is Lily. She walks with the cake on the front. She winks at Xue and says, “Will you make a wish?”

“Oh” Xue replied in a sudden enlightenment, walked over and folded her hands, held her breath, and then blew out the erratic candlelight, and everyone burst into joy. I don’t know who pressed the light switch next to the door again.

The second shadow is Chen Ming, tall and thin, with neat short hair and a heavy plastic bag, and said, “Look, I brought the food.”

“Why don’t you say anything on your birthday!” Hei Yingsan finally spoke, Zhao Ling. He took a big foam box in his hands, “Are you afraid of treating guests?”

“No, I’m afraid to trouble everyone. Zhao Ling, what did you get?what! “

“Oh, a few bottles of beer. “He opened the lid and displayed a beer lying quietly in the ice cubes.

Following was cutting the cake, and the atmosphere of the birthday PARTY gradually entered its climax.

Director Yu filled a glass of beer for Xue, and Xue quickly shook his hand and said, “Director Yu, you know, I am drunk after a little drink. “

“Today is your birthday, come, and I will give you a drink.” “

“Yeah, what Director Yu hurts most is you, you have to drink. “Everyone agrees.