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Is the finished crab shell dry garbage or wet garbage?

Or, wrap it with a layer of black technology and turn it into a “Mars rover”, crying for the kids next door.

The harder core is that such a crab rover is not just a model.

It supports WiFi wireless image transmission and control. The car will follow wherever the finger moves on the phone.

It can realize laser ranging and limit the target distance:

There is also an inertial sensor unit:

There is even AI function blessing, which can achieve target tracking. Is this driving with “face”? ?

Here, familiar readers may have guessed it.

Yes, planning, purchasing, cooking, eating, circuits, models, processing, software, and algorithms are all done by one person, Zhihuijun, the master of station B, and it only took one weekend to complete.

It is the “Zhihui Jun” who has always been able to open his mind, and his real name is Peng Zhihui. He is currently a CV algorithm engineer.

Professing to be “Wild Iron Man”, this time he is a Mars rover, Mr. Zhihui said that Musk is his idol.

He hopes that he can be like Musk who is down to earth and looking up at the stars. Of course, making this rover is just a symbolic DIY, and of course it cannot be compared with the real rover.

Currently, the “crab” is open source. The crying friend at station B can’t help but reappear.

Following this, now it’s the step of eating.

A chef who can’t weld boards is not a good algorithm engineer

From drawing PCB boards to writing front-end and back-end code, the “True·Full Stack” Zhihui is already familiar with it.

This time, he even set foot in the food court.

In this way, I got a golden crab shell.

Next, let’s look back to the knowledge zone.

Select the chip, draw the PCB board,Just like I eat crabs in one go.

Then, apply solder paste to the PCB board, paste the chips, resistors, capacitors and other components, put them on the constant temperature heating table and fry them until golden on both sides, and complete the reflow soldering.

Next, a 3D printer was used to make the part of the Martian wheel.

Install the camera, insert the circuit board into the crab shell, press the wheels on the crab legs, and install the solar panels.

A small regret is that the “solar panels” here are not really monocrystalline silicon.

Zhi Huijun said: Originally planned to use real monocrystalline silicon, but because of the small size of the whole machine, the power generation under this area is actually not enough, so it was not used in the end.

In short, under a dazzling set of operations, Mr. Crab completed the “weak physical body, mechanical soaring” and succeededEvolved into a mini Mars rover!

And such a “crab rover” is by no means unfavorable.

Zhi Huijun himself said that in fact, the hardware part of the project is not complicated, the most interesting part is the software and algorithm.

△CV algorithm deployment framework developed by Zhihuijun

At present, by transmitting images, IMU, ToF and other data to the mobile phone, using the mobile phone as a computing power center to run various algorithms, the Crab Mars rover can achieve the following major functions.

WiFi wireless image transmission and control

Use the ESP32 of the system-level package (SIP) as the master control. ESP32 is a low-cost, low-power single-chip microcontroller that integrates Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth.

Therefore, the rover can support 2.4GHz WiFi and Bluetooth low energy. And it can communicate with mobile phones through Socket mode to realize remote image transmission and control on the external network.

Goal tracking

Take the mobile phone as the computing power center, use the MTCNN face detection model and the KCF target tracking algorithm to achieve face tracking, and use the PID closed loop to control the car to follow.

Laser ranging

The realization principle of laser ranging is similar to that of the “range finder” on mobile phones, using ToF sensor for ranging.

Zhi Huijun also achieved a limited target distance through PID closed-loop control. When the distance is limited, the car will move with it manually.

IMU (Inertial Sensing Unit)

Using MPU6050 sensor, I2C interface.

Next, Zhihuijun plans to implement a simplified SLAM algorithm through IMU and ToF, and add an autonomous navigation system to the crab rover.

ToF can be used to avoid obstacles, and the RGB camera and IMU on the car can be used to realize simple monocular VSLAM.

Jihui Jun said that he had done some ORB-SLAM related work before, so he planned to transplant this part to Crab.

So why did you think of doing this project?

Zhi Huijun said:

The main reason is that I am very excited to see the successful launch of our country’s first Mars rover. I felt that I was an astronomer when I was a child.

I originally wanted to build a miniature electric ducted ducted rocket. The time is too late, so I can fill it up after digging a hole.

It’s been a long time since I updated the video, the first issue of water.

True Cyber ​​Crab

After reading it, do you think you can do the “eat” step. Some netizens who are allergic to crabs said that I can only “shoot”.

Of course, netizens also gave this “Crab Rover” some interesting nicknames.

What “mechanical crabs”, “Martian crab carts”… and some netizens said that this is true · “Cyber ​​Crabs”!

However, some netizens gave “bad reviews”: This crab is not going sideways, bad reviews!

And this year’s college entrance examination graduates eagerly asked: What major do you need to study?

The netizen also gave him a trick. The one in front can learn about mechatronics engineering. And students majoring in automation and communication engineering have passed by…

However, some netizens said that this is already a cross-professional program, and no major has learned so many things, or it can be said that while learning its own major, then self-study other majors.

Since it is a Mars rover, will it be like Tianwen No. 1 to reach near Mars in seven months?

Therefore, some netizens predicted that it would be updated in seven months.

In that case, let’s wait and see together.

Finally reminder: Crab shells are dry garbage.


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