Lu Qihong is the director of the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau. He is undecided about one thing these days, and he feels a little hesitant. In the past, he had the final say by himself and never discussed with others. This time, with the exception of this time, he held a bureau leadership meeting for this.
“Let’s talk about it. Let’s build the remaining 100 million yuan for the inner and outer ring roads. It depends on what is most suitable for the construction. Of course, our principle has always been that good steel is used on the blade. Please speak freely.” Director Lu was straightforward and pointed. Ming theme.
   The sun is really coming out from the west, and the director finally gave everyone a chance to express their opinions, so everyone expressed their attitudes.
   First of all, Deputy Director Wang Hongyu spoke: “I agree with Lu Ju’s opinion. Since it needs to be used on a knife’s edge, in my opinion, it is most reasonable to use the money to build a few middle and primary schools. For a century-long plan, education is first.”
“What Deputy Director Wang said is not unreasonable. It’s just that the problem of aging is quite prominent right now, and the contradiction among many elderly people is increasing. This is also a social problem that cannot be ignored. In my opinion, building a few nursing homes is the top priority. “Deputy Director Liu refuted the opinions of Deputy Director Wang without arrogance or arrogance. After speaking, he smiled slightly at Deputy Director Wang and expressed his kindness.
   Next, several other members even knew that they were insignificant. They said it was not much different from what they said, but they refused to let go of this opportunity to express themselves and put forward their own opinions. Some say that the construction of a large reservoir is urgent. The flood caused by a heavy rain this year has caused huge losses to the lives and property of the people; some say that the residential project is the most urgent, and many residents still have three generations. Some even have the tradition of four generations under one roof; others say that the transformation of shanty towns is imminent. If the tasks assigned above cannot be completed on time, who will bear the responsibility?
   Everyone talked about it and said everything made sense, but they all insisted on their own words and did not have the same point of view.
Director Lu shouted anxiously when he saw it: “Don’t say anything, you are like blind men and elephants, watching only a little bit, regardless of the overall situation. If this continues, can you come up with a plan that takes the overall situation into account? Fool!”

   When everyone saw that the director was on fire, they all looked at each other face to face. No one dared to say anything anymore, but they were whispering in their hearts, didn’t you let everyone talk freely? Why did you blame us again? Could it be that today, let us come, when we are deaf ears, a display?
Director Lu saw that everyone stopped talking, maybe he was aware of his own gaffe, maybe he was deliberately comforting everyone, immediately changed a smile, and said softly: “I can’t blame everyone, it’s hard, there are more wolves and less meat, more monks and less porridge. Who can not have a headache!”
   Director Lu said, the atmosphere immediately eased a lot, and everyone became active.
   At this moment, Li Yuliang, who had never expressed his opinion, stood up, looked at everyone, and finally set his sights on Lu Ju, and said unhurriedly: “We all know that our city supervisorThe warden of the prison has come to our Lu Bureau over and over again to ask for funds to rebuild the prison. Everyone knows that the prisons in our city are too backward in terms of construction or living facilities. This is a major issue of right and wrong concerning the image of the country. Well, those big countries that regard themselves as international policemen want to slander us again. What is inhumanity, there is no human rights, and there is no democracy. Everyone said, can we tolerate their clamor? No, absolutely not! We have to come up with the facts and give them a powerful counterattack. Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to agree to the requirements of the prison and rebuild a modern prison. “Li Yuliang finished speaking, smiled at everyone before sitting down.
   After Li Yuliang finished saying this, everyone neither agreed nor opposed. Everyone knows that Li Yuliang has always been good at observing words and expressions. He is known as the answering bug of the Lu Bureau. Everyone focused their attention on the Lu Bureau.
   Director Lu looked at everyone. As usual, it’s time to make a final decision. Others will not give you a final conclusion. So Director Lu solemnly announced: “If you feel that it is not good to express your opinions on Comrade Li Yuliang, we still use the old rules of vote by show of hands to solve the problem. Next, please raise your hands if you agree.”
  As soon as Director Lu finished speaking, Li Yuliang was the first to raise his hand, and then Director Lu also raised his hand. Slowly everyone else raised their hands, even though they seemed reluctant.
  “Okay, it’s all passed. This is the case. The prison will be notified immediately after the meeting is over. I hope that construction can start as soon as possible. Time is the benefit!” Director Lu announced the meeting adjourned.