There are three rich people in the small town. They wanted to go to heaven after death, so they went to the church in the small town together and found the priest.
  They asked the priest: “How can we enter heaven after we die?”
   The priest knew them very well. He knew that they were famous miser. He had never donated a cent to the church, participated in any charity activities, or even gave someone a gift.
   Then, the priest said: “If you don’t have a kind heart, you can’t go to heaven after death.”
   The three rich people are very confused, you look at me, I look at you, and then ask together: “Beloved priest, how to be kind, can you give us some guidance?”
   The priest dismissed what they said, thinking that it would be incredible if these scumbags could be kind. So the priest urged that he had something else to do and turned around and left.
   The three rich men hurriedly grabbed him, begging: “Father, you must help us, we really want to have a kind heart.”
The priest was so entangled by them that he had no choice but to deal with them: “Well, let me give you some small suggestions. You can try it first, such as giving some money to beggars, or donating money to schools or nursing homes. When others need your help, you can do your best to help them.”
   The three people left without understanding.
   A week later, the two came to the church together to find the priest.
   They asked a little nervously: “Dear priest, we want to ask, do we count as kindness by doing this?”
   The priest said: “Then you can tell separately what you have done.”
  Cott said: “I met a man, and I saw what he was holding in his hand and felt it was so pitiful, so I gave him a dollar.”
   The priest asked strangely: “What is he holding in his hand?”
  Cott said: “A hat for begging.”
  Father said: “For a person like you, a dollar is a bit less, but after all, it is a kind thing.”
   Then, Germain said: “I met a little girl. I saw what she was holding in her hand and thought it was so cute, so I gave her ten dollars.”
  The priest asked inexplicably, “What is she holding in her hand?”
   Germain said; “A rose.”
The priest said tauntingly: “Five cents for a rose is enough, but you exchange it for ten dollars. If I’m not mistaken, you are after the beauty of the little girl.” Germain blushed, no Shyly stepped aside.
It was Enoi’s turn. He stepped forward and said, “I just met a young man half an hour ago. He was wearing black clothes and sunglasses. I saw that what he was holding was dark. Dark, so I give all my moneyUp him. “
   The priest and two other rich men asked in surprise, “What is in his hand that can make you so generous?”
   Enoir raised his hand and made a gesture, pausing every word, and said in a trembling voice: “Grab a revolver.”