A friend of mine likes to read novels very much. Almost a dictionary can be read for a day. In short, he is excited as long as it is a word, which shows how deeply he is obsessed with novels. Finally, one day my friend, he became indifferent between humans and ghosts. On that day, my relatives came to my home and said that he was in trouble. But the person who treats this aspect is a lame, and we made a mistake at the beginning.)
 My friend was also there that day, and relatives said: “I don’t understand something. I’ve been confused for a long time. I haven’t slept well for half a month. It’s incredible.”
  I pulled a face because my relative likes to exaggerate, saying: “What happened, do you want to call the police?”
 A relative said: “It’s useless, only he can do it in the world. I must find that person to solve the fear in my heart.”
 I heard it inexplicably, and I glanced at my relatives for nothing, and I was very impatient: “Who is that person! Such magical powers…”
 The relative said: “Ordinary people, please don’t move him.”
 At this time, my friend stood up without complaint and stared at my relatives. This sudden movement made me stunned for a while. I saw that my friend’s expression became more and more complicated, and the whole room was full of abnormal atmosphere.
  “What are you looking at me doing.” My relative said and stepped back.
  “Hey! I know!” My friend said to my relatives looking at the lamb.
 This makes me even more strange, my friend doesn’t even know my relative! How could he know? .
  “You know?” The relatives have a tone of disbelief.
 I looked at my friend and interjected and asked: “Who is it?”
 ”Wesley, it should be him”, my friend couldn’t catch up after speaking with complacency, as if only he knew it in the world.
  “It’s him.” I almost wanted to jump out of the window, and my friend brought the novel characters into real life. When I went to see him, I saw the Wesley series in my friend’s hand.
 My friend said again: “Look, wesley always encounters incredible things. He is also difficult to invite. Just like your relatives said, it is difficult for ordinary people to move him.” The friend showed an indescribable expression.
 My relative hasn’t responded for a while.
 I gave him a blank look and said to the friend: “You are crazy.”
 My friend ignored me and continued to say: “It must be him. He is omnipotent. It can solve all incurable diseases.”
 At this time, my relative asked: “Who is he! Is he reliable?” The relative looked at me again, as if I knew it, and said:”If you can prove that he can do it, I’ll go and invite him.”
  I waved my hands and said, “I can’t verify because this person does not exist.”
  “That’s it! Forget it, I’m looking for someone else!” My relative replied.
  “What, you don’t believe me.” After my friend finished speaking, he turned his head and stared at me fiercely. I simply looked at the ceiling. It seemed that my friend was in a trance while reading the novel, and he was hopeless.
The relative said: “I’m leaving, don’t look for him, I’d better take some sleeping pills! Otherwise, it will be in trouble.” The relative saw that my friend was abnormal, and walked to my side and told my ears about him. Purpose, went out. I couldn’t help but laugh.
  “Huh!” The friend sat down on the sofa.