Mencius said: A person who does not like to write articles is definitely a person who cannot fall in love. I said: The person who likes to write articles must be a narcissistic person. Sorry, I am a person who likes to write articles. Therefore, I am also a narcissistic person.
I went to work on this day. Because I was notified in advance, the plaintiff would have a lot of observers. Because of the appearance and image problem, I specially dressed up, wearing a neat suit, brand-name pants, and finally sprayed a lot of curry on my hair. Comb the water with a comb. The oil is smooth and shiny. It looks alive for a young man, but his face has a few dozen wrinkles.
 At half past eight, when I stepped into the trial hall, the original dock personnel had already been seated, and their respective auditors were also full. There were about 30 people, most of whom were women.
 At nine o’clock exactly, the clerk Xiaoliu began to read the court discipline, and after reading it, the trial procedure officially proceeded.
I scanned the observers in front, and suddenly found that more than 20 women were looking at me with straight eyes, and there was a feeling of indescribable expression, and there were several women stealing behind. Whisper. Point at me.
 This kind of phenomenon has never happened since the court session. I have a glimmer of joy in my heart, isn’t it? Is my haircut today too avant-garde? Or is it because my young and handsome appearance touched the women sitting in front of me? Sitting in the solemn court trial position, I dared not show this inner joy at all. This is not allowed at work, but also at my age.
 I haven’t considered how handsome I am before. Don’t know how attractive you are in front of the opposite sex? Today in this sacred place, at the wrong time, I suddenly met so many appreciative crushes. I feel that I am a married man in my forties, but I feel like I am still playing my first love.
 This kind of sweet feeling is really good. I always think this kind of trial work is very boring. Today, because of the hot gazes of many crushes, my mood is extremely comfortable. Unconsciously, the two-hour trial is nearing completion. I moved my chair away, and in the sight of many beautiful eyebrows, I stood tall and walked out of the trial hall confidently.
 I just walked into the office, and another clerk, Xiao Liu, came to face me. She was surprised and pointed at my head with her hand.
  “You, you, you, your head?”
  “Hahaha, is my hair okay?”
 While answering Xiao Liu’s words, I proudly touched my hair with my right hand.
 Suddenly, there was a flutter above my hair, and dozens of blow flies all over the office, and Xiao Liu, amidst a series of screams, disappeared instantly.