Roger has been lucky in the past few years and has made a lot of money in trading. It is said that men become bad when they have money. No, Roger has also wrapped up his mistress recently and bought her a luxurious villa in Bishuiwan.

The second wife’s name is Tian Tian. She is very beautiful and can make people happy. Roger can’t see her for a day, like every three autumns. That night, he lied to his wife Cuilan about going out to socialize, and as soon as he left the house, he went straight to Clear Water Bay.

Clearwater Bay is located on the banks of the clearwater lake more than 30 miles west of the city. It takes only half an hour to drive there. But today, the car can’t pass halfway. The road in front is being repaired. Vehicles are not allowed to pass. There is only a detour. The road to be detoured not only has to run dozens of miles, but there is also a rugged mountain road in the middle. Dangerous, if you are not careful, you will overturn and die.

In the morning, Tian Tian called Roger and asked him to stay overnight with her tonight. He didn’t want to lose faith in Jiaren, relying on his driving skills to drive the car fast. When he was passing the mountain road, he was about to slow down, but the brake suddenly failed and he rushed towards the cliff. Roger wanted to open the car door and jumped down, but it was too late. He only heard a loud “boom” and the car fell over the cliff…

I don’t know how long it took, Roger struggled. Opened his eyes, reached out and touched his head, his hands were covered with blood and his body was bruised. Strangely, he didn’t feel any pain at all.

Think about this catastrophe that fell from the sky, and then look at his embarrassed appearance. Roger felt bitter in his heart, knowing that dating is impossible, he wanted to call Tian Tian Explain, but I don’t know where the phone was lost. What’s terrible is that although there is a moon in the sky, the surrounding scenery can be seen clearly, but there is no way to reach the mountain. He knew he was lost. After traveling in the mountains for a long time, Roger met an old man who went into the mountains to dig medicine, and he stepped forward to ask him. Who knows that the old man seems to be deaf, and just ignores him. Roger was so angry that he had to follow him, and he didn’t know how long he walked before he walked out of the mountain. On the highway, he wanted to stop the car back to the city, but no matter how he raised his hand, no one paid him any attention. This is really weird. Are all those people blind? He was angry and anxious, seeing that the soft ones could only come hard. At this moment, another big truck came into the city in the distance. He picked up a wooden stick from the roadside and blocked it in the middle of the road to draw it. His trick was really good, the driver saw him, stopped the car hurriedly, and ran to the road yelling for help. Roger didn’t want to be curious, and couldn’t wait to ran to the seat of the co-pilot and sat down. After a while, the driver returned to the car, hurriedly started the car, and ran towards the city.

Roger entered the city and walked to the door of his house. He found two neighbors’ old ladies sitting together talking about him. He stood beside them curiously, wanting to hear them talk about something. what. The old lady had bad eyesight, and she didn’t see Roger at all. Only one of them sighed: “Cuilan’s life is really hard, and I don’t know if I marry Roger.Dao has suffered so much. Seeing that the past two years have improved, the surname Luo touched his head for some reason, and drove the car off the cliff. Fortunately, I was discovered, but I didn’t wake up after lying in the hospital for three days…” Another old lady also shook her head: “Ah, Roger is afraid that it will be difficult to survive. Only poor Cuilan saved the house by saving him. It’s all sold, how can I live the future? “”Yes! “The former old lady took the words, “Roger has a lot of friends on weekdays, but no one comes to see him now…” Hearing their conversation, Roger felt like falling into the clouds and mist. I thought: I’m obviously only in the mountains. After staying overnight, I came back. What did they say I lay in the hospital for three days? Why did Cuilan sell the house? What did they say? Thinking about it, Roger hurried to the house. Stepped into the house, but Seeing a group of people busy painting the walls, it seems that the house has changed to a new owner. “Hey! Roger yelled at the group anxiously, “Who is the master here?” I want to ask him something! “No matter what he shouted, the group was busy, but no one was paying attention.

Roger ran to the hospital again in a hurry. When he reached the ward, he was immediately caught in front of him. I was stunned by the scene, I saw a man carved out of the same model as myself lying on the hospital bed, with a bandage all over his body, and the bandage was soaked with blood: Cuilan was lying on the man crying: “Roger, come on Wake up, I can’t live without you, you are leaving, how can I live? “(Uncle Ghost: please keep the reprint!)

What the hell is this? How did two Rogers come out? “Cui Lan,” Roger walked over and shouted at her, “I’m your husband Roger! “But Cuilan didn’t react at all. Suddenly, Roger shuddered and suddenly understood-lying on the hospital bed is his own body, and now he is just a wandering soul. In other words, he If the soul cannot be attached to the original body, then the self lying on the bed will never wake up!

After understanding this, Roger desperately asked My body sticks to it, but I don’t know where a force is pulling him and preventing him from passing.

At this time, a doctor pushed in and told Cuilan: “Be prepared for the worst. “No, doctor. Cui Lan cried and pleaded. “You already owe the hospital more than 3,000 yuan. If you want to treat him again, you have to find a way to make money. “Just listen to Cuilan anxiously: “Doctor, I will find a way to get money, I will find someone immediately, and I will definitely get the money!” “After speaking, he went out. Seeing his haggard appearance, Roger couldn’t help but feel ashamed. He didn’t know where his wife could get the money, so he followed her curiously. She left the hospital and was on the street. He stopped a car and said to go to Bishuiwan. Roger heard it, and there was a “buzz” in his mind-down, she knew Tian Tian a long time ago. He guessed that Tian Tian must not know that something was wrong, he wanted to see Seeing how she asked Tian Tian for money, she hurriedly got into the car.

That section of road has been repaired, and within half an hour, Roger and Cuilan arrived at Bishuiwan. Without asking, she went directly to Tian Tian’s door. “So it’s you?” Tian Tian looked at Cuilan and asked indifferently, “What are you doing?” Cuilan said, “Miss Tian, ​​I think you should know that Roger hasn’t woke up yet. If it wasn’t for peace. If you are dating, he won’t do anything like this. I beg you to help him because you still have a relationship.” Tian Tian listened and sneered: “I’m all dying, why should I? Help him?” Cuilan said, “I know he saved a sum of money with you, so you can bring it to me and save him!”

“Hahaha… “Tian Tian laughed after hearing this, “You are looking for me to ask for money to save your man? Did you make a mistake, I was a big girl who gave him the body for nothing, and I want to go back with this little money, don’t dream Now! Tell you, I am not sad at all when he is dead.” As he said, she was about to push Cuilan out.

Seeing this scene before him, Roger almost fainted. He never thought that Tian Tian, ​​who vowed to love him forever and never forsaken him, was such a cruel person ! Seeing his wife’s sad departure from the back, Roger couldn’t restrain his anger, grabbed the things in Tian Tian’s house and smashed it. Seeing those things flying around the house, Tian Tian was frightened and called for help desperately. Seeing Tian Tian’s soul frightened, Roger laughed wildly, he was floating like a paper-wrapped person, bleeding from all over his body. “Ghost…Ghost…” Tian Tian let out a scream and fainted to the ground.

Roger floated out of the house, but he didn’t know where to go. He felt that Cui Lan was the one who was most sorry. He was unworthy of being a ghost. He thought of death. He heard people say that ghosts can also kill themselves, so he came to the edge of the clear water lake, jumped, jumped into the lake… Just the morning after Roger dropped the water, that Roger in the hospital suddenly woke up . He was a wandering soul for three days and three nights, which was exactly seventy-two hours. He miraculously came alive this time, like a big news, spread throughout the small town. At the same time, people are also talking about another weird thing: a young lady named Tian who lives in Bishuiwan suddenly went crazy for some reason. When she saw people, she said, that Luo outstanding car accident was because she conspired with others and made tricks in the car.