Luo Xiaoxian met a girl in the subway with long hair and shawl, fresh and pure as a fairy descending from the earth. Luo Xiaoxian’s heart was shot by Cupid’s arrow, and he stared at the girl blankly until the girl disappeared from his vision.

Luo Xiaoxian hated that he didn’t have the courage to say hello to the girl. In order to see the girl again, he went to the subway station and waited for several days, but the girl never appeared again.

Luo Xiaoxian posted a notice on the Internet: At 3:20 pm on August 7th, a valuable item was stolen from the city’s subway No. 39, and one of the people who stole it Girl, blue straw bag, long hair, white clothes, flower skirt, I hope anyone who knows a girl or someone who knows will contact me as soon as possible.

There are many posts afterwards, basically either ridicule or ridicule, or pretend to be a girl and surrender funny, Luo Xiaoxian is disappointed and depressed. At this time, several travel friends asked him to cross the Kulbu Desert. Luo Xiaoxian loves traveling, and he heard that making a wish on a camel skull is very good, so he is determined to make a wish in the desert.

The Kulbu Desert is very beautiful. Luo Xiaoxian couldn’t bother to appreciate the beautiful scenery. He looked around for camel skulls and almost fell behind several times. On this day, while he was walking and looking around, he found something like a skull in the distance. He ran over and took a look, camel skull! Luo Xiaoxian was very excited, holding the skull, admiring it up and down for a long time, and made a wish to the skull: I hope to see the subway girl again. Then, he dug a deep hole and buried the skull in it.

At this moment, Luo Xiaoxian suddenly remembered the team, looked around, and found that none of his colleagues had been seen! He panicked, shouting the names of his fellow travelers, and the only answer was yellow sand in his eyes.

Luo Xiaoxian stabilized his emotions, discerned the direction, and moved forward quickly. There is not much water and dry food. The most critical issue now is to find the team. However, after chasing for a long time, besides sand, there is still sand.

A few days later, Luo Xiaoxian wandered aimlessly in the desert. He drank the last drop of water, and there was nothing more to eat in the bag. He dared not stop, I was afraid that once he stopped, he would be buried in the yellow sand forever.

It’s getting dark and there are no stars. Luo Xiaoxian has almost no strength. He lay on the sand, looking up at the black sky, and thought sadly: Could it be that my Luo Xiaoxian sleeps here forever Above the yellow sand? Suddenly, he saw a twinkle in the distance, someone! Luo Xiaoxian exhausted all his energy and ran over. The light came from a cloth bag. After he grasped the bag in his hand, he no longer had any strength, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

When Luo Xiaoxian woke up, the sky was already bright.

The morning in the desert is beautiful, but Luo Xiaoxian is not in the mood to appreciate it. He moved his fingers gently to confirm that he was still alive. Touching the bag beside him, he struggled to sit up and opened itThat bag. There was a big bottle of water and a bag of bread in the bag. The bread was fresh, as if it had just been baked.

It seems that there is something else. Luo Xiaoxian couldn’t take a closer look. He picked up the bottle and took a big sip, then ate a few bites of bread. Only then did he feel the energy renewed. Back in his body. After lying down and resting for a while, Luo Xiaoxian had the strength to look through the bag carefully. There is also a box in the bag. After opening, there are two maps and two beads like glass balls.

One is a map of the Kulbu Desert, the other is more complicated, and there is a message at the top of the map: If this cloth bag saved your life, I hope you will send these two night pearls to the place shown in the picture below, and find three letters according to the drawings and complete the three missions.

Luo Xiaoxian put the Ye Mingzhu away, then, relying on the support of water and bread, with the help of the map of Kulbu, successfully walked out of the desert.

Luo Xiaoxian took the two beads to the jewelry store for identification. They turned out to be two natural night pearls, worth tens of millions! Luo Xiaoxian was not tempted by these two valuable Ye Mingzhu. The owner of Ye Mingzhu saved his life, and he will certainly fulfill the principle of being a human being, and complete the three missions according to the map.

According to the drawing, Luo Xiaoxian came to a dilapidated old house in the outer suburbs. The old house stood there quietly, and no one had lived in it for a long time. Luo Xiaoxian found the key in the tree hole outside the room according to the prompt.

The room was covered with spider webs, and there were cockroaches crawling under my feet from time to time. According to the map, Luo Xiaoxian found a secret door at the corner of the house, unscrewed the secret door, and found a half-person tall black statue covered with dust, his face was blurred, and his appearance was indistinguishable. , Both eyes are empty.

According to the instructions on the map, Luo Xiaoxian found a small hole on the head of the statue and put Ye Mingzhu in it in turn. It is also magical, as if there is a channel, after the Ye Mingzhu was put in, it just rolled down on the eye area.

Luo Xiaoxian carried the statue to the pool outside the house, washed the statue from top to bottom, the statue immediately glowed with a moving look, and a beautiful girl appeared in front of her eyes!

Luo Xiaoxian was dumbfounded, the girl seemed to have life, her eyes staring at him with piercing eyes. The statue is too familiar, except for the hairstyle and clothes, it is clearly the subway girl!

Luo Xiaoxian was extremely excited, but he decided to complete his mission first. He followed the map and found a diary in the dilapidated drawer in the corner of the room. The title page of the diary was written with the name of a university and the words “Liu Mingze”.

This second mission is to send the statue to Liu Mingze.

Luo Xiaoxian arrived at this university and found professor Liu Mingze and took him to the old house.

Seeing the statue, Professor Liu was shocked. He didn’t believe his eyes: “You, how did you find Pei Shi? She has been lost for more than 20 years!”

Luo Xiaoxian asked in surprise: “Why, do you know her?”

Professor Liu said affectionately: “Pei Shi is my wife. She is an elementary school teacher. Twenty years ago, the classroom collapsed and Pei Shi gave her young life to save a student. This statue was made by us when she was alive. Not long after she died, her student graduated At the graduation ceremony, the children wanted Teacher Pei Shi to also participate, so I moved the statue to the school. But I didn’t expect it to be stolen. I was so distraught that I searched more than half of China. Found…boy, thank you so much!”

Luo Xiaoxian held the diary in front of Professor Liu: “Professor Liu, I didn’t find the statue. I’m just fulfilling three missions.”

Professor Liu took the diary and opened it gently. This is a man’s diary. The owner of the diary is Liu Ziming.

It turned out that Liu Ziming once lived opposite Pei Shi School, and I can see Pei Shi go to school every day. Gradually, he fell in love with Pei Shi. After Pei Shi’s accident, he was very sad. At the graduation ceremony, he could not help stealing Pei Shi’s statue and moved, leaving the statue at home. He also made Pei Shi’s eyes with two ancestral night pearls. . Liu Ziming is a geologist. He needs to work in the desert for three years. Before leaving, he wanted to take Pei Shi with him, but conditions did not allow him. He was afraid that Ye Mingzhu would attract thieves, so he took Ye Mingzhu with him and made the statue dirty so that it would not look conspicuous. He wanted to wait for him to come back in three years, and Pei Shi could still be by his side as before. Unexpectedly, he encountered a storm in the desert and was buried forever in the yellow sand.

It turned out to be like this. Luo Xiaoxian breathed a long sigh, and he decided to continue to complete the third mission. According to the picture, he counted to the sixth square brick from the time he entered the door, dug it out, and found a wooden box below. After opening, there is a power of attorney inside. The power of attorney was written by Liu Ziming, and the general content is: He is going to the desert this time. If anything goes wrong, the statue will be returned to Liu Mingze. The two night pearls can belong to Pei Shi forever, or they can be sold. All the proceeds from the sale are used to build Hope Primary School.

Professor Liu held the power of attorney and stared into the distance and said: “I choose to sell Ye Mingzhu to build a school! I think this is also Pei Shi’s wish. I will recreate a pair for Pei Shi Eyes, as long as there is love, the glass will also shine with the light of the night pearl. Boy, thank you, without you, I cannot find my poem, my love again.”

Successfully completed Got threeLuo Xiaoxian sighed for the mission. However, in an instant, his heart became extremely gray, and he thought of the subway girl again.

Where is my love? Subway girl, where are you?

At this time, a clear voice came over: “Dad, I found you. If your student hadn’t told me you were here, I really couldn’t find it!”< br>

Then, a girl walked in and Luo Xiaoxian was dizzy in an instant. Isn’t this a subway girl? The camel skull is so spiritual, the wish came true! Subway girl, you stole my heart, now, I will never let you run away again!