Yuan Zhou looked at the train going away with anxious heart.

It was a nightmare for him to go home during the Spring Festival. He lost his wallet and had no money to buy a ticket. He got on the bus while being chaotic but was found out and was driven off at a small station.

The staff on the small station got off work one after another, leaving him alone.

A hometown thousands of miles away is far away. It was getting dark, he was cold and hungry, and couldn’t help crying.

The rails vibrated, the stern whistle sounded, a black train stopped in front of him, no attendants got off the train, the train only turned on the headlights, all the cars had no windows, and the cars were closed Gloomy.

This seems to be a truck with a line on the wagon, which is the section of the train: Baocheng-Qingxian. Qing County is Yuan Zhou’s hometown. If this car really goes to Qing County, it can be used.

Yuan Zhou saw that there was no railway staff nearby. He thought it was God’s help. He firmly tied his backpack to his back and climbed onto a wagon.

He was about to climb up, there was a shock from the carriage, the siren roared, and the train was about to start. Yuan Zhou hurriedly stepped onto the junction of the two carriages, and then felt a violent bump, the train gradually accelerated, and then galloped like a wild horse.

Yuan Zhou pushed the door handle of the carriage with his numb fingers. The door seemed to be welded to death. He looked back at the carriages behind. All carriages were as solid as cans. At high speeds, you must not be seriously injured if you jump down. Yuan Zhou suddenly became scared. He felt that he shouldn’t pick up the train.

The trees next to the railway flew back. Yuan Zhou only felt that the wind was blowing like a knife. If you stay outside the carriage, it will freeze within half an hour.

Suddenly a light appeared in front, and several children were playing in the clearing. Yuan Zhou shouted openly, hoping to attract their attention. The siren of the train was deafening, drowning Yuan Zhou’s shouts. In the next second, the train left the clearing far behind.

Several times along the way, I found pedestrians on the side of the road. Yuan Zhou tried to get their attention, but failed.

The train has left the crowd. Yuan Zhou only felt the roar of wind in his ears, and he almost couldn’t open his eyes. His body was gradually numb, and his consciousness was also leaving him. He muttered silently: Goodbye, mother.

At this moment, he dimly saw that the door of the car in front opened, and a dark figure came out from inside, looked around, his eyes fell on him .

Is this a ghost? Yuan Zhou thought, he was dying, the ghost came to take away his soul.

The black shadow suddenly shook, as if seeing something, then retracted into the carriage. But the door forgot to close.

Yuan Zhou looked at the concealed car door, gritted his teeth, and crawled over. The door gave him hope of survival. He staggered into the car, closed the door, and the cold wind was blocked outside. .

The cabin is not warm, but it is much better than outside. It was enough for him.

Yuan Zhou was exhausted at this time, he fell on the floor and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it took before he woke up. It was dark. Yuan Zhou couldn’t see his surroundings clearly. He felt in a daze that there were a lot of people around. They all stood quietly, no one moved, and no one spoke.

Yuan Zhou’s hands and feet were numb from the cold, and he crawled forward slowly. The hand touched a pair of leather shoes, and the feet in the shoes were cold. He was taken aback, and then he ran into a pair of feet, this time in high heels, still cold.

Are all dead people here? Yuan Zhou’s heart was throbbing wildly. Could this be a train dedicated to transporting dead bodies? But even if the corpse is transported, it should be packed in a coffin, but all the people in this carriage are standing. Could it be…could these people be zombies?

At the thought of lying in a carriage full of zombies, Yuan Zhou’s heart broke.

He wanted to escape, but in the darkness he couldn’t recognize the direction when he came. He rushed like crazy, bumping into a pair of cold feet or stiff legs from time to time. The straps and tassels on those people’s clothes entangled Yuan Zhou from time to time, seeming to keep him.

Yuan Zhou couldn’t help screaming in the carriage. His head slammed into a door, which opened a crack, and there was light in the door. Yuan Zhou cried with joy, opened the door and rushed out. Before closing the door, he looked back and saw that the carriage just now was full of pale faces, with no expression on every face.

He quickly latched the door, wiped the sweat from his head, and then he could see where he was. This is the conductor’s lounge, with a yellow map hung on the wall and a dim light bulb on the roof, which is always bright and dark.

Yuan Zhou was in shock. He now has to figure out two things: first, what exactly is this train used for; second, what happened to the dead in the upper carriage.

There is a curtain next to it, and a figure is shaking behind the curtain. (Uncle Ghost: http://www.guidaye.com/ please keep the reprint!)

Yuan Zhou suddenly opened the curtain, only to see a person dressed as a conductor sitting on a chair, watching Ahead. This person had a teacup beside him, and steam came out of it.

Yuan Zhou breathed a sigh of relief: “At last there is a living person! Man, I ask you…” He put his hand on the shoulder of the conductor, and the conductor suddenly fell straight down.

Yuan Zhou was dumbfounded, and saw that the conductor had a bluish-purple face, a grim expression, twisted fingers, and his eyes seemed to stare out.

Yuan Zhou stretched out his hand and tried it before the conductor’s nose… As he guessed, the conductor was dead.

This is a train with dead people serving as flight attendants to transport dead people.

“Woo…” The train whistle sounded.

Yuan Zhou was limp on the ground, and the dead conductor stared at him, as if he had something to tell him.

The door on the opposite side of the room suddenly opened, and a black figure came in. Seeing Yuan Zhou, he immediately retracted and closed the door.

“Don’t run!” Yuan Zhou thought, if you want to crack the secret of this train, you can only catch up with the shadow.

He rushed to pull the doorknob, but he couldn’t open it, and the other side pulled tightly on the other side of the door. Yuan Zhou realized that the other party was afraid of himself.

There was a low roar from outside the door, the power on the handle suddenly lightened, Yuan Zhou twisted it hard, the door opened, and it was dark outside. The wind poured in from outside the door, and the front was the front of the car.

Yuan Zhou rushed to the front of the car, trying to pull the door open, but the door was latched from the inside. The biting cold wind pressed like a wall of ice, making him dispel the idea of ​​rushing in. As long as it arrives at the station, the car will definitely stop, and he will come to see it then.

Thinking of this, he returned to the conductor’s lounge.

The light overhead was still on and off, and the dead corpse on the ground stared at Yuan Zhou. Yuan Zhou panicked and turned his face away from looking at him, only feeling that his life was like years. If I knew this, why go home and celebrate the New Year on the construction site, at least it is safe!

“Boom!” Someone knocked on the door. Yuan Zhou finally calmed down and his heart jumped wildly.

The knocking on the door kept ringing. Seeing that the door could not be opened, the other party simply knocked on the door. There was a knocking sound and the door shook. Yuan Zhou covered his ears and squatted in the corner. If the door opened, he would have to wait to die.

Fortunately, the door was strong enough. The opponent didn’t hit it for a long time. It seemed to have left, and the car returned to calm.

I don’t know how long it took, Yuan Zhou felt that the car was slowing down.

A long whistle sounded and the train stopped.

Yuan Zhou opened the door and rushed out. It was early morning, and it was getting colder outside. Under the moonlight, you could vaguely see countless small bags on the ground ups and downs. There are cemeteries on both sides. The sound of the siren alarmed the jackdaws in their dreams, and they screamed in protest.

Yuan Zhou came to the car door at the front of the car. He just stretched his hand to the door handle, and the door suddenly opened.A black shadow jumped out, and one of them shouted: “Don’t run!”

The courage that Yuan Zhou had finally got together was immediately washed away. He scrambled and fled back to the lounge, and before the shadow chased in, he bolted the door firmly. Roaring, cursing, and scratching faintly sounded outside the door, followed by clamors, and then there was silence.

Yuan Zhou felt that the two black shadows had not gone far, maybe they were on the roof of the car, or they were looking for a way to break in. The only thing he can do is to close all the gaps…

The air in the car is getting worse and worse. Without eating or drinking, Yuan Zhou only felt weaker and weaker, but he did not dare to sleep, for fear that he would never wake up once he fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it has passed. There was a loud noise outside the door. Something heavy and heavy fell on the train car. Yuan Zhou was so scared that he shrank into a ball. It must be everyone who came outside. Partner.

Then, there was a violent metal rubbing sound, and the door opened. Outside the door stood a monster. The monster was shining silver and wore a strange hat.

Yuan Zhou’s strength did not know where he screamed and threw the monster to the ground.

The monster screamed: “Madman! This man is a madman!”

Yuan Zhou was stunned, and the monster’s hat fell off , Revealing a human face distorted by pain.

Then, countless hands stretched out, grabbed Yuan Zhou and pressed it on the ground. What he wanted to say, a needle plunged into his body and injected him with some kind of liquid . He just felt dark before his eyes and finally fell asleep.

At a public security bureau far away from here, a policeman is reporting to the chief.

“I found the whereabouts of the fugitive. He got on a train carrying a wax figure, strangled the attendant and threatened the conductor to change direction. I tried to catch him several times, But that guy was agile and always escaped by him. Finally, I blocked him in the front of the car. He wanted to escape to the second car, but there seemed to be someone in that car and shut him out.”

“Is the person in the second car his accomplice?”

“Not his accomplice, nor ours. Catch the fugitive Later, I wanted to invite that person out, but the door could not be opened. I thought the door should be broken, so I called the rescue team. They should open the car now.”

” Oh, this person helped catch the fugitive, and he should be awarded the title of hero who is righteous and brave!”