The subway always seems to belong to a world alone.

At 7:30 in the morning, Xiao Bing squeezed onto Metro Line 3, and the carriage was as dull as usual. People who knew and did not know were gathered together, discussing something. Xiao Bing listened to both ears, and seemed to say that a young man jumped off the subway platform this morning and his life was uncertain. Some people say that two or three people have accidents here within half a year.

Hearing these, there was an awe-inspiring feeling sweeping across Xiao Bing’s back. Xiao Bing turned around, trying to avoid those remarks, his gaze inadvertently collided with a pair of eyes, clear and gentle, and instantly dispelled the unhappiness. This is a young girl with a white shirt and black dress, and a standard OFFlCE LADY dress, but the shyness behind the solemnity she tries to maintain still reveals the greenness of her just out of school.

Xiao Bing smiled at her, the other party was taken aback, and then returned with a gentle smile, Xiao Bing’s heart was instantly filled with joyful waves.

When he arrived at the station, Xiao Bing gave the girl a reluctant look before leaving the carriage. He glanced at his watch habitually, and immediately rushed.

When I ran into the company gate, I was still ten minutes late. Xiao Bing walked in lightly. The little girl at the front desk was making a call without noticing him. The other colleagues were still busy, and no one greeted him. This avoids being discovered by the harsh boss inside, and Xiao Bing is very lucky. But now he is no longer afraid of his boss, since the last time he was drunk.


Xiao Bing always felt that his boss had a prejudice against him, no matter how diligent he was, the boss would not look good to him, saying he was rigid, no Be able to be a person, even the basic requirements of customers can not meet. Unlike a colleague, no matter how difficult customers are to serve, they will be squeezed into a soft dough.

Xiao Bing is an honest person, but he is not temperless. After his boss scolded him again in front of the entire company for half an hour, he finally looked like The rabbit jumped up like an anxious rabbit, first smashed the cup on his desk, and then rushed into the boss’s office, dragged him out and beat him.

Said it was a beating, but in fact it did not take much advantage. In the end, Xiao Bing left the company with a swollen nose and found a tavern for a drink. Experience. At first, of course, I was unwilling to be a clerk. I borrowed money to start a business with a classmate and lost money. Later, I was taken to a wealth sharing class. I didn’t know that it was MLM until I was blocked by the police. It was hard to settle down and go to work with peace of mind. I was scolded by the boss every day. These days are too boring.

The more Xiao Bing thinks about it, the more darkness he feels in front of him. He doesn’t remember how much he drank, nor does he remember himself.How did you go back.

But from that day on, Xiao Bing found that the people in the company were being polite to him. Even he tripped his boss severely in the elevator. Everyone turned a blind eye, as if tacitly approving. His presumptuous.

In recent days, the boss has not assigned work to Xiao Bing. Even colleagues are cautious when they pass by his seat. He simply doesn’t want that much, so he takes the opportunity to relax. Plan for future work.

However, Xiao Bing can’t concentrate today. His head is full of clear eyes, dangling like a string of alluring grape.


At the end of get off work, Xiao Bing squeezed onto the subway again. He was looking forward to meeting the girl again, even though he also knew the possibility Sex is almost zero. But I didn’t want to. Just when he looked around, he suddenly found the girl standing opposite. Xiao Bing was both delighted and nervous, and nodded at the other side foolishly in a panic.

The girl seemed to be amused by his embarrassment, showing her white teeth, like a cat.

Hi! Xiao Bing squeezed hard and said hello. The girl did not speak, her face was flushed.

“I, my name is Xiao Bing, what about you?” Xiao Bing asked boldly, and then peeked around, lest someone around him might hear the joke. But he saw the tired faces all around him, and they seemed to be immersed in their own troubles, how could he care for someone he didn’t know around him. Xiao Bing was relieved.

Just listen to the girl gently answering: “My name is Tian Tian.”

“The name is so appropriate.” Xiao Bing blurted out, but he didn’t dare Say “Your smile is so sweet”.

Tian Tian lowered her head again, Xiao Bing couldn’t find the right words for a while, and there was a subtle silence between the two.

Soon, Xiao Bing arrived, and Su Ri’s long journey was a bit too short today. Xiao Bing was upset that he didn’t say a few words with Tian Tian, ​​but had to make a call. Hello, get out of the car quickly.

Fortunately, at the same time the next day, Xiao Bing met Tian Tian again, and the two smiled tacitly and sat together. Xiao Bing learned that Tian Tian had just graduated and was an assistant designer. The company was the next stop where Xiao Bing got off.

When I met Tian Tian, ​​Xiao Bing suddenly felt like being illuminated by the sun. The haze of life slowly dissipated in Tian Tian’s smile, and the journey to and from get off work changed from boring to wonderful Unspeakable.